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WATCH: protesters clash with soldiers at Bil'in barrier

Palestinian demonstrators and their supporters have clashed with Israeli soldiers at a weekly gathering in the village of Bil’in in the West Bank. It happened as the demonstrators approached a portion of the controversial separation barrier built by Israel. Soldiers fired back with tear gas after demonstrators drove a bulldozer into part of the barrier.


Read more on the context of the protest in Noam Sheizaf’s report from in Bil’in here.

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    1. David

      COMMENT EDITED BY +972. (Comments should be constructive and in the spirit of dialogue.)
      Comment continued:
      What is the difference between an Israeli government aid doing a video, and far left activists crossing the line from journalist to political player/activist ?

      Reply to Comment
    2. David

      I think you need to state who them man is whom you are holding a microphone to ( J. Pollack ). How can you not iD such a well known person, who is in parts deeply connected with some at 972.
      Like I stated in my previous censored comment. The left can not accuse the right or MSM of reporting badly and then fail to adhere to basic tenets of good journalism.

      Reply to Comment
    3. David

      btw..bias media….check it out.
      your tear gas scene reminded me of the unforgettable Jackie Rowland of Al Jazzy. That woman has so much hate in her delivery it is creepy.
      another journalist who crossed the line.

      Reply to Comment
    4. David, thank you for comments and concern over my journalistic integrity. Indeed, the news piece which aired on CCTV “supered” the person speaking as Jonathan Pollack. (Due to youtube’s inability to put graphics over people’s footage, it is missing here.) As for connections to him, I have none. He was at the event and I know him to be one of the organizers.
      As for the “unforgettable” report from Jacky (with a “y”) on Al Jazeera English, I worked with her for many years and know her reports from the region and also from the Former Yugoslav Republics to be both professional and respectable. As for the “hate” your heard conveyed, that is up to you, though I imagine that anyone (and more specifically any journalist) getting tear gas directly and intentionally would come across as more-than-slightly irritated. Just a guess.

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