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WATCH: 2011 Flotilla prepares to sail to Gaza

Watch my video report for CCTV on the IHH’s new Gaza flotilla:

Read more: Flotilla Gaza-bound again, as anniversary is remembered

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    1. abban aziz

      sink it.

      problem solved.

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      The above comment ‘sink it’ is a sick joke. This is a humanitarian mission and such a comment is shamefull. Lets hope the ship reaches its destination without the loss of life this time.

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    3. JD

      What did they expect, when attempting to run a military blockade just to make a political statement? It was not a non-violent action.

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    4. Sylvia

      The only one I believe on the IHH is IHH leader Bulent Yildirim (andd only when he speaks in Turkish to Islamist Turks).
      According to him, the 2011 flotilla is nothing like you describe.

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    5. Nimrod

      The IDF has this pimped out German made sub. It is state of the art. It is too beautiful to be written about here.

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    6. Cin Huno

      “Humanitarian mission” Please don’t insult our intelligence!

      Reply to Comment
    7. abban aziz

      “This is a humanitarian mission and such a comment is shamefull.”

      If the ship is loaded with Islamists, sink it. The US would sink the ship that’s for sure. No way would we allow some “flotilla” with broken wheel chairs and expired medicine support a terrorist organization on our border.

      Humanitarian mission, please. Human rights are universal. No certified-humanitarian groups support these flotillas. Israel works hard with the Red Cross and real aid organizations to send supplies to Gaza (even as Hamas launches rockets at Israel, two this week – one destroying a home).

      Better off sending the flotillas to Egypt or Syria. More poverty there than in Gaza.

      or better yet, send them to the ultra-orthodox in Israel. Their poverty level is much greater than any Palestinian.

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    8. Julian

      USER COMMENT HAS BEEN DELETED. (+972 Magazine comments should be constructive and productive in nature.)

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    9. David

      Here is a jpost link about a new shopping centre in Gaza.
      I recall an Al Jazzy story on a man in Gaza. They were trying to film it as if it were a prison, to my joy I spotted fully laden super markets in the back ground of the footage.
      Gaza is a huge scam by the far left and Hamas.
      The blockade saves the people from their own silly decisions. Imagine a Gaza full of rockets and TNT? Anti-Tank-Rockets. The IDF would have to go in and D9 large parts. Hamas needs to increase its posture and arms all the time in order to justify it being there. Hamas is based on violence, from beginning to end. It is not as if there are no political alternatives in Gaza. I recon if the peeps organize through facebook et al they’d get a process started that would sideline Hamas and the other Islamist muppets. Since there are so many young in Gaza, they have something to gain by sidelining the usual suspects.
      As a thought, me thinks the Saudis, the EU and the USA would rebuild Gaza into a new “City State” with all the bells and whistles, were it not for National Islam. Let us not forget that in their own free election, the people chose a party committed to Nationalism, Islamism and which sees violence as a legitimate tool in the political discourse. They also skipped elections.
      You make you own bed.

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