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WATCH: Far from the public eye, Palestinian villages are being dried out

Qarawat Bani Hassan, a Palestinian village in the West Bank water shortage since Israel’s national water company decided to reduce its supply. This past July, Israeli activists visited the village and heard first-hand how the residents cope.

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    1. Ben

      This is surely slow ethnic cleansing. By water deprivation. And as always, “this inconceivable situation is far from the Israeli public eye.” As was said by Carmen over at the article by Amjad Iraqi on death threats to Palestinian advocates in The Hague, “The narrative about this won’t sound any better until the reality on the ground changes. See how that works? It’s not happy fun land, ‘the only democracy in the ME’, etc., ad nauseum, because the majority of israelis like to play ‘let’s pretend’.”

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    2. R5

      Ben: you keep repeating the same phrase (“It’s not happy fun land…) in all of your comments. Kind of a weird thing to do. What’s with the talking points?

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      • Joe

        R5, read those comments on israeli (right or left) media facebook page. You’ll be overwhelmed by how many times israeli apologists use the phrase “the only democracy in the middle east”. Even Netanyahu regularly uses it in his speeches.

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