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WATCH: 'Canada Park' built on destroyed Palestinian villages

Israel’s ‘Ayalon Canada Park,’ in the West Bank but abutting the Green Line, is full of cyclists and hikers enjoying the scenery and weather on any given Saturday. A visit to the park shows that few of the Israelis enjoying the trails and picnic sites know the story of the three Palestinian villages that were demolished in 1967, on whose land the park is located.

PHOTOS: Palestinians return to village destroyed in 1948 Nakba
At conference, Palestinians and Israelis turn ‘return’ into reality 

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    1. BaladiAkka1948

      “Memory of the Cactus”
      A very moving documentary by “al-Haq” on Canada Park. Haggai Matar, Eitan Bronstein and Ilan Pappe are interviewed.
      From min 39:00: I encourage every Zionist to listen to that old lady, and Fairuz singing ‘Ba’adanâ’….

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      • Elisabeth

        Thank you for that link!
        I usually avoid the filth of the comments here, but this time looking around was worthwhile!

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    2. Tomer

      Gee, I wonder if any Poles ever think about the history of the parks in Poland. Do they ever consider the 12 million Germans that were ethnically cleansed from hundreds of towns and villages?
      Do any Poles ever feel guilty of their crimes against the German People?

      Reply to Comment
      • JG

        What exactly do you nutty wanna say with your ridiculous analogy? That Palestinians are like Nazi-Germans? Where exactly were those KZ’s driven by the Palestinians?

        Reply to Comment
        • Kolumn9

          Indeed. The Palestinians, along with their Arab allies tried to destroy and expel the Jews from Israel and were themselves forced to flee after failing. You create your own associations.

          Reply to Comment
        • jjj

          Indeed, ridiculous analogy.
          On the other hand, Palestinians leaders adhered to Nazi policies to exterminate the Jewish presence in Palestine. This is well documented, and Nazi anti-Judaism (or anti-semitism as reflected mostly against the Jews) ideas flourish and are being nourished in the Arab world at large, and Palestinians in particular.
          Still, the destruction of the village in 1967 is a shameful and barbaric act an should have never happened. Its perpetrators should be tried for justice. On the other hand, Palestinian perpetrators (such as Etzion village destruction) were even worse.

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    3. Marcos

      I follow the analogy. Allow me please:
      Things happen in the chaos of war and sometimes, civilian populations become a part of the game. Those impacted can look for their next best options which often are not so bad. The original poster chose the German – Polish example, but, the Indian and Pakistan case study works just fine.
      Going foreword, it behooves you not to get so worked up.
      Thank me later, jr.

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    4. Steve

      Thank you for the English subtitles. I was in Canada Park in October 2013, as a tourist. I was amazed it is in the West Bank but the Jews in Canada built it, amazing!

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        Nothing amazing really. Arabs would rather kill their female relatives for dating wrong men but won’t put their effort into creation of a park.

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        • Average American

          Stereotypes? Okay. Jews would rather throw out a glass of wine if a non-Jew hand has touched it. Because you see a non-Jew is not as pure as a Jew. In fact a non-Jew is nothing compared to a Jew. Because you see Jews are the master race and a non-Jew exists only to work like a donkey for a Jew. Want to continue to exchange stereotypes?

          Reply to Comment
          • Marcos

            AA, can you name one Jew who threw out a cup of wine for that reason? You do a disservice to your cause by arguing without a brain.

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    5. Tomer

      Does anyone living in Cyprus, know whether there are parks there built on the remains of Turkish Villages?
      I wonder whether Greek Cypriots worry about this crime?

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    6. Rehmat

      This park was built at the cost of US$15 million by the Zionist organization, the Jewish National Fund (Canada), an Israeli government arm for confiscating Natives’ land for the Jewish settlers. Most of the Canadian Jews, Christians and others, who donated for the construction of this park – did not know the history of the land on which this park was built – the history of three Palestinian villages of Imwas, Yalu and Beit Nuba – whose two mosques, one church, a graveyard and one school were destroyed by the invading Jewish soldiers who occupied this part of West Bank in 1967. The 10,000 descendants of Palestinian inhabitants of those three villages – expelled by the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) – mostly live in refugee camps in East Jerusalem and near Ramallah.


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      • Tomer

        Hi Rehmat:
        What is your opinion on the Turkish villages that were destroyed in the war of 1974. Should Greeks cypriots feel guilty of this?

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