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WATCH: Hebron's Shuhada Street: Authorized entry only

How would you feel if you were suddenly forbidden from walking down the main street of your city? This theoretical scenario, inconceivable to most, is reality for the Palestinian residents of Hebron. Shuhada Street was a pivotal and vibrant main street in Hebron but since 2000, entry has been blocked for Palestinians – even those who live on it. The closure of Shuhada Street is just another example of Israel’s undeclared racial segregation policies

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    1. rsgengland

      Shuhuda Street was closed as a result of the violence of the second intifada.
      If there had not been the intifada , the street would most likely still be open.
      The Jews that lived in Hebron prior to the 1929 riots and massacres ethnic cleansing of Jews, were not even given the option of living in Hebron until after 1967.
      Violence against Jews in Hebron, which plays a central part in Jewish religious history, seems to be an ongoing story that requires this street to be closed for security and safety reasons.

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      • I know it is frustrating, but won security morphs into denied civil and human rights. Imagine that this state of affairs lasts another 20 years; then almost all Hebron Palestinians can say they had no hand in the events of 2000–certainly not 1929. If Hebron is part of an imagined Two States in Israel, you will have a significant Palestinian population, locally. Shall they be expunged? A One State outcome seems the outcome propelled by religion.

        The report notes settler acts of theft and vandelism. The events of 1929 do not legitimize such. You seem to have blood ataint. Because of the past, we do this to you now. This is not a modern legal concept of the West.

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