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WATCH: Gaza's official PR video

High production value and the general sense of the commercials for the traveling businessman you get to see on CNN International:

h/t Max Blumenthal

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    1. Jose

      Nice video production, but I was expecting to see women discussing how they approach work and life. The only comment from a woman here was “A woman in Gaza is a vital and effective partner for man”…

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    2. RichardNYC

      JUST like the Warsaw Ghetto! 😉

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    3. shane robertson

      Every westener including USA should watch this film. This beutiful city with its friendly citizens, ancient history and vibrant culture is testament to the will of the Gazan people to flourish under an extremely brutal israeli blockade. Gaza is the worlds largest prison imposed and secured by the israeli government. The prison houses appx 1.6 million palestinian men, women, and children. Yet by forcing the Gazans to live like this, the israelis are depriving themselves of a peacfull and economically viable neighbour that would complement israels own historic and religious citys. The israeli citizens should see the bigger picture and change their government for a more progressive and tollerent leadership. This film shows how much more Gaza has to offer if the blockade were to be recinded. God bless these extraordinary people and their even more extraoadinary city. S.Robertson. UK

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    4. Sarah Netofi

      Hey, Richard and Shane! Does your country have borders? Bet it does! We have borders also–we have a border between us and the fascist warmongering Hamas military base called “Gaza.” That’s the same terror entity that cries “blockade” because we don’t allow them to ship more war materials in with which to slaughter children on school buses. As you can see, they’re not hurting. Gaza is no prison–anyone can go to Egypt. And if they want to come to Israel, all they have to do is make peace, renounce terror, and give up irridentist dreams of conquering Israel and slaughtering its Jews. You Pali-pimps have a nice day, now….

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    5. Optimist

      Sarah Netofi,
      Your Hasbara lies will not work on the well-informed people. Israeli terrorists are armed with 200+ nukes, hundreds of fighter jets and helicopters and they kill 4-100 times more civilians (depends on the time range you choose) and you’re telling us that the siege is to prevent weapons? The Israeli terrorist leaders have said it many times; they want to punish the Gazans for electing the wrong people. The same Israeli terrorists backed Islamist Hamas when secular PLO and Fatah were not following the Israeli wishes.

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    6. paul hollister

      im lucky i live in the uk and we never suffer from the bitter hatred and soul destroying cancer that the likes of sarah and richard nyc? have coursing through their veins, one day when the evil oppresion ends i would love to visit this beutiful place now i see one of the reasons the jews are so frieghtened of letting Gaza become open to the world, the tourism that they could attract to the med sea would be huge and contribute well earned money to help build a prosperous resort lets face it if your going to the med most europeans would say no thanks to israel and yes please to Gaza. One of the problems of living off american tax dollars you lose the appetite for hard work

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