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WATCH: “Israel is not an Apartheid state! Boo-hoo-hoo!!!!”

Poor Emily got a Xmas gift she’s not too happy about:

Emily is an enigma for me. While calling Israel an Apartheid state brings her to tears, her Dad’s (I only presume it’s her Dad, I have no way of knowing) attempt at a Victoria’s Secret joke makes her call him a “dick”. Can’t quite put my finger on it, but something seems awry.

I’m really trying to get Emily. She’s either an American Jew whose family celebrates Xmas, which I hear is quite common these days. Or, she’s a Christians United for Israel member.

Either way, although Emily is as American as they come, she actually reminds me more of Israel: She’s spoiled, she has no respect for the hand that feeds her, and she’s in serious need of a reality check.

h/t Dimi Reider

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    1. maya

      Dimi, don’t you think that getting into assumption that she is Jewish is quite premature ? and why does it matter whether she is Jewish, Christian, Atheist, Muslim or Buddhist or dunno what? What matters is that this video is stupid, Emily is not exactly Einstein either, and I don’t get why you – Dimi, waste your time on such nonsense and why do you need to tag her under some religious category?

      Reply to Comment
    2. Maya

      AAAAA, now I noticed that actually Ami published this text and video. So Ami, I apologize and re-direct my questions to you 😉

      Reply to Comment
    3. David Samuels

      Could be a fake. She starts her rant when the TV says ‘Israel’.

      The vibe from the video was that of a setup. Even the crying was very generic and offkey.

      Further pressure on Ron Paul via the (Christan part of the) Israel Lobby?

      Reply to Comment
    4. @Maya – reading comprehension question: where did I presume she was Jewish. I said there were two options.
      As for your other question, which is a waste of time for writing, and a waste of my time for answering your moronic question, here goes: it took me 5 minutes. And I enjoyed it.

      Reply to Comment
    5. @david – doesn’t seem like it – but I wouldn’t put anything past CUFI

      Reply to Comment
    6. Lauren

      She’s obviously very brainwashed…. very typical of Americans.
      To think these kids are our future is frightening.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Tom

      I think your assumption of her being Jewish or a Christians United for Israel member is irresponsible. Theres are plenty of other “normal” Americans who support Israel and strongly disagree with apartheid accusations against Israel

      Reply to Comment
    8. @tom – i think you taking this post so seriously is irresponsible.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Anonymous

      Unfortunately, I know the girl in the video, and this is not a joke.

      Reply to Comment
    10. annie

      this is really funny. tom, the idea this person represents a ‘normal’ Americans who support Israel and strongly disagree with apartheid accusations against Israel..is very funny.

      perhaps her tears were really about something else that was bothering her, like not getting some other gift she was anticipating, or a favorite parent not being there with her but replaced with a step parent.

      bursting into tears over a definition of israel in a book is not normal. and having this much attachment to a foreign country is not normal either, if she is not jewish i mean

      Reply to Comment
    11. Diana

      The video seems to have been made by an organisation associated with the conversion of Jews to Christianity. They support both the state of Israel and the celebration of the birth of Jesus. In keeping with their mission, they will support what they feel is a position that most American Jews will respond to, namely commitment to the State of Israel. This they believe will make American Jews feel comfortable and more open to their proselatysing.

      Reply to Comment
    12. Jonathan

      Well, if there’s a video of someone crying and saying it isn’t so, it *must* be true.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Philos

      Well, I doubt she’s a CUFI because having met a few CC (Christian Coalition) as they used to be called they’d never ever say “dick.” They’d say something like, “Dad you’re a dirty lungs” or “Dad you’re being a facetious-roo-diddly-diddly-doo” but they’d never say “dick”. Many people who haven’t been to the Bible Belt part of America have no idea how close to reality Flander’s character from the Simpson’s is.
      So, in conclusion, we can reasonably presume she is a JAP (Jewish American Princess)
      Thanks for the comic relief Ami 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    14. Surfing the web, I found out that she works for Stand With Israel. And here’s some more (which I can not confirm is true):

      “Her name is Emily Schrader. Shes a Rick Perry supporter and a zealot supporter of Israel.

      She’s in full damage control having over the past day removed her linkedin and twitter pages.

      California State Chair Students for Rick Perry
      June 2011 – Present (7 months)

      USC President Christians United For Israel Nonprofit; 51-200 employees; Public Relations and Communications industry
      2010 – 2011 (1 year)”
      I have a feeling this won’t be the last time she calls someone a dick.

      Reply to Comment
    15. This comment has been deleted. The language in it was so offensive, I’m allowing myself to answer back: Dear Anonymous piece of shit who calls herself ANB and doesn’t have the balls to identify herself before cursing someone else – Inshallah, I hope you are spat on in Beit Shemesh.
      Oh – and fuck you, too. 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    16. Philos

      Either ANB is Emily Schrader or a guy I used to work with called Nadav. That old assume = ass + u and me chestnut… goddamn I hated working in Israeli high-tech

      Reply to Comment
    17. @philos – i think it’s nadav. the IP was from NY, and Emily is supposed to be Californian.
      But… she could be at some kind of CUFI conference in Manhattan… who knows 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    18. Lauren

      The born again wacko Christians are a fringe group here. What I think is funny is that their love for Israel only extends to Biblical forcasting for the return of Jesus.
      We just laugh at them….. and Perry is a wacko also. Southerners here are still angry they lost the Civil War… seriously. So I take them with a grain of salt.

      Reply to Comment
    19. Sorry, I found absolutely hilarious! Thank you Ami for again making me laugh when I am completely stressed out. If this 972mag gig doesn’t work out, a career in comedy cannot be ruled out.

      Let’s not take everything so serious and desperate. Over analyzing ever single thing discussed leads to a very boring world.

      I wonder how long it will take for the Born Again faction to realize that the Zionists they attach themselves to have no intention of ever converting.

      Reply to Comment
    20. maya

      @Ami, WOW, I didn’t attack you, so I don’t understand the need to use word “moronic”? Secondly, I just asked, why is it so important to tag this girl under specific religion???

      Reply to Comment
    21. Maya – He didn’t tag this girl under a specific religion until it was discovered that she actually was.

      Reply to Comment
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