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WATCH: Following killings, will Bedouin boycott the elections?

Following the recent killing of two Bedouin men in the southern city of Rahat at the hands of Israeli police — along with years of discrimination in nearly every realm, dispossession and home demolitions — the younger generation of Bedouin are more reluctant to vote in the upcoming elections. Jews and Bedouin met in the Negev town Lakiya to discuss the difficulties currently facing the Bedouin community, and whether or not boycotting the elections will really bring about any significant change. 

PHOTOS: Bedouin protest deadly police shootings in Israel
Negev Bedouin are now demolishing their own homes out of despair

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    1. Bruce Gould

      The Bedouins, the Druze, the Palestinians – there are all these groups the “Jewish state” has to manage. Maybe the American taxpayer should demand a more modern conception of a state – one with a constitution and legal machinery that treats everyone the same? A state of all its citizens, not a state for one ethnic group? It’s 2015.

      Reply to Comment
      • Pedro X

        Americans should first heal their own state before attempting to impose their utopian views on other states. No other western democracy has the extremes of American society. Multitudes of Americans live in abject poverty while a small percentage of Americans live in unbridled wealth. No other western democracy lacks an universal medical system while the rich can afford the best medical care on the face of the planet. No other Western democracy exhibits the violence and social decay stalking many American neighborhoods. Violence and poverty have made many neighborhoods of America no go zones and ghettos of immense human suffering and tragedy.

        Bruce, try fixing America first before ruining Israel.

        Reply to Comment
        • Richard Lightbown

          Oh you are so good at pointing to the sins of other nations, X. With all the wealth of crimes that have been committed by the state of Israel you can never find yourself to condemn a single one of them. Prove me wrong; I dare you.

          Reply to Comment
        • Brian

          Translation: “Mind your own business and butt out of our nice little fascist project we got goin’ on you American busybody Mr. Bruce Gould!” Hey Pedro tell your obnoxious Prime Minister and his agents to butt out of the America government and get their paws off the American taxpayers dollar.

          Reply to Comment
        • Bryan

          You are right Pedro that there are huge problems of inequality in America, as there are in most states, but at least America is the state of the American people, where a member of the disadvantaged minority can become President. When Israel becomes the state of the Israeli people or permits a Mizrahi or Arab to become President or PM then feel free to give us these lectures- until then why not shut up.

          Reply to Comment
          • C.C. DeVille

            Hey Bryan,
            There was a non-Ahkenazi president of Israel
            You may want to do some more research going forward. Your slander looks less credible when you make careless mistakes.

            Reply to Comment
          • Bryan

            Absolutely correct but wasn’t Moshe Katsav the exception that proves the rule, surprisingly elected against the arch-Ashkenazi Shimon Peres, and then exiting the role in disgrace, accused of rape, sexual harrassment and perversion of justice?

            Reply to Comment
      • C.C. DeVille

        Bruce, what is your obsession with American tax payers about?

        Reply to Comment
    2. Kareem Jeans

      I really hope that this does not come to fruition

      Reply to Comment