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WATCH: Israeli analyst and Arab MK clash over Gaza assault

Since the assault on Gaza began, Israeli TV has been covering events (at least on the Israeli side) almost 24/7. The Channel 2 studio is the one most watched, with generals, experts, analysts and politicians having a say.

Yesterday they had their leading military analyst Roni Daniel reporting, just as initial reports about the IDF bombing a house that killed 11 people inside. Daniel is somewhat of an IDF spokesman. He doesn’t even attempt to report objectively, and at times voices his disgust with how the army is acting, usually by not using enough brute force to his liking. Which is what happened yesterday, as he called for more destruction, Dahiya-style.

But in the studio at that moment was Arab MK Ahmad Tibi, a talented politician who himself never runs from a media circus when possible, if possible.

The result? A clash of Titans, if you will.

(Translation and subtitles: Ami Kaufman)

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      • rsgengland

        Trying to compare the bombing of one part of a building with the destruction of European Jews is Antisemitic . The stated aim of the Germans was the erradication of the entire Jewish people . And you compare this to the deaths of 11 people , for which Israel has apologised and admitted was an error.
        Hamas and its collaborators deliberately target Israeli civilians , and deliberately embed their ordanance and rocket firing teams in civilian structures.
        These actions constitute WAR CRIMES.
        Israel has correctly said that when Hamas kills Israeli civilians , they rate it as a victory .
        Israel says that when it kills civilians , it rates this as both a failure and a tragedy

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    1. RichardL

      Roni Daniel espouses the Dahiya doctrine for Palestinians but accuses MK Tibi of terrorism because he is shouting. This guy’s language is as defective and inhuman as his morality.

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    2. Mihai-Robert Soran

      Clash of two parrots, both their Masters’ Voice. After so many years to call Tibi “talented”, also makes me laugh, despite the tragedies going on.
      A truce is today as improbable as it was on the first day. Each side asks the other to play the Masochist while being the Sadist.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Anyone who has fought in a war know there is never a good war but many good people fight in them.We must hold to our honor and focus on what’s best to minimize all deaths in the end of each war.War is always about death and those deaths are on all sides Army and Civilian .

      Reply to Comment
    4. Mark R

      Nice rumble. I especially enjoyed the lovely blonde referee. Far more attractive than the supermodel. Intelligent, too.

      Who is she?

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