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WATCH: IDF detains 5 to 9-year-old Palestinian children in Qaddum

Hours before the weekly protest against the occupation in the West Bank village of Qaddum last Friday, Israeli soldiers detained four Palestinian children aged five to nine for allegedly rolling burning tires. Under Israeli military law, the age of criminal culpability is 12.

The soldiers reportedly threw stun grenades at and handcuffed the small children, raising the question: is there no other way to disperse a group of small children?

+972 special coverage: ‘Children Under Occupation’

Data shows worsening situation for children in Israeli military detention
WATCH: IDF detains 5-year-old Palestinian in Hebron, blindfolds and handcuffs father

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    1. The Trespasser

      >is there no other way to disperse a group of small children?

      1) These children should not be burning and rolling tires at the first place.

      2) It is not IDF who should be dealing with the children but their parents.

      3) Small children are being cynically used by Palestinian terroris… I mean freedom-fighters for many years now.

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      • shmuel

        These children are first of all victims of the occupation that you constantly deny. By the way, a warm welcome back to Trespasser/Kolumn.

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        • The Trespasser

          First and foremost, these children are victims of hatred and racism of their adult relatives.

          p.s. I’m not related to K9 in any way, sorry for disappointment.

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        • CigarButNoNice

          “These children are first of all victims of the occupation”

          That they are: victims of the illegal Arab occupation of the Jewish Land of Israel.

          P.S. I too am a separate poster. But if it makes you feel good to believe that all the resistance to the Arab imperialist narrative on all the forums in the whole world is made by one person, you’re welcome to it. Tentacular theories about Jews are nothing new.

          Reply to Comment
          • Gearoid

            Both of you are absolutely disgusting, immoral, bigoted cowards.

            There is no way to justify actions like this. You are scum. Gods as my witness, I pray your karma pays you accordingly.

            Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            >Both of you are absolutely disgusting

            Well, I would not say for Cigar – never met him or her, but me,

            I’m quite nice, actually.


            From wiki:
            An example of a moral code is the Golden Rule which states that,

            “One should treat others as one would like others to treat


            And there is another definition too: don’t treat others the way you would not like be treated yourself.

            So what be a moral treatment for Palestinian children? Maybe social workers should take these kids from their parents and educate them in boarding schools, like they would do it in Israel?

            Oh, wait, I know. Israel must be disbanded.
            Right? Would it be moral? Explain why.

            > There is no way to justify actions like this.

            But of course there is no way to justify it.

            The situation is absolutely horrifying. poor kids grow unsanitized, uneducated and stressed.

            I’m afraid, however, that Israelis are not to be blamed for that. From the very beginning it was supposed to be one state, where Jews have full and equal rights with Arabs, but Arabs refused all the way.

            > You are scum.

            And you must be Mother Theresa reincarnated.

            I bet you keep a pack of wet wipes near the monitor, to wipe spit off the screen.

            > Gods as my witness, I pray your karma pays you accordingly.

            Karma should pay me for what, pagan? For making you shitting bricks?

            You are just trying to wish me something bad, but hiding it behind pseudokarma bullshit

            By the way, wishing other bad is not too good for your karma dude. rofl.

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    2. The Trespasser

      By the way, why won’t folk at SocialTV come up with a creative and non-violent solution for dispersal of crowds of small children?

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      • David T.

        I have one. Treat them like Jewish children.

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        • The Trespasser

          >I have one. Treat them like Jewish children.

          By Israeli law parents are responsible for the children, and should they fail to prevent children from getting into trouble, children are to be taken to them and allowed to boarding schools.

          Now, rethink your plan and admit that you don’t have anything.

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    3. I think the IDF should hire Trespasser to yell “Holocaust! Holocaust!” into the faces of such 8-9 year old detained children, while Cigar stands behind with a visual aid showing the Arab occupation of the Jewish Land.

      The point of Tress’ comments is to nullify the content of the piece by making one angry at what he says, hopefully so you will reply in such a way that he can charge anti-Semitism; he does this everywhere on 972. Cigar has found a way to link the injunctions of Torah with the affrontive presence of Arab boys and should certainly be eligible for some kind of reward thereby.

      I am sorry to Social TV that the comments cannot be more productive.

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    4. Peter Lake

      Shocking to see the descendants of the greatest fascist genocide of the 20th Century descend, first into ethnic cleansing and terrorism in the late 40s (Dyan, Begin, BenGurion, Stern Gang) and now to illegal occupation, ongoing ethnic cleansing, apartheid… and now the sadistic treatment of 5 to 9 year olds.
      The time for the two-state solution has passed (thanks to successive fascist regimes in Israel) and your the apartheid regime will, like all regimes end. Unfortunately, that will be the end of the Jewish state… but, Bibi, you’ve brought it on yourselves.

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    5. Piotr Berman

      I was really surprised how cheerful the children were. Annoying soldiers is probably quite rewarding. Should children annoy soldiers? Should soldiers annoy children?

      From the description, the soldiers were not particularly sadistic if we compare what they did with fairly frequent punishments given in elementary schools in USA (detention in a dark closet, pretty horrible practice). In another video I observed a difference in how children are handled by the bewildered IDF conscripts and by police. It is not that police was gentle, but they made impression that they know what they are doing, and the soldiers did not.

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