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WATCH: Does 'iVoteIsrael' campaign endorse Israeli assassination of Ahmadinejad?

The campaign to get Americans in Israel to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential elections, on which I have reported extensively, has recently released a new video. While the last video they put out incited against Arab Americans, this one essentially endorses an Israeli strike on Iran, the targeted assassination of  Iranian President Ahmadinejad and implies that Israeli Air Force soldiers may embark on a “historic mission from which they may never return.”

You may have noticed that the narrator in the video uses the term “from time immemorial,” intentionally connoting the 1984 book From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine  by Joan Peters, which drew heavy criticism from Norman Finkelstein for inaccurate sourcing and references, was deemed “sheer forgery” by Israeli historian Yehoshua Porath and eventually discredited widely around the world.

Thus, the iVoteIsrael campaign has decided to identify itself with Zionist myths and propaganda that Israelis themselves have refuted long ago for being asinine. It also continues to claim to be non-partisan, yet openly attacks American politicians who refuse to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital – despite the fact that according to American policy since 1967, East Jerusalem was illegally annexed and must be the capital of a future Palestinian state.

In this way, the iVoteIsrael has proven not only how partisan it is, but also how non-credible an organization it is as well.

Campaign urges Americans in Israel to vote in U.S. election
WATCH: Campaign video incites against Arab Americans 

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    1. Mitchell Cohen

      For American ex-pats living in Israel, it is no secret that they have the right to vote absentee ballot. AACI has been advertising this LONG before “IVoteIsrael”. Whoever is planning to vote (with probably very few exceptions, basically mirroring Americans living in America) have already made their minds up as to who they will vote for, one way or another….

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    2. Warren

      It’s not specific to Israel. Americans living anywhere are permitted to vote by absentee ballot. I ran into IVoteIsrael a number of times but I got my absentee ballot request form from a non-partisan organization.

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    3. Noam

      Funny that the possible reference to Joan Peters bothered you (I don’t really buy that). But check out 00:53… “The next US President”, showing Romney, with Obama’s portrait joining the frame much later, after she started talking about “unwavering support” with Romney in sight. Talk about subtlety, huh?

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    4. mo

      Having an agenda and being partisan does not detract from the fact that their goal is mostly good, that is too encourage voting from Israel, thereby showing that expats in Israel have voting power. in other words to encourage greater support of Israel, no matter the administration’s political affiliation. Your point that the people who are behind it are pro Romney or Republican does not make it as you said “non-credible an organization”. Most pollsters will tell you that the average voter has already decided whom they are planning on voting for and that swing voter are a very small but effective block.
      The fact that you or 972mag for that matter are liberal and partisan does not make you “non-credible”.

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    5. delia ruhe

      Sure, kill Ahmadinejad, not because he has power (he doesn’t have much), but because he knows precisely how to push Israel’s buttons. And long after he’s dead, his taunts will still continue to haunt the nightmares of the Israeli regime.

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    6. Sharyn

      iVoteIsrael is decidedly pro Romney and anti Obama. Most of the posters there are filled with hate for Obama and for peace. Zionism is terrorism, and claiming a nuclear attack could ever b “pro-active” instead of the act of aggression that it is is just another falsehood. I’m a Pagan pacifist living in Israel, and the amount of hate the Israelis have expressed for Obama is both appalling and terrifying.

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