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WATCH: From truth to redress, realizing return

The Palestinian “right of return” is a phrase so powerful that it tends to offend Israelis as much as the word “nakba.” Last month a rare forum for open discourse on the issue took place at a conference initiated by ‘Zochrot.’ How can a Palestinian return be planned for, what does transitional justice look like and what are Palestinian youth doing today to realize return?

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    1. XYZ

      As we see here at “progressive” sites like this one and others, the “right of return” is now becoming an indivisible part of the whole Palestinian grievance against Israel, Zionism and the Jews, inseparable from the whole “occupation” thing and so “progressives” now will not accept simply “ending the occupation”, but rather the whole Zionist enterprise, within whatever borders, now must be delegitimized and ultimately eradicated. This simply proves that if some Jews are not willing for the Palestinians to give up the RoR, then the Palestinians certainly can’t, and so nothing will change in the forseeable future…the occupation will go on, settlements will continue to grow and flourish and the Palestinians and their Jewish “progressive” friends will paint themselves into a small and smaller corner. Meanwhile, there seems to be a growing backlash among Arab Sunni Muslims against both radical Islamism (which is still powerful) and against Irananian and Syrian Baathist backed militant Shi’ism, which is bringing at least some Sunni Muslims, like the Gulf States and the new Egyptian regime into some form of quiet, informal cooperation with Israel, further isolating the Palestinians. Interesting developments.

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