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WATCH: Footage shows Israeli army's killing of two Palestinian teens

Video footage has surfaced showing the shooting and killing of two Palestinian teenagers, Nadem Syam Nawara, 17, and Mohammad Mahmoud Odeh, 16 on Nakba Day during protests in front of the Ofer Military Prison.

The footage, obtained by Defense for Children International Palestine (DCI-Palestine), was captured by CCTV cameras mounted on the building where the incident took place last Thursday.

Nawara sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the chest. Odeh, 16, sustained a fatal gunshot wound to the back.

Israeli police spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld said troops were breaking up a “disturbance” and did not use live fire.

However, according to John Brown at Local Call, eyewitnesses reported that the sound of the gunfire was clearly that of live fire. They further stated that the Palestinians were shot from at least 100 meters – a distance from which the prospect of death from a rubber bullet are tiny. In the case of Odeh, the bullet entered his back and exited from his chest – something that almost never occurs as a result of rubber bullets.

Dr. Samir Saliba, head of the emergency room in the Ramallah hospital, stated in his medical report that the internal damage and the exit wound in Odeh’s body could have only been caused by live fire.

The Israeli military’s own regulations dictate that live ammunition must be used only under life-threatening circumstances. The video shows this was clearly not the case.

The IDF Spokesperson was contacted for comment on the incident.

Update (1:30 p.m.): In response to my inquiry, the IDF Spokesperson stated the following:

A number of violent demonstrations took place across Judea and Samaria last Thursday. In the Beitunia area, there was a violent protest of approximately 150 Palestinians who burned tires and threw rocks. Israeli security forces arrived in the area in order to disperse the demonstration using crowd-dispersal means.

That same day it was reported that two Palestinians were killed as a result of actions taken by security forces. An initial investigation reveals that no live fire was used throughout the day. The incident is currently under investigation. The video that has been shared on the internet in the past hours is edited and does not fully reflect the violence of the rioters during the demonstration.

MK Zehava Galon, who heads the left-wing Meretz party, responded to the video on her Facebook page (translation by Sol Salbe):

In the attached video you can see two Palestinian youths being shot dead by IDF soldiers during a demonstration last week in Beitunia. The IDF announced on the day of the incident that subject is “being investigated.” But it hastened to add that the shooting came in response to disturbances, the protesters were armed and the army merely used rubber bullets to break up the demonstration.

Unfortunately, most of the ‘investigations’ conducted by the IDF are a means of getting the story out of the way and avoid anyone paying the penalty for the light finger on the trigger and/or use of violence. I have contacted the attorney general and demanded that the investigation into the incident in Beitunia be carried out in conjunction with State Attorney office staff, because when two unarmed youth are killed by our forces, an IDF ‘investigation’ and the knee-jerk reaction are not good enough.

Israeli soldiers kill two Palestinians during Nakba Day protest
IDF closes probe into killing of Mustafa Tamimi in Nabi Saleh

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    1. Haifawi

      At last finally there is clear video evidence that the IDF spokesperson’s office is full of crap. The salient points:
      1. The IDF doesn’t dispute that the video depicts the two minors being shot.
      2. Having been shot with rubber bullets, you need to be at fairly close range to be lethal. At this range it should only bruise or at worst fracture a bone. The ‘initial investigation’ is a lie.
      3. We all know what the violence looked like…burning tires, rocks from slingshots. Someone got frustrated and decided to kill, and this person will be protected by the IDF apparatus.

      Reply to Comment
      • Big Moshe

        Tru Dat.

        Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eis

        No Haifaw, this is “clear evidence” that you are the one who is “full of crap”. The video-clip at issue is heavily manipulated with the goal of hiding the truth. If you are serious about finding out the truth, you have a duty to demand the full, unedited video before engaging in your usual smear campaign and libelous rants against the State Of Israel and her citizens. If any Israeli soldier took a person’s life unlawfully, thereby bringing disgrace to the IDF, I am sure he will get the right punishment. Until then, just get a hold of yourself, lady!

        Reply to Comment
        • Haifawi

          I’m curious, what sort of thing that has been edited out of the film could justify the shooting? Even if someone else was running with an AK or something (the IDF confirmed that only cold weapons were used by the demonstrators btw), the people who were shot were posing no threat AT THE TIME they were shot.
          Nobody is criticizing the riot-control measures used here, only the incidence of live fire.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            You are “curious”? That’s prudent and a good beginning. Said curiosity is all more reason why you should demand the full unedited video to determine the truth before jumping to conclusion. Are you sure that the individuals who fell to the ground were shot? Are you sure that said individuals are dead? If said individuals were shot, were they shot by IDF soldiers? What was the position of IDF soldiers? From what direction did the shots came from? Etc. There are way toooo many unanswered KEY questions. An investigation is ongoing. The fact that “the IDF doesn’t dispute that the video depicts the two minors being shot” (as you stated above) is NOT a confirmation, acknowledgement or acceptance of anything. In the mean time PLEASE demand the release of the full video – unless you are afraid (as are the editors of said video) that what the world will uncover will spoil your party.

            Reply to Comment
        • JG

          Youu are oure evidence that you’re full of racist crap. Nobody who looks on MiddleEast problems takes you serious,….

          Reply to Comment
    2. Question

      I don’t understand – is this one incident? The timestamps on the video seem to indicate that the events took place at different times, something which neither the clip nor the article addresses. I don’t doubt the veracity of what we see depicted in the video but this seems like an important fact, particularly when the man interviewed in the clip mentions a third casualty which we don’t see.

      Reply to Comment
      • Haifawi

        It was all on the same day. Demonstrations typically last several hours so the hour or so difference between the shots just means that either the commander didn’t relieve the trigger-happy shooter, or that there are two murderers.
        As for the third casualty, perhaps he didn’t die. There were a lot of wounded people that day from various forms of riot-control measures.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          Were you there, Haifawi? Were you among the rioters? Are you still engaging “in making the lives of settlers as miserable as possible” as you yourself stated in one of your posts on +972mag? (I will link your said post if you deny!). You are kind of sounding more and more frustrated and freaky. What’s up with that, Haifawi?

          Reply to Comment
        • question

          thanks. It makes sense, but the way the story is presented (not just in 972) doesn’t really make it clear that these are separate incidents during the same protest.

          Reply to Comment
    3. Rebecca

      Does anyone know for sure that the boys were shot by soldiers, and not by someone else e.g. a private citizen?

      Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eise

        No, Rebecca. We do not know (a) if the guys were actually shot (the way the first guy fell to the ground is atypical of someone who just got shot. E.g. he did not even clutch the place where he was shot and he made sure to FIRST place his right hand on the ground before falling to the ground in order guarantee a smooth landing without injuries!), (b) if said guys are dead, (c) if the IDF fired the kill-shots, (d) if the guys were in fact killed by Palestinian militants. There are many unanswered questions. As I watch this video clips, I am thinking: Mohammed Al Durah!

        Reply to Comment
        • Piotr Berman

          Clearly, we do not have complete information. But the points you raise are strange. (a). My only experience with pain and falling comes from bicycle accidents, but it suggests that what you experience first is not pain but shock, and slapping the ground with your hand is something that you do before you even register that something happened. It is a pure reflex. (b) The scenario that the dead guys are not dead and IDF does not dispute that they are is less likely than the scenario that Ginger Eis is simply a computer program parsing natural language and spewing a string of negations (cd) mystery shooters on the scene, but in that case, why limit suspects to “Palestinian militants” and exclude the extra terrestials?

          Reply to Comment
    4. Rab

      Presumably, 972 reporters are anxiously seeking the full cctv camera footage so they can investigate for themselves what happened here?

      One weird point about the video is that if somebody is shooting deadly fire at a person and killing them, why are all the bystanders rushing into the line of fire? Wouldn’t they be running away?

      Reply to Comment
      • Haifawi

        Because this isn’t a military action, and people aren’t mowed down in sprays of bullets. During the 2nd Intifada, you wouldn’t see people running into the fire zone but nowadays things have changed. All of the ‘front-line’ troops at demonstrations carry gas or rubber bullets. The live ammunition is only carried by snipers.

        Reply to Comment
    5. Esam

      The more shocking issue for me is not the killing but the fact that people like David Weiss who think this is acting. Unbelievable.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eis

        Esam, do you have a scintilla of evidence to the contrary? If yes, pleas present it. If no, take your fake moral outrage elsewhere. Remember the young Mohammed Al Durah? Right. Enough lies and distortions already!

        Reply to Comment
        • annie

          are you asking if there is a “scintilla of evidence” this is not acting? ah yeah, the dead kids. thus far,no authorities have claimed those dead kids are not dead. then there is the video of the shooting, i would call that a ” a scintilla of evidence “. if you have a ” a scintilla of evidence ” the video is not truthful, present it.

          i agree esam. and i’d like to add it appears a decent portion of israeli society may be brainwashed, because it is unnatural to respond to the killing of a person as if his life had no more meaning that shooting a rabbit. these are people.

          Reply to Comment
    6. Matt

      I don’t see blood on the ground.
      It’s hard to know who to believe, especially when both sides are well known liars .

      Reply to Comment
    7. M. Michael Musatov

      I am disappointed by the official tone of the IDF statement, the omission of tragedy at the killing of your teenagers, and the intimation the riot was more severe as material to the investigation. It is this type of hard-lined cold by the book responses we must avoid Israel. They are fuel to the flame we are trying to put out, and an accrued stumbling block of resentment in the Palestinians against growing our people peaceful united.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Eileen Maxwell

      Please, 972Mag, an update on this story and investigation. I can’t find any recent reports. American people need to know.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Michael

      No different than what Hamas has done 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
      Shame on Israel!!!!!!!!!!!

      Reply to Comment
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