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WATCH: BDS hits the main stage

The boycott, divestment and sanctions movement is making headlines around the world for putting Israeli products in its crosshairs. But Israeli cultural icons and institutions have been boycotted for years. And while Israeli artists feel isolated and unfairly targeted, for Palestinians they represent the occupying power.

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    1. sara traub

      Its unfortunate that those that are outstanding in any field become the collateral damage of this movement, but it is necessary. There is no other way, no voice, to implement change. It is a just and important movement to mobilize the world against racism and apartheid. This is where world citizens can be moved by their own sense of justice, of humanitarianism, of basic right vs. wrong to make an impact on this untenable situation. It is obvious that change will not happen from within. It hasn’t happened since 1948. It is up to us, all of us to put pressure on the Israeli government to make sure change happens. Stand up and make a difference!

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    2. Pál Prónay

      It is not enough to boycott zionists. The poisonous fruit of zionism arose from judaism, so I boycott Jews too. Soon, BDS will address the root problem of Jewish supremacism

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      • Ben

        This “Pal Pronay” is a deeply misguided right wing Israeli/Jew who poses as an outrageous cartoon anti-Semite in order to try to blur the issues and distract. He wants to blur Judaism on the one hand and right wing extremist religious nationalism on the other, which is ridiculous. He wants you to think that you can’t support any form of principled, non-violent opposition to the occupation without being anti-Jewish or a self-hating Jew. Which of course is absurd, the opposite of the truth.

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        • Samson

          Jihadi-Ben AKA Pál Prónay AKA BruceGould is debating with himself – AGAIN. He wants to argue that there is a difference between Jews and Zionists. He claims that he is anti-Zionist, but not anti-Jews, because, according to him, Jews and Zionists are not the same and he therefore not an anti-Semite. That is the discussing he wants to have on this thread. So, first “Ben” poses as Pál Prónay to say that Jews and Zionists are the same. Then he comes back as “Ben” to respond to- and disagree with himself/ Pál Prónay to make the point that Jews are not Zionists. Next “Ben” will use Pál Prónay to start calling himself a Jew who happens to share the same opinion with some “Jews” who support BDS (he did that before!). But I have news for you, jihadi-Ben. Your claims are the exact themes we hear from the anti-Semitic groups like David Duke and his followers, Muslim jihadis and other hate groups in the West who think that Jews/Zionists have some hidden power to control the world.

          You are a con-man, “Ben”.

          Sheesh, go get a job!

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          • Bruce Gould

            These Jews think there’s a difference between Judaism and Zionism:


            Ridicule them if you must, but this is a real viewpoint, and not just among a tiny sliver of the Jewish population.

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          • Samson

            Oy … “Ben” just transformed into one of his aliases “BruceGould” to attempt to rehabilitate his jihadi-self.

            Perhaps you, “Ben” are too dumb to process not so difficult sets of facts and make healthy judgment? Even as you hide behind Jewish sounding names, you don’t even understand very simple nuances of the various Jewish subject matters you desperately want to discuss. Tell us, “Ben/Pal Pronay/BruceGould”, exactly what part of my post are you disagreeing with? Make arguments to show why and how – using YOUR own words, not copy and paste what has nothing to do with my post.

            Also, make up your mind which one of your aliases you want to use!

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          • Ben

            The true crisis of Zionism: silent majority of US Jews have never supported it


            “…Beinart…argues that Zionism has turned its back on what he believes are its own ideals…Beinart laments that the American Jewish organizational establishment promotes “victimhood” while wielding power and that the State of Israel does much the same thing. ”Perpetual victimhood,” he writes, “is not a narrative that can answer the two great Jewish challenges of our age: how to sustain Judaism in America, a country that makes it easy for Jews to stop being Jews, and how to sustain democracy in Israel, a country that for two thirds of its existence has held the West Bank, a territory where it’s democratic ideals do not apply.” …. The Israel which young American Jews observe is quite different, in Beinart’s view, from the mythical Israel embraced by their parents….”

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          • Ben

            When the fight over BDS is a Jewish civil war

            Peter Beinart

            “…The millions of dollars currently being spent to fight BDS will prove useless against these kids. They will prove useless because the Israeli government and the American Jewish establishment see anti-Zionism as merely a political challenge. But what the rising generation of Jewish anti-Zionists really pose is an intellectual challenge, an intellectual challenge that American Jews haven’t faced since the days when Jewish intellectuals like Hannah Arendt, Judah Magnes and Henrietta Szold championed a bi-national state.

            …formulating the answers requires taking anti-Zionist arguments seriously. And that’s difficult for an American Jewish establishment that, while financially and politically strong, is intellectually weak.

            The American Jewish establishment does not want to rebut anti-Zionist arguments. It would rather call them anti-Semitic and thus shut the entire discussion down. But, as I saw at Vassar, the debate is coming, not only within the United States at large, but within American Jewry. It’s going to make a lot of people uncomfortable. Yet the longer American Jewish leaders evade it, the more likely they’ll ultimately lose.”


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          • Samson

            The issue, Ben/Pal Pronay/BruceGould/etc. is that YOU are an anti-Semite hiding behind anti-Zionism to camouflage and hide your hate, racism and anti-Semitism. You are neither alone in that practice nor is that practice new. That practice is called by some academics the ‘New-anti-Semitism. Your jihadi brothers are experts in that practice and your comments here make it very clear. David Duke et. al. are also experts in that practice and YOU echo the contents of his videos so eloquently on this site. Like you, your spiritual papa David Duke says that he is NOT an anti-Semite, but just anti-Zionist. Like David Duke, you smear, demonize and delegitimize the Jewish State EVERY SINGLE DAY, while hiding behind MULTIPLE Jewish sounding names to hide your Muslim background! In fact, YOU, David Duke and the Mullahs in Tehran have the same beliefs when it comes to Jews and Israel. Jews and Israel are the ONLY thing the radical-left, radical Israel and the radical-right have in common. This is the issue you are running away from by copying and pasting the opinions of pundits whose only qualification is that their Parents are/were Jewish to distract, obfuscate and change the subject you started but can’t handle.

            jihadi-Ben you are a con-man, a very funny con-man.

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          • Samson

            Correction: “Jews and Israel are the ONLY thing the radical-left, radical ISLAM and the radical-right have in common” …. is the correct sentence.

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    3. Bruce Gould

      This is possibly a first for the American mass media: in an interview on the PBS newshour Tom Friedman gives the usual boilerplate criticisms of Abbas and the Palestinians and then utters the words: “Israel does some bad things in the West Bank”. Then he goes on to say that basically there’s only one state between the sea and Jordan:


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