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WATCH: How one West Bank village is fighting to regain its land

Residents of the village of Deir Istiya, located next to the West Bank settlement Ariel, have been nonviolently protesting the blocking off access to their farmland by the Israeli army, which affects the lives of 500 families.

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    1. Ben

      Ariel is simply proof that the Israelis do not want peace.

      Yishai Kohen, are you just unembarassable? It is permitted to simply make things up? Your heedless lies, growing out of a deep layer of ignorance enriched with occupier’s arrogance, grow like weeds in such a proto-fascist climate as exists today. Your lies illustrate both the devious gangster ethic that permeates the occupation and the deep and purposefully ignorance and forgetting upon which the right wing depends.

      Deir Istiya:

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    2. Ben

      @Kohen: “The Arabs need to stop trying to steal land that they don’t own. That’s not how to have peace.”

      Oh yeah? Is that right? And by what authority does an occupier declare land it does not own to be “nature reserves”? At the same time it does not hesitate to dictate that land Palestinians designate as nature reserves must without fail become “closed military zones” to run tanks over and fire shells upon? That kind of authority? Such love of nature. Such environmentalism. I’m overwhelmed. This is what I mean by gangsterism and sheer duplicity all the while pretending theft is not going on in broad daylight. Who do you think is fooled? Various “military orders” as far back as 1969 and Order # 363 were used to impose severe restriction on Arabs but never Jews. Ostensibly designed to protect the environment, such orders are in fact designed to be an integral part of the occupation’s land seizure program. And you know it. Who are you kidding? By 1985 250,000 dunams or 5% of the land was illegally confiscated in this way and by 1990 this was over 340,000 dunams. (Source: Israel’s Occupation, by Neve Gordon, p. 122-123.) Now, while you’re waxing all indignant at “squatters” trampling precious “nature reserves” and all that and lecturing us about sources, why don’t you check out this source on the matter. It only brings us to 2012 but when you’re done I can find you a source for 2012-2016, no problem:
      45 Years of Occupation

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    3. Ben

      @Kohen: “What I said is right- backed up by the Israeli Supreme Court.”

      That’s nice. You mean the Israeli Supreme Court with Israeli Supreme Court Justice Noam Solberg, resident of Alon Shvut? Please read this thoroughly and get back to me on this. Thanks. ==>


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    4. Ben

      @Kohen: My guess is you probably believe the stuff you say because you’re thoroughly immersed in it but it is just this kind of carefully contrived ignorance and selective fact citing upon which the whole heartless enterprise depends. (And it’s just the kind of thing +972 excels at authoritatively dispelling.) It is interesting how you cite the occupier’s high court as if it were the word of God and the highest moral authority rather than a mostly compliant and toothless rubber stamping entity that can’t even enforce its own rulings when they are openly defied by the army and the state–something that amazes Americans. And that Ayalet Shaked plots to stock with settlers. But then again if you feel the Bible is your land deed and God your real estate agent then what’s a few made up “facts” and and several ignored facts in the service of that? It’s permitted, right? While at the same time “the lying Arab” is a favorite trope of the settler movement. What’s left when the nonsense is cleared away is how throughly, stubbornly tribal your viewpoint is. Not being able to transcend that raw, undiluted tribalism will in my view have disastrous consequences for Israel in the long run.


      “The Israeli army first demolished the village of Khirbet Susya, deep in the desolate south Hebron Hills, three decades ago, on the grounds that it was located on an archeological site. Susya’s residents, many of whom lived in caves on the site for generations, packed up and moved a few hundred meters away, onto their adjacent agricultural lands. The IDF, which as the occupying power controls nearly every aspect of Palestinians’ lives in the West Bank, never recognized the validity of the move. To this day, the village has no connections to electricity or running water, and its access roads are not paved. On the other hand, when it comes to unauthorized Jewish settlements, all of which squat on Palestinian land, Israeli authorities supply electricity, water, security and more. The terms “double standard” or “discrimination” don’t even begin to describe the dual realities in that part the West Bank….

      Susya’s residents are currently [July 2015] fighting in the Israeli High Court of Justice in one last bid to stay on their land. That case is pending, but two months ago a High Court justice, who just happens to be a West Bank settler himself, refused to issue an injunction against the demolition while the case is pending.”

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