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WATCH: Army raids three West Bank villages, arrests activists

Israeli army arrests 11 Palestinians during night raids on West Bank villages participating in the popular struggle against the wall and settlements.

The Israeli army raided three West Bank villages this past week, arresting a total 11 activists in connection with organizing weekly demonstrations against the occupation, local activists said. According to the activists, the villages of Nabi Saleh and Ni’ilin were raided in the dead of night between Monday and Tuesday, while the village Kufr Qaddum was raided during during the early hours of Thursday morning. Among those arrested were a minor and a photographer. Four out of seven Qaddum detainees were released later Thursday morning; the minor from Nabi Saleh is expected to be released later today, while the rest remain in custody.

UPDATE: According to Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem, one of the detainees from Qaddum was reportedly beaten by soldiers following his interrogation and has been hospitalized with head injuries.

Night raids are one of the tools used by occupation forces to try and suppress the popular struggle. As a video from this week’s raid on Nabi Saleh (above) shows, the soldiers enter houses fully armed, some of them masked. They wake up children, check the IDs of everyone in the house and conduct a search, which usually ends with the confiscation of empty tear gas canisters, used stun grenades and rubber coated bullets fired by the IDF – often collected by the residents and can be found in abundance in the streets of any village participating in the popular struggle.

While the practice of night raids as a tool of law enforcement is questionable to begin with, the almost immediate release of five out of the 11 arrestees strengthens doubts about the so-called “security reasoning” behind these raids, which terrorize entire villages. Earlier this week, the chief West Bank military prosecutor told the Jerusalem Post that the army is considering putting an end to the practice, and instead implementing a policy by which Palestinians will be summoned for questioning.

Popular unarmed demonstrations against the wall and settlements continue in the three aforementioned villages, in addition to Bil’in and Al-Ma’asara, on a weekly basis, yet are almost never reported on in the Israeli media. On Friday, February 28th, Bil’in will commemorate nine years of struggle against the separation wall.

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    1. bob wisby

      Everything seems to be in order here. The army are doing their jobs and the arabs know enough to keep their mouths shut and their eyes downcast. All’s well with the World

      Reply to Comment
      • The Arabs that I dealt with didn’t keep their mouths shut nor did were their eyes downcast….Perhaps the ones that you dealt with…..kept their mouths shut and their eyes downcast…

        Reply to Comment
    2. Piotr Berman

      Is it just me, or the picture shows lack of cultural sensitivity? In my culture it is extremely impolite to enter the living quarters in boots, and while taking combats boot off may be impractical, the soldiers could use boot cover

      Reply to Comment
      • Ginger Eis

        Yeah, right. You meant that IDF-soldiers should remove their combat boots or wear boot covers like NATO forces did in Iraq-, the Americans and the Brits are now doing in Afghanistan- and Western law enforcement agencies do in comparable situations, such as entering Muslim homes? Nonetheless, There is a clear choice to be made: Western cultural sensitivity or your Islamic cultural supremacism? Western cultural sensibility or your Islamic cultural insanity? You decide!

        Reply to Comment
    3. It is rather symbolic to see soldiers enter a home after midnight and confiscate debris from protest confrontation which had been placed on what amounts to a small alter. I’m certain the awoken children will have positive impressions of the IDF.

      Positively, the soldiers must have known they were being filmed some of the time and allowed it, without confiscation. I don’t think this would have been true a few years ago; why do they allow it now?

      Reply to Comment
    4. Sean Adams

      Unfortunately, the IDF does have to carry out such raids/searches for the safety of all local citizens and I support that.
      However, the manner in which these raids are conducted is not OK, it is over-intrusive and threatening and should not be carried out at night if possible. Furthermore, the soldiers in this video appear to be recruits, probably about 19 or 20 with little experience. If the Israeli Army needs to carry out searches of property, it should be done by older, more experienced commanders who are fluent in Arabic and are therefore able to explain their reasons more clearly than these soldiers. I feel sorry for the soldiers as well as the occupants of the homes.

      Reply to Comment
      • bob wisby

        Sean, I appreciate your compassionate stance toward the poor IDF recruits, forced into a somewhat uncomfortable position. But maybe you go too far when you extend your concerns for the arabs. They’re not like us, Sean. What would be intolerable to you or me, for example being roused from sleep by men with guns, lined up with my family in our pyjamas etc…is like water off a ducks back for the arab. We’re doing it to keep them safe, as you point out. So don’t lose any sleep over what the IDF is doing with the arabs.

        Reply to Comment
        • Ginger Eis

          Stop it, Richard! The actions of the IDF-soldiers in this instance are in no way different from those of law enforcement agencies in top Western democracies such as the USA, GB, Australia, Germany, Canada, France etc. Indeed, compared to the practices of the US FBI Swat Teams, the IDF-soldiers are extremely polite, respectful and humane. Let’s consider serious issues with the required seriousness and solemnity, within appropriate context and in a balanced and fair manner. Watch. And Weep!


          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis


            Stop it Bob, NOT “Richard” was meant. Excusez moi monsieur.

            Reply to Comment
        • BaladiAkka1948

          “But maybe you go too far when you extend your concerns for the Arabs”
          Well, 972 mag is confirming that it has become a website for racist thugs: The Trespasser, Tomer, Kolumn9 and now Ginger Eis and Bob Wisby.
          No wonder hardly any Palestinians comment here any longer…..

          Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            My friend Baladi,

            (1) Everyone who disagrees with you is a racist thug and/or a Nazi;

            (2) Bob Wisby is actually on your side in this specific instance, but

            (3) because you are (a) suspicious, (b) fearful, (c) distrustful and (d) have no appreciation for sarcasm, satires, metaphors, etc., Bob Wisby is now also a racist!

            Wao. Just Wao!

            Reply to Comment
          • BaladiAkka 1948

            I didn’t mention ‘Nazi’ anywhere. ‘Zionist’ is enough for me.
            Maybe you should read the comment policy on this site. Noam wrote something about not allowing treating other people as Nazis. It must go for accusing others of using the Nazi-label too, I guess.
            And please abstain from calling me a friend….

            Reply to Comment
          • Ginger Eis

            My good friend Baladi,

            How can we make peace between our two peoples when I can’t even call you my friend? Where is this blind furry coming from?

            Reply to Comment
          • BaladiAkka1948

            Blind fury ? As if the crap you’ve been posting here for weeks wouldn’t make even a blind man see that you’re a supremacist thug.
            Irhal !

            Reply to Comment
          • bob wisby

            What a patronizing attitude you display Ginger. It’s like a tragic scene played out between some smiling, insincere overseer and one of his slaves whose family you have just had murdered. “My dear friend Baladi, how can our two peoples”…etc

            You know you’ve got him by the balls. And you can’t resist being nasty when he’s helpless.

            You remind me of Joaquin Phoenix in Gladiator. In an honest fight, you’d squeal like a girl.

            Reply to Comment
    5. jamal barodi

      Israel arrested terror suspects….Which it has every right to do..In fact it has an obligation to arrest terror suspects who intend harming Israeli’s….Cheers to the IDF….They do a great job….

      Reply to Comment