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WATCH: Full video of IDF assault on bike protest

The video of Lieutenant Colonel Shalom Eisner ramming his M-16 into the face of a Danish activist dominated the news here this week. Since its release on Sunday, there have been countless comments and stories in Israeli news and social media questioning the veracity of the video, implying that the assault was provoked and coming to the defense of the now suspended IDF officer.

This longer video showing the attack form a different angle, courtesy of Palestinian TV, shows footage of the event before and after. Decide for yourselves.

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    1. Lauren

      Please go on Youtube and search Nazi history. You will see the same brutality and violence against unarmed civilians. Israel is not alone…. the USA are facists also.
      Another reason NOT to visit. A non-Jew like me obviously is not welcome there.

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    2. Ohad

      Lauren why ? you just made any legitimate argument now stupid.

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    3. Dunno what all the fuss is about, the IDF have been hitting protestors from all over the world every friday in Biliin for years now. If this is what happens when One gets caught on camera, perhaps we should give out webcams to protect the civilian population ? The israeli occupation is a much deeper problem, this only gives the israeli government a chance to show that they are “human” by kicking a poor officer (who does wrong, but acts like any other officer in his position) publicly.

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    4. Elena Parvanova

      comment deleted

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    5. Jennifer

      Great footage of Col. Eisner’s “broken” hand.

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    6. John Yorke

      On the face of it, (pun not intended), this relatively minor confrontation has not cast Israel in a very favourable light.

      No matter how much damage limitation can be applied, the incident still remains essentially negative in character and that fact will not change anytime in the near future. Unless something even worse comes along to balance out the offending scene, Israel’s image and standing in the world will be reduced and its tactics, even its overall strategy, brought further into question.

      This cannot be the way Israeli society and its administration intend to proceed.

      At some stage, there must be an acknowledgement that the mishandling of such a small-scale disturbance may possibly represent a snapshot of the much wider picture. Does it denote an Israel on the defensive, not sure about its role in the great scheme of things and unable to react in a positive manner when circumstances strongly indicate that it should have done so?

      For quite some time now, I have had the feeling that Israel has started losing its way, becoming rudderless and prey to influences that do not have its best interests at heart. The fragmentation of Israelis into so many religious compartments, all apparently punching way above their weight, does not help matters. A pronounced swing to the right in party politics also serves to distance and alienate potential support for a nation supposedly founded on much more egalitarian principles.

      I guess 64 years of continual conflict may be beginning to take their toll; it’s hardly surprising when it’s remembered that’s how long the struggle has been.

      I would say that Israel now needs to embark on an entirely new direction, a refocusing of its reason for being in this world, what it has long aspired to be; ‘a light unto the nations.’

      And, in order to be that ‘light,’ Israel will have to burn much, much brighter than it has of late.


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    7. Louis

      Note if you will the manner in which one particular – obviously a reservist – soldier just chucks the bikes over the side of the road… as if it is not enough to block and beat the demonstrators but let us confiscate and throw away their bicycles… the hasbara message is clear… they explain to the demonstrators just who they are what they are worth in the eyes of the Occupation and in the eyes of those that defend it: Chattel that can be disposed of at will.

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    8. GilGamish

      “confiscate and throw away their bicycles”

      oh no not that. no wonder everyone is making such a big deal about this. no wonder this is world wide news, I mean how cruel is that throwing away their bicycles. I don’t think I will sleep tonight knowing bicycles are being thrown over the side of the road. oh the humanity.

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    9. John Yorke

      You’re quite right, Gilgamish and your sense of outrage does you justice. I mean, those bikes looked expensive and the damage done to them, if they can be retrieved that is, might cost more than a pretty penny to repair.

      I feel sure the vast number of cycling enthusiasts throughout the world watching that video would share your pain at the cavalier attitude shown by IDF personnel towards such beautifully crafted machines.

      To them, Lt.Col. Eisner’s contribution to the whole affair might seem almost incidental:)

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    10. The bicycle confrontation seems minor compared to IDF stuff I saw while working on EU projects in the Occupied Territories.

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    11. And don’t forget the corrupt Jewish social networking that, among other things, allows the Jews to get away with stuff like this, right Joachim Martillo?

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    12. TLA

      “Full video” of an event that took 4 hours is only 8 minutes long? Geez, you guys are totally shameless!

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    13. Piotr Berman

      The comparison with Denmark is not good for Israel.

      Danish authorities approved 4 km route used by 30-40 thousands of protesters, and large proportion arrived from abroad.

      In that context, either that particular group violated some reasonable restrictions or police got hysterical which unfortunately happens.

      There was no protest in Jordan Valley on the day of Eisner exploits, but joint youth activities. Once the bicyclists were blocked with ridiculous explanations they started to object/protest. Basically, it was IDF provocation, paranoia and assholery. They allowed youth in buses but not on bikes to “project force”.

      Of course, if Nazi were inclined to commit such petty actions it would look totally different. Lt. Colonel with “unkept look” looking like a teacher asking “who put thumb tacks on my chair?!” swinging a weapon of a common infantryman? We would have a future platoon commander in a penalty battalion.

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