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WATCH: Border Police detain, humiliate Palestinian at checkpoint

Another day, another case of Israeli soldiers showing the ugly side of the occupation (make that: ‘the only side of the occupation’).

Here’s an incident that happened four years ago and that is now being discussed in the courts. A group of Border Police officers detained a Palestinian man, who appears to be mentally disabled, after he did not bring his ID while trying to cross a checkpoint. The story was reported last week by Channel 2, and I’ve decided to subtitle the video now. Why is this important, you may ask, if it happened four years ago? Simple: because this is the stuff that goes on every day, all over the West Bank. The only reason it’s being reported every once in a while is because someone is dumb enough to film it, and even dumber to put it on the net. Remember Eden Abergil?

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    1. Philos

      Oscar, Oscar, pay attention to who is sent to the Magav (hint, not Ashknasim unless they’re Russian olim with a thick accent) and exploited to abuse people even weaker than them! Pay attention!
      We all love the Mishmar Ha’Gvool


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    2. Placing a police dog in such an enclosed space and warning that he will bite is abusive. Saying the arrested “cries like a whore” (where did that come from?) is abusive.

      This is a policing action, not a war. The security apparatus will hide behind “security,” and that is where the legal fight will ultimately be.

      The filming is not as bizarre as its retention. I can see a hot shot guard thinking he is documenting some possibility (keeping in mind where their minds are); but preserving the film shows expected immunity within the “gang.”

      Thank you Ami for taking the time to translate this. I hope someone out there will see this and think about the rule of law.

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    3. Khaled Khalid

      The Lucifer Syndrome: Absolute Power corrupts absolutely.
      Everything becomes permissible to “Protect the State of Israel.” Or as Stalin said: “An enemy of the People.”

      One question: Do Israeli Jews have to carry ID cards and remember their Card Number?

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      • Philos

        Yes, Khaled, Israeli citizens, Jewish and non-Jewish alike, must carry an official ID on them at all times. Failure to do so results in a very heavy fine. If I’m not mistaken the fine is 1000 NIS and the police can be very caparicious about it. I can’t find a link to the article but I recall reading in Ynet how a woman was fined 1000 NIS for not having an ID on her when she was out jogging.

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    4. Yochanan Ben-Yehudah

      And you know every word is a lie, and that you hate jews and Israel so much that you dream and pray for their deaths. One day you will stand before the Living G-D and His Son Y’shua and answer for ever action and word that you have uttered. Try to imagine what it will be like to fall into the hands of the Angry Living G-D

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    5. Fitz Holloway

      This is appalling. These IDF soldiers are so vicious and cruel. Why are they and the state of Israel able to get away with such abhorrent behaviour?

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