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WATCH: Exposing procedures of police violence in Israel

Police in Israel recently began using a new type of sponge-tipped bullets that cause more extreme bodily harm, including the death of one teenager last year. Social TV interviews Atty. Anne Sucui of the Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI), who explains that the Israel Police attempted to hide changes to its procedures from the public. So ACRI published the documents itself.

‘Autopsy contradicts police, shows Palestinian teen was shot in head’
PHOTO: Activestills photographer shot in face with sponge-tipped bullet

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    1. Pedro X

      In 2014 Palestinians ratcheted up the violence at the request of Mahmoud Abbas. They stabbed people, ran over a 2 month old baby, ran over other people at bus stops and rail platforms, hacked to death worshipers in a Synagogue, they continually stoned rail cars, buses, cars and people, and destroyed gas stations. It was perfectly normal for police to step up their response to the violence.

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      • Bryan

        “In 2014 Palestinians ratcheted up the violence at the request of Mahmoud Abbas.” That is a highly original slant on things Pedro – can you please cite any evidence you have for such a libel? Abbas has consistently condemned violence since the time of the Second Intifada, has been the main advocate of security cooperation and specifically condemned the synagogue killing (“the presidency condemns the attack on Jewish worshipers in their place of prayer and condemns the killing of civilians no matter who is doing it”). Tensions undoubtedly rose in Jerusalem in 2014 but perhaps understandably considering the public perception of Jewish attacks on Al Aqsa, the alleged hanging of a Palestinian bus driver and the burning alive of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, and the marauding gangs of Zionist thugs rampaging through the streets shouting “Death to Arabs”. It may be no coincidence that the family of the chief suspect in the sadistic murder of Khdeir hailed from Har Nof, where the synagogue killing took place. By all means continue reciting your perverted version of reality, but even if there were any truth to it, do you really think that justifies police attacks on demonstrators using potentially lethal sponge-tipped bullets?

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        • Ben

          You’re never gonna get truth out of this hasbara factory called Pedro X. The repetitive material has a machine like quality to it. Endlessly churned out. No new argument. 50% demonization, 50 % misinformation, stir and serve.

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    2. New Relic

      Very insightful! Thank you

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