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WATCH: IDF soldiers threaten Palestinian child with false arrest

Israeli soldiers have been filmed harassing the boy’s family in recent weeks, using their home as a photo set, raiding it for no apparent reason.

Israeli soldiers in the Palestinian city of Hebron threatened to arrest a 14-year-old Palestinian boy simply for being in the vicinity of people throwing stones last month.

In a video released by Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem in recent days, Israeli soldiers can be seen detaining the child, Maher Abu Haya, near his family home on April 6, 2015.

In the video, the soldiers argue with the child’s father. At first the soldiers claim that Maher was running away from them with other Palestinian youths who were throwing stones. Quickly, the soldiers change their story and admit that Maher wasn’t running away at all.

“Next time, he’ll pay for it,” one of the soldiers says in Hebrew. “He’ll have a big mess.”

Whenever stones are thrown, a soldier claims, Maher is nearby. The soldier doesn’t seem to comprehend that there might be other reasons than throwing stones for a 14 year old to be standing outside his own home.

“Every time somebody’s throwing rocks we see this kid,” an English-speaking soldier says. “If I see his face again — I don’t care if I see him throw rocks or not, he’s gonna go with us.”

“He’s going to go with me and he’s going to be tied up all night,” the soldier continues threatening Maher’s father. “And he’s gonna get punished and you’re going to need to pay to take him back.”

To sum up, the soldier says that even though the 14-year-old boy has not committed a crime, and even if he does not commit a crime in the future, he will illegally arrest him, keep him shackled all night long, and force his family to pay some sort of bail to release him.

According to B’Tselem, the family has been the target of Israeli military harassment in recent months. The human rights organization released video of soldiers entering the Abu Haya family home for no apparent reason.

Another video shows dozens of soldiers climbing onto the family’s roof, without their permission or even telling them what was happening — to take a group photo.

While Israeli soldiers go to extraordinary lengths to locate and arrest Palestinians who throw stones, the same cannot be said when Israeli settlers do the same thing. The Abu Haya family, whose members are volunteers with B’Tselem, has documented settlers throwing stones — at them and others — right in front of soldiers, who did nothing to stop them, let alone arrest them.

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    1. Pedro X

      What 972mag ignores while pursing its campaign of hate against Israel.

      Recently in the news ISIS defeated the Iraqi army and over ran Palmyra. They executed over 200 people including children. Meanwhile Assad has killed over 220,000 Syrians and continues to use chemical weapons against civilian populations.

      On May 25, 2015 PA security services stabbed to death a Palestinian teenager in Nablus.

      In Jerusalem a couple of nights ago, an Arab from the old city stabbed two Israeli teenagers outside the Damascus gate. A Molotov cocktail was thrown into a Jewish home in the old City.

      Last Friday two Israeli soldiers were attacked in Silwad by Arabs throwing pipe bombs. Arabs taped the event and could be heard snickering in the background with a Swastika being visible.

      Nor does 972 mention that IDF bust a terrorist cell that had been hurling pipe bombs at Israeli targets earlier this year.

      Apparently only an Israeli soldier warning an Arab youth of arrest gets attention in 972’s warped world.

      Reply to Comment
      • Bruce Gould

        “To sum up, the soldier says that even though the 14-year-old boy has not committed a crime, and even if he does not commit a crime in the future, he will illegally arrest him, keep him shackled all night long, and force his family to pay some sort of bail to release him.”

        This kind of stuff only happens in a society that marginalizes the existence of an entire class of people and considers them unworthy of basic human rights.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          I am sure the soldier was merely scarring the kid away from committing crimes in the future, i.e. throwing stones at people. So, let’s stop embellishing and exaggerating and start viewing events in the right perspectives, for once, shall we, Mr. Bruce Gould?

          Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        +972 Magazine is a focused magazine like any organized publication, not a comprehensive broadsheet on world news today. If Noam Sheizaf started publishing everything you think he should publish his colleagues should take him for a drug screen and a head CT scan forthwith.

        An Israeli soldier warning a Jewish youth and his family of arrest in a similar manner would be swiftly relieved of his duties and sent to the stockade and his commanders demoted and drummed out. It would be an unprecedented scandal. The settlers would riot. Heads would roll across the IDF and the Defense Ministry.

        Reply to Comment
        • BigCat

          Yours is a very bad conjecture, Benny.


          Noam Sheizaf said that +972 is about reporting only the Arab narrative of the conflict. Noam Sheizaf made that clear. +972 is not a journalistic- but rather a propaganda enterprise.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Specific quotation please.

            Reply to Comment
          • BigCat

            You want “specific quotation” huh? Okidoki. Here is the deal: I will provide the “specific quotation” and you will promise to start using your old name again which is “Brian”, and with immediate effect stop using the names: Ben David T. Dekkers and other names such as “A Conscientious Objector”, “The Rambam”, etc. How about that?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Ok, the quote doesn’t exist. We understand. You don’t have to get all jacked up and cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs about it. It’s ok. Some day you’ll learn that honesty is the best policy. Hey that reminds me. Why don’t you go back to using your old name? “Merav.” So what if it’s a girl’s name? Nothing wrong with that. We’re liberal around here. Ok tiger? Or tigress? Since you’re obsessed with me it might be helpful to know.

            Reply to Comment
          • BigCat

            Brian Ben David T. Dekkers,

            You will get the “precise quotation”

            Now, do you accept the deal or not? Yes or no. The answer is very simple, isn’t it, you psychotic moron?

            Reply to Comment
          • Ben

            Oh hey what an interesting topic. I definitely prefer Ben to “You Psychotic Moron,” thanks for asking. We are wondering, are you gonna go back to your old name, “Merav,” and drop the feline one? Merav is much prettier. We will accept you. After all, the Kardashians finally accepted Bruce. We can do no less.

            Reply to Comment
    2. susy

      how fascism looks like.

      Reply to Comment
      • BigCat

        That’s one of the dumbest conjectures I have ever read, a substantial part of which is based on incomplete and/or made-up facts. It seems the terrorist group “ISM” has managed to take over one of the dumbest propagandawebsites ever: “Mondoweiss”, huh.

        Reply to Comment
    3. Ginger Eis

      Futuristically speaking:

      a. In the United States where, kids are often taken to jails to see what life in jail is like. The goal is to scare them off from committing crimes. Some American parents even go as far as arranging a mock-arrest of their own children to scare to remind them of the severe consequences of committing crimes and discourage them from engaging in criminal activities. Kids who are thus confronted are most likely not to commit crimes, hurt others and end up in jails and destroy their own personal lives.

      b. Palestinian young men have killed a not insignificant number of innocent Israelis with rocks!

      c. Statistical evidence show that Palestinian young men such as Maher will most likely engage in violent stone-throwing (riots/protests/ambushes) which might lead to serious bodily injury or death of innocent people and lead to his incrassation for the most part of his young life (if he is not shot dead!);

      d. By confronting Maher with a hypothetical scenario of what could happen to him if he is even suspected of throwing stones at innocent pedestrians and/or motorists, Israeli soldiers may have NOW already saved Maher’s life in the future and the lives of others – assuming the stern warnings of the soldiers did not enter Maher’s head through his right ear and escaped through his left ear, as our mothers use to tell us when we were Maher’s age.

      If Maher got the message, what’s the problem then, Mr. Michael Omer-Man? Kudos to IDF for good parenting!

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        Well, ya know, apart from the insufferable, condescending jokiness about child abuse and the cruel abuse of families–your engaging in that here unwittingly let’s slip your treating them as less than fully human, Eis–it’s an interesting concept of “good parenting.” “Spare the rod, spoil the child” for one group of your children, applied unmercifully, but for the other group, the settler children, who can never do any wrong, spoil them unmercifully, teach them to victimize defenseless people while their parents stand there protecting them. It’s like kids viciously bullying someone on the playground while the bullies’ parents stand there and protect the bullies, egg them on and tell them how wonderful they are, and live in fear of curbing their own children when they run amok. That’s as messed up a concept of parenting as one can imagine. And it’s going on right now in the West Bank as I write.

        Reply to Comment
    4. BigCat


      Islamic Jihad and HAMAS are trying to start another war between Gaza and the IDF! Those who pretend to care about Palestinian civilians should act now to stop missiles being fired into Israeli population centers by the terrorist leadership in Gaza!

      Reply to Comment