WATCH: Bereaved Palestinians and Israelis mark Women’s Day | +972 Magazine WATCH: Bereaved Palestinians and Israelis mark Women's Day

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WATCH: Bereaved Palestinians and Israelis mark Women's Day

Israeli and Palestinian women commemorated International Women’s Day last week by destroying a mockup separation wall in the West Bank city of Beit Jala. The event, put on by the Bereaved Families Forum, included a vigil in memory of those who have lost their lives in the conflict. Among the speakers were Suha Abu Khdeir, the mother of Mohammed Abu Khdeir, who was kidnapped and burned alive by three Israelis in July 2014.

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    1. R5

      Taking off hijabs would be actually be a defiant, liberating act against the suffocating patriarchy of Palestinian society. Protesting a wall that protects the lives of secular Jewish women from fanatical religious men doesn’t really cut it.

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      • Joshua Fischer

        Always funny to see the fanbase of rightwing religious illegal landgrabbers in Palestine, whose women wear mostly covered hair, for the same nuts religious reasons as muslims do, are trying to sell us they were women liberators. Your are such a joke…and you even don’t get the irony of that, do you?

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        • R5

          The Jewish women covering their hair don’t pretend to be feminists you moron. My comment was a criticism of the Arabs’ hypocrisy, not their conservatism.

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          • gilade

            arab’s hypocrisy? What a joke!

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      • john

        the purpose of a hijab, as i understand it, is to free a womans body from the male gaze. a wall that keeps women away from their livelihoods, medical treatments, families, and homes (as well as the associated difficulty accessing water, and power cuts) is totally anti-feminist. pretending it only affects men is pointless.

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        • R5

          haha, WOW. Really, just WOW. This has got to be the best +972 comment of all time. Can someone please, PLEASE try to offer a more sincere apology for the repression of women in majority-Muslim countries. I AM BEGGING YOU GUYS. Too good, too good.

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      • Baladi Akka 1948

        The Apartheid Wall has nothing to do with protection, and everything to do with grabbing more Palestinian land. If it were to protect it should have been built on the Green Line approx three times shorter than the actual route .
        According to the Shin Beth, between 40.000 and 60.000 Palestinians cross the Wall/barrier on a daily basis to tend their land or to work in East Jerusalem or Israel, if ordinary people among them many women (cf Israeli film “White Nights”)can cross the Wall, so could someone who wants to commit violence !
        Your hasbara needs some updating !

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    2. carmen

      Since none of the responses above are from actual females, maybe you boys could just stfu and stay focused on what you know best instead of attempting to mansplain EFT?

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      • R5

        More jokes?! +972 continues to deliver. The comments section on this website is like an whole SJW parody blog unto itself.

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