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WATCH: Human rights film festival held in Israel amid censorship fears

The Solidarity Human Rights Festival, which screens films focused on human rights and activism, recently took place in Tel Aviv. It was held amid increasing concerns around censorship of culture and the arts.

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    1. Firentis

      A film festival sponsored by the European troll army presenting a bunch of marginal movies to a combined audience of European troll army soldiers and a bunch of aging, obsolete and delusional leftists with an average age of around 60 in the center of Tel Aviv. Clearly new and exciting ground is being broken here. A few more events like that and they will certainly convince average Israelis that the sponsoring organizations are not foreign-paid traitors.

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      • Bruce Gould

        @Firentis: It shouldn’t take you a whole lot of research time to convince yourself that the Israeli government considers BDS a potential strategic threat. The more the human rights situation is understood around the world, the more BDS will grow.

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        • Firentis

          BDS is objectively marginal and ineffective. Making a big deal about BDS is politically useful to the Israeli right-wing (which sits in the government) and so that is what it does. It creates an ‘us’ and a ‘them’. It creates loyal citizens and traitors. It divides the opposition. It creates an external threat. It creates an issue which unifies mainstream American Jewry. It creates opportunities for conferences, initiatives, and common struggle. It creates the need for a jobs program where the jobs will inevitably go to those close to Israeli right-wing ministers. There is literally no down-side here for the Israeli right. BDS is a political goldmine at a time when there are no significant external threats to Israel and the economy is doing great.

          It is pretty pathetic that this non-entity is the horse you are betting on changing something.

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          • Ben

            This is quite a confession by Firentis. Unprecedented. He admits that the Israeli government thrives on “creating loyal citizens and traitors.” Dividing the opposition. Creating an external threat at the very same time that “there are no significant external threats.” All that stuff about the external threats that prevent a Palestinian state? Admittedly a ruse. Created. A landmark confession. Firentis now even admits that the right is no different than the left in his mind—they are all whores for conferences, initiatives and jobs programs, and “the common struggle.”

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          • Firentis

            I confess that the Israeli government is run by politicians that are trying to win elections. I confess that Israeli politicians try to beat their opponents through all means available. I confess that Israeli politicians are whores like all other politicians in the world. I confess Israel is strategically strong. I confess that Israel will continue to be strategically strong as long as it doesn’t do anything stupid like creating a hostile Arab state in its midst. I confess it all. How many hail marys and our fathers do I need to do? Or is it straight to the burning?

            Also, wtf is wrong with the commenting system?

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    2. carmen

      Bravo – bravo – bravo. It’s heartwarming to see people come together in the spirit of justice and humanity.

      Social TV is wonderful!

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