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WATCH: IDF Lt. Col. rams rifle in face of activist (UPDATED)

UPDATE: According to a source who has approached +972 Magazine, Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner, who beat an activist in the face with his rifle (video below) is slated to be the next Deputy Commander of Bahad 1, the IDF’s school and training base for all of its officers

Here’s how we treat people who dare cycle where they’re not supposed to.

Yes, I said “cycle.” For this you are punished with a rifle to the head, in a bunt move that would make most major league baseball players jealous.


According to the WAFA news agency, “Israeli forces Saturday broke up with force a cycling tour around the Jordan Valley and assaulted the participants injuring and arresting a number of them.”

In this album of pictures on Facebook, one can clearly see this officer seemed to be in a pretty aggressive mood with more than one activist while walking around with his rifle in bunt position and a look that could kill.

17:05: I have requested a comment from the IDF spokesperson unit.

17:10: Just got this link, which shows a few 15 seconds before the hit:

17:40: According to this video from December 2011, the officer is the deputy commander of the Jordan Valley brigade, Shalom Eisner. In this clip he is thanking volunteers who help out in rescue operations.

20:17: Another picture from the event yesterday:

(photo: Hamzi Zbidat)

22:07: The IDF response:

The IDF Spokesperson’s unit said in response the event was very serious and that the Central Command chief had ordered a thorough investigation. “The inquiry will examine the circumstances which led to the incident documented in the video. Lessons will be drawn and the necessary steps will be taken.”

22:15: Praise for Lt. Col. Eisner is flooding the Israeli social media, here and here [Heb] for example.

22:30: A source who approached me and wishes to remain anonymous at this point has informed me that Lt. Col. Eisner is set to be the next deputy commander of Bahad 1 – the IDF’s training base for all of its officers. This piece of info could not be confirmed.

The IDF spokesperson in response: “We do not discuss IDF appointments in the media until they are signed and sealed. When appointments are confirmed, the media is notified.”

Leading Bahad 1 is considered to be one of the most prestigious jobs in the IDF. Some of its former commanders were Shaul Mofaz, Giora Eyland, Matan Vilnai, Elazar Stern and others who later became high-ranking generals or Chiefs of Staff. If Lt. Col. is reprimanded by the IDF for his conduct, this incident could block any future promotions.

The IDF might want to think twice if this is the kind of officer they want as an example to others.

22:35: Lt. Col. Shalom Eisner is the son of late Rabbi Benny Eisner [Heb], an icon of religious Zionism who also lived in th “Jewish House” in Abu Tor, East Jerusalem.

23:15: Haaretz brings response of National Union MK Michael Ben Ari:

“Well done to the IDF officer who did what Bibi and Aharonovich have no brain or courage to do,” Ben Ari said. “Radical leftists must be handled with a heavy hand. There was a tangible threat to the lives of the soldiers and the officer had no other choice. If it was a settler who was beaten we would not have heard the cries of the hypocrites on the left. Turns out they are not interested in human rights but the rights of terrorists and pro-Arabs.”

23:24: Amos Harel of Haaretz reports that Lt. Col. Eisner is to be suspended, yet says that in other similar cases a suspension does not necessarily mean the end of the officer’s career [Heb].

23:33: Lt. Col. Eisner responds: “I shouldn’t have raised my weapon like that, but those were 6 seconds out of two hours. Of course they didn’t show the part where they attacked us with sticks.”

 00:07: PM Benjamin Netanyahu: “This behavior is not characteristic of IDF soldiers and commanders and should not be allowed in the IDF or in Israel.”

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    1. And yet he still suffers from erectile dysfunction. Poor jack-booted thug.

      Reply to Comment
    2. There are times that I feel such frustration with the direction we are going that I just want to pack up my family and leave. Watching this video is one of those times. I won’t, but sometimes I want to.

      Reply to Comment
    3. Jack

      Well, if you ever doubted how Israel treat civilian protesters, here you have it.
      The brazen disrespectful attitude against westerns is interesting, often arent Israel too keen to smash such people since they will criticism by western pro-israeli governments. Now it seems Israel have totally lost their mind.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Tal

      I saw this video on a friends wall on Facebook. One of his friends commented: “I heard that the activist called him a Nazi before that”.
      I think this is a typical israeli mainstream view – yeah well.. its not ok, but…

      This is how israelis justify the 45 years occupation of the west bank and Gaza.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Robert

      Whats the problem? These activists know very well that they are crossing a red line. If he did call him a nazi he certainly deserved the punch in the face and hopefully deportation.
      What people don’t acknowledge is that Israel is treating these activist with great lliniency. If you engage in such political activity in any other democracy ( never mind Iran etc ) you’d get deported as well. Try this cockiness in the USA! See what happens. Or try it in gaza contra islamofascist Hamas for say gay or womens rights and see what happens….a rifle butt in the ribs is the least you’ll get.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Tal

      “These activists know very well that they are crossing a red line”

      Of course they know. The same line which Rosa Parks and others crossed. Some rules are meant to be broken by moral people.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Robert, don’t you know that Jews are supposed to stand for freedom against tyranny, for the weak when they are being bullied by the strong? At the Passover seder, were you rooting for the Pharoah?

      Reply to Comment
    8. Beithaninasimone

      This is how your thug grandparents created Israel. Accept it, so we can move on and fix the situation. Otherwise, once you finish ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, you will start to attack each other!

      Reply to Comment
    9. Robert

      The Facebook link in this piece leads to a facebook page with the title ” international communities against Israel “. So these peaceful activists engaging in dicey political activity on a tourist visa are working with the international community against Israel? And this is supposed to be condoned by the authorities? You godda be kiddin’ me.
      The guy deserved that rifle butt, as did the hairy dude . Groce, man.
      It is safe to assume that any democracy will actively engage aggressive political behavior by tourists who work towards the dismantling of the state. See Ami’s link above.

      Reply to Comment
    10. katya

      comment deleted

      Reply to Comment
    11. Michael Davison

      Before I come to any decision about any of these clips, I want to see what +972 edited out of them. When I see a 6-second clip, I want to know what the context is before I make an ass of myself by commenting on a subject I know nothing about…

      Remember, it’s better to keep your mouth shut and seem like a bloody fool than to open it and remove all doubt!

      Reply to Comment

      Wow, a nice propaganda score for the “Palestinian cause.” The way you’re going, you might cross the 1/2 of 1% threshold of what the arabs are doing to each other. I congratulate you on your achievement!

      Reply to Comment
    13. mike panzone

      i hear this defense of israel’s behavior constantly: “in iran and other muslim countries protesters get worse treatment, gays are killed, people are tortured, there are no voting rights or democracy etc.” it’s like a parent saying, “yeah my kid only raped a girl but that other guy raped and murdered his victim so my son is not so bad.” fact is, whether it is israel or iran, if something is wrong it is wrong. period. stop using this line of reasoning. it really proves nothing except that the person speaking hasn’t thought it through carefully.

      Reply to Comment
    14. HAYA

      I really don’t like if every activist who care and supports Palestine always called moron/stupid by the pro-israelis. If they are that stupid, why would you israel as a state so terrify and paranoid for what the activists will trying to do. If you really believe that they’re moron, then let them be.. What wrong with you israel as a very democracy state so afraid for the activists that you called have no brain. Why does israel so panic with the activists if they are really that stupid. Only a very lower than stupid people whose afraid with another stupid people.

      Reply to Comment
    15. mike panzone

      @lisa- i’m from the US and when i hear about our soldiers’ brutal treatment of iraqis and Afghans, i remind myself that soldiers like this are a very very small percentage of the tens of thousands deployed there. I’m thinking the same percentage applies to IDF soldiers as well. (i don’t know, you tell me). However, i did feel your frustration. i was totally shocked when i saw these images. if this happened to a civilian in america, this would be all over the press and someone would answer for it. (what will happen there?) but like you, these photos surely did not make me have warm fuzzy thoughts about this democratic state. for a split second i thought, i should give up on israel. it deserves what it gets.

      Reply to Comment
    16. xpapar

      Peace is a choice. The extremist Zionist movement chooses violence while doing irrepairable damage to peaceful Jews worldwide. Israel is a war state and will forever carry this shame. What a horrible burden to carry. This burden will be carried by your children and their children unless sanity prevails. When the US collapses, as it will, Israel will cease to exist and many Jews will die from Israeli “blowback”. It will do irrepairable damage to the majority of peaceful Jews worldwide who live alongside other religions in peace. I wish peace to every person Jew/Gentile/Muslim who has peace in their heart but I’m afraid that this will not be so. Pray for your children Israel, your leadership is going to be responsible for many of their deaths. There is still time for sanity! Namaste

      Reply to Comment
    17. Elahn

      Another “video-bite” piece of journalism.
      6 secs of video taken out of context that serves no other purpose than to inflame over-abused tensions.
      Its so easy to take existing viral media and let it run wild on your website with no clear insight other than to say “We’ll get a comment from both sides in the future”.
      In the real world this sort of story would not see the light of day without comment from both sides.
      You as a journalist should know better. Who cares about your background and experience, just stop being so naive and careless.

      Reply to Comment
    18. klang

      worse than Syria. Time for a UN resolution

      Reply to Comment
    19. @elahn – the story is now the lead story on YNET, Channel 2, Channel 10, MAKO and others. +972 wrote about it first. Would you like to critique their journalism as well?
      After the 6 sec video, there is a 2 minute video. Obviously you ran to the comment section before you got there. But good for you.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Robert

      comment deleted for foul language

      Reply to Comment
    21. @Robert – strike 1. (I only go to strike 2. Then you’re banned. Feel free to try me. Others have) 🙂

      Reply to Comment
    22. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      Who cares if the guy did call the officer a Nazi first? The soldier’s job is to act professionally even when people are saying discourteous things to him. I hope that thug gets what he deserves (and yeah, if somebody can find some context that justifies what he did, then I’ll take it back). Cameras are good!

      Reply to Comment
    23. Joop

      Of course the cyclist did not say nazi to the soldier. We all know how lying has become the standard for Israel as a whole. Enough Hasbaras everywhere to prove that. The soldier obviously knows he crossed the red line. Israelis know that they are wrong; that is why they are so agressive. It will come to grinding halt.

      Reply to Comment
    24. Harry Abrams

      Even seeing the entire youtube video was a little more helpful to put this in context, than the extract 6 seconds. The ISM foreigners apparently caused a security provocation and were asked to clear the road, which they were blocking. The ISM’ers CONFRONTED the soldiers. Even after that fellow was hit, others insisted upon crossing over to the police to harangue them. In every other country saboteurs and provocateurs like that should expect to be gunned down immediately. Try this crap ion Syria or Iran. Or Lebanon. Good luck!

      Reply to Comment
    25. aristeides

      Amazing to see the horde of apologists for police brutality against nonviolent protest. If Israel is threatened by unarmed bicycles, certainly its fall can not be far off.

      Reply to Comment
    26. mike panzone

      harry, see my comment to robert above.

      if they were breaking the law or provoking the police, then the protestors should have been subdued and arrested, not beaten. this is the way democracies with responsible law enforcement agencies do it.

      these soldiers are behaving appropriately…that is if you want israel to be like syria, lebanon, and iran.

      Reply to Comment
    27. aristeides

      I also see that the IDF itself regards the event as “very serious” and promises to investigate, but the apologists are over here on the sidelines cheering on the brutality.

      Reply to Comment
    28. AIG

      I watched the longer video a few times. It is quite clear that the activist that was hit was walking towards the officer and confronting him. The activist is certainly not passive. He was not going back or retreating, nor was he just sitting in place. He was clearly moving towards the office r in spite the clear order to disperse that the officer gives before and is clearly heard in the video.

      Reply to Comment
    29. AIG

      Mike Panzone,

      Please save your sanctimonious preaching to some one else. Are you even aware of the amount of people killed in the US by policemen shooting them for frivolous reasons? Just google it.
      Here is one article to start with:

      So tell me, is the US like Syria or is it like Lebanon and Iran? Why do you feel you can preach to Israelis if you cannot solve your own problems?

      Reply to Comment
    30. AIG

      In the US juries acquit policemen who shoot someone if the defense shows they were scared of being attacked. The Israeli officer in this case certainly has a valid defense based on the video. He had good reason to believe that the activist was going to attack him.

      Reply to Comment
    31. Jack

      “The Israeli army is the most moral”.

      Reply to Comment
    32. mike panzone

      @AIG-the USA is a country of 400 million people vs israel’s 7 million. the percentage of cops who do these things is quite small compared to those in israel. the number of cops who get away with it is even smaller.

      Reply to Comment
    33. AIG

      Mike Panzone,

      Per capita in the US there are many more frivolous shootings than in Israel. Go do your homework.

      And when was the last time an Israeli soldier when on a killing spree like just recently a US soldier did in Afghanistan? Let’s wait and see what happens there.

      In the Haditha murder spree we know already that no one paid any price:

      So, smart guy, any Haditha or Afghanistan like murder sprees on the Israeli side you can point to?

      Reply to Comment
    34. Noam Spanier


      1) The fact that you show a two-minute video with no backup as to why the the guy was hit. The clips starts a few seconds before he was hit. This is the same technique the OWS protesters in order to show how they are misken! Show me the whole video from two minutes before and we will surely see that the soldiers are clearly reuesting and the telling the protesters to move back. The guy walks into his space and is hit with the butt of the rifle. BooHoo

      2)Why kick people for “foul” langauge?? Are you the first amendment arbiter, does the right of free speech only extend to you and the left? Are you expecting kids to read your posts?

      Reply to Comment
    35. @noam spanier – even if I showed 10 minutes of what happened before, I’m sure you’d find a way to justify his behavior.
      The comment was an ad hominem attack, which is not allowed on +972. Read our comment policy on the about page.
      All the best.

      Reply to Comment
    36. max

      @Ami – “even if I showed 10 minutes of what happened before, I’m sure you’d find a way to justify his behavior.”
      Maybe, but his comment is still right and your answer acknowledges it
      Wouldn’t you want to know what makes this man act so brutally, or have you subscribed to a ‘me Saint they Evil’ syndrome?

      Reply to Comment

      Ami, I wonder if you’re going to include the information from the link that David posted in your updates. It might help the readers better understand the complexity of the situation and reveal more about the personality of the soldier. Or would it be too objective for the 972 magazine? Would your fellow leftists deride you for spoiling their shining moment?

      Reply to Comment
    38. mike panzone

      AIG, yes of course i admitted that these things happen. and like the vast majority of americans, i am appalled when they do. but my original post was not intended to be a discussion of whether or not such wrongs occur in my country or elsewhere. that is where you took the discourse, calling me sanctimonious, i suppose in order to distract from the topic.

      i said, “these soldiers are behaving appropriately…that is if you want israel to be like syria, lebanon, and iran.”

      notice the “if”.

      people in any country who protest such police brutality do so …because they don’t want to end up like syria, lebanon, and iran.

      i have a hard time believing that those supporting this police brutality would think it was acceptable for israeli jews to be smacked in the face with a rifle like this.

      to defend these armed IDF soldiers’ actions against unarmed civilians is inexcusable…unless of course you don’t mind ending up like syria, lebanon, and iran.

      Reply to Comment
    39. @max – I really fail to see what could justify this behavior. Let’s say someone broke his finger. Like Eisner says what happens. Does that mean you can go and bunt people with a rifle afterwards?
      The IDF itself sees the whole situation “gravely” and has suspended the officer immediately. Do you have a problem with the IDF’s actions?
      @poltergeist – same question to you. Let the IDF look at all the links on this site and others and make a good decision.

      Reply to Comment
    40. delia

      “Lt. Col. Eisner is t be suspended, yet says that in other similar cases a suspension does not necessarily mean the end of the officer’s career.”

      Indeed! My military experience tells me that this guy just qualified for promotion — as soon as he gets back off his enforced vacation, that is.

      Reply to Comment
    41. Tal

      “attacked us with sticks” – sounds to me like he learned something from Beitar pogrom’chiks who accused the Arabs of attacking them with brooms

      Reply to Comment
    42. Piotr Berman

      “Even seeing the entire youtube video was a little more helpful to put this in context, than the extract 6 seconds. ”

      Can one describe what context would justify smacking a persons back with a rifle when the said person was surrounded by 4 soldiers and not making any threatening gestures?

      Other that damn anarchist bicyclists had it coming. Bicyclists tend to have this foolish notion that they have a right to ride on roads. And anarchists are absolutely worst in that respect.

      Reply to Comment
    43. The lesson of history is that they will not become so weak as to admit that they are wrong, the obvious point of discussion for the briefing will be: why didn’t we shoot the one with the camera first?
      The Zionists are losing their grip, their last chance of becoming human was after Cast Lead. They failed. It’s too late now. All that rests is a suicidal mission of a few that will mean the end of the decent majority.

      Reply to Comment
    44. max

      @Ami – I’m not looking for a justification – I’m appalled by the act, but an explanation, as I wrote; and I was wondering whether you’re also looking for it

      Reply to Comment
    45. Piotr Berman

      Noam Spanner: we will surely see that the soldiers are clearly reuesting and the telling the protesters to move back. The guy walks into his space and is hit with the butt of the rifle. BooHoo

      I see a pile of bicycles and bicyclists trying to get them back. Noam, suppose that you have a suitcase, a soldiers instructs you to put it down and talk with him and afterwards instructs you to go away from your suitcase. Or your backpack with the laptop.

      Reply to Comment
    46. John Avenger

      Typical Israeli Zionists.

      Reply to Comment

      Ami says:
      “@poltergeist – same question to you. Let the IDF look at all the links on this site and others and make a good decision.”

      Sorry, but I don’t understand your answer. What question are you trying to ask me? Chances are, it’s not only the IDF that will be looking at links about this soldier, but also thousands of people
      from around the world. Many of them get information from the 972 magazine. I bet the majority of them are not going to do a thorough research, and many of them will not even read the comments. You included personal information about the soldier by
      saying that he is a son of a prominent Rabbi in your updates. Since you consider it appropriate to include that bit of information, why not also mention that he was involved in helping Arab
      mothers deliver babies? I have a feeling that by employing such tactics you’re trying to get the readers to think he is the son of a “Jewish fundamentalist”, was influnced by his father’s “ideology”, and a result is incapable of compassion. Do you think that is fair?

      Reply to Comment
    48. aristeides

      Netanyahu condemns the brutality, but the zionist comment warriors rush to defend it.

      Reply to Comment
    49. Jack

      netanyahu say “Such behavior does not characterize IDF soldiers ”


      Really? Why then does no one of the 15 soldiers on the spot stop this soldier after the assault? Why does no soldier on the spot even raise any objection? Or is the smashing a unarmed, civilian in the head something that “characterize IDF soldiers”?

      Reply to Comment
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