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WATCH: Disturbing footage of police beating Palestinian in Shuafat

A disturbing video emerged Thursday night that shows what appears to be Israeli policemen brutally beating a Palestinian in the East Jerusalem neighborhood Shuafat. Clashes broke out in the neighborhood Wednesday morning following the discovery of 16-year-old Mohammed Abu Khdeir’s body in a suspected revenge killing by Israeli Jews.

The video, first aired by Palestine Today and also appearing in a report in Electronic Intifada, shows what appear to be two undercover Israeli border policemen kicking and beating a Palestinian, whose face is also covered, while he appears handcuffed, pinned down and barely moving. After the two finish beating him they drag him over to a group of other Israeli police forces, including both undercover and uniformed riot police.

A second video appears to show parts of the same scene from a different angle.

Asked for comment by +972, Israel Police Foreign Press Spokesperson Micky Rosenfeld gave a very brief comment after the video was described to him on the phone: “This may be part of the ongoing police operations in the area [Shuafat] amid heavy rioting. Six people whose faces were covered were arrested yesterday. That’s all I have to say about it.”

The clashes in Shuafat came just one day after hundreds of far-right Israeli Jews rioted in West Jerusalem, following the discovery of the bodies of the three kidnapped Israeli teenagers. The rioters searched businesses for Arabs and accosted Arab-looking people on the street. A total of 50 people were arrested.

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    1. Squidward

      Will there be any justice for these Palestinians?

      Reply to Comment
      • Craig Vale

        Not likely any time soon as the policy of collective punishment continues unabated. Reports have already surfaced of the destruction of two homes occupied by family members of the alleged kidnappers of these three Israeli kids. So much for justice. Bibi has yet to produce an iota of evidence as to just whom was responsible for these horrific deaths. I suspect it was indeed carried out by Palestinians and their capture and subsequent trial should be carried out with transparency and proof rather than innuendo. I find it unsurprising that in the 6-8 weeks prior to this brutal savagery re: these three Israeli youths, 6 Palestinians were either murdered by settlers or shot to death by IDF forces. Where was the Israeli outrage then ? Palestinians are treated like animals and when they respond as such Bibi feigns surprise and indignation. 60 years of ethnic cleansing and Israel’s own iteration of Lebensraum where Palestinians have had 75-80% of their lands stolen from them since 1949. Bibi expects them to take this land grab sitting down and being silent ? Yet more settlement expansion is underway and for some strange reason Bibi and others say this settlement activity shouldn’t be cause for concern to the Palestinians? Bibi would make for a great tea party candidate back here in the states ! Totally disconnected from reality.

        Reply to Comment
    2. Mike Panzone

      No wonder some Palestinians turn to terrorism. How else does an occupied, defenseless people fight back against armed thugs like this?

      Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eis

        Incidents, and I mean INCIDENTS, like this take place all over the Western world on an almost daily basis (in avarage terms). This incident remains what it is: an incident. Nothing more. Nothing less. It is not systemic. It is not condoned by the Israeli police, government and people! Let’s not get all over-excited in an orgy of hate. Take it easy, Mike Panzone, ok?

        Reply to Comment
        • Mike Panzone

          *Troll Alert*
          The author of this reply is believed to be a radical settler troll who has an unhealthy fixation on this website and contributes, almost hourly, comments which contain always biased and sometimes racist comments accompanied by cherry-picked facts regarding the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. It is recommended by me, the original commenter, to not dignify her remarks with a response, otherwise we will all be subjected to more of her pitiful attempts to justify the unjustifiable, often criminal actions of the State of Israel, committed in the name of an archaic and anachronistic ideology.
          Mike Panzone

          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            Oy, what an outburst of emotions, Mr. Panzone. Pls. stop making noise!

            Reply to Comment
        • Jan

          I’m surprised that you didn’t say that this video was pure Pallywood and that the Arabs beat up this kid so it would look bad for Israel. That is your usual tack when terrible crimes of this kind take place. But this time you couldn’t do that because this beaten and battered kid was arrested and not given treatment for 5 hours. Once in Hadassah Hospital he was chained to his bed and has to appear in court on July 6. Meanwhile it is most likely that the criminal beaters are going on their way laughing about how they showed that kid who is boss.

          Would you have referred to a beating such as this as an “incident” if the victim had been a Jewish Israeli kid? I doubt it.

          Reply to Comment
    3. directrob

      Could you consistently replace “WATCH” with “VIDEO”? It sounds much nicer.

      Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eis

        If half of the havoc Palestinian are wrecking in J’lem had taken place in New York or Cairo, there would have been scores of individuals shot dead. But the Israeli police, as usual, acts with much more restraint than (most) of its Western counterparts. This is just an incident that will be sorted out and taken care off when the dust settles. Meanwhile, get the Muslim-thugs to stop endangering the lives of others in streets of Jerusalem and destroying public properties that will cost tens- if not hundreds of millions of dollars to replace. Btw. isn’t it (to put it mildly) rather pathetic, Directrob, that you never showed up to condemn the murder of three Israeli boys, but find it necessary to turn up now to lecture on how to re-title the video to make it “sound much nicer”?! Would you get some kind of kick out of that?!

        Reply to Comment
        • directrob

          Ginger, the death of a child is a family disaster, how could I condone it? I thought my opinion was obvious.

          What we see in this video comes very close to attempted murder (we know nothing about the boys condition). Several policemen are ignoring the beating and are just standing. That is not just an incident.

          Reply to Comment
        • Craig Vale

          Where do your etas come from…a comic book. The ratio of Palestinian dead vs Israeli during ” Cast Lead” alone was 140:1 and with Israel poised yet again to go into Gaza there is no reason whatsoever to think it would ever be a fair fight. Gazan’s will once again be slaughtered by the occupying force. The IDF will slink back across the border and tally the dead and pat themselves on the back withBibi extolling their success and claiming he wants a two state solution. Yeah, if you consider one of those states to be ” Denial”
          The occupation, ethnic cleansing, and the settlement activity, will go on as it has for the better part of a half century with the Israeli right pushing to either kill or expel the very last Palestinian from their land.

          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            a. The ratio of civilian casualty is not the legal standard for determining the proportionality of a military action. You need to get that settled law once and for all through your thick head, Mr. Craig Vale.
            b. There are no “ethnic cleansing” and “expulsion” going on in Gaza or elsewhere. You need to stop lying, sir. Old men don’t lie.
            c. If you really cared/care about the people of Gaza (and not just obsessed with Israel/Jews), NOW is the time for you to go and get HAMAS to stop firing missiles into Israeli cities (and that’s a war crime btw). There is no other way to prevent another military engagement in Gaza. HAMAS has the power of life and death over its own population. HAMAS can prevent- or cause another war anytime it chooses. Israel has no such powers – unfortunately. Israel may only defend her civilian population. Is this hard to understand, Mr. Craig Vale, or do you think that Jews have no right of self-defense?

            Reply to Comment