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WATCH: Arab women protest against domestic violence in Israel

In the past decade, 76 Arab women have been murdered in domestic violence in Israel. The ‘Committee for the Struggle against the Murder of Women in Arab Society’ held an event protesting murder and violence against Arab women. Families of the victims are still demanding justice since most of the murderers are still free.

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    1. The Trespasser

      So now Israel is guilty that Arabs almost NEVER cooperate with police on domestic violence issues – like most other issues.

      Ex. if a police unit arrives to a village in response to a phone call, they have to withstand ENTIRE “hamula” – clan in English, which is not quite possible for anything less than a squadron of riot police accompanied by water cannons.


      This document clearly states that over 80% of all cases are closed due to lack of evidence. Simply – Arabs are not telling on one another.

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    2. Lauren

      We need to hold out our hands to strength these brave women. Not only do they have to stand up to domestic violence but also to an indifferent police force that too often ignores complaints; just this week 2 Bedouin girls were murdered because the police didn’t act.

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      • Palestinian women in Israel do face additional hurdles in accessing police help, but I think it is important to view all domestic violence in its wider context. It is often very difficult for any woman to come forward, partly due to fear of what might happen to her if she isn’t taken seriously, and partly because of ambivalent feelings towards the abuser (“It must be my fault, he’s just stressed and I don’t help – and think how upset the kids would be if he went to prison. I should try harder”). Then there is the worry about being gossiped about and blamed in the wider community. How many times have rape victims heard that they could be ruining a man’s career by going to the police? During the Steubenville rape trials there was some remarkably sympathetic media coverage that talked about the blight on the promising futures of these young men (those articles rather glossed over the blight on the life of the rape victim). This attitude gets even more prevalent when it’s a wife accusing her husband, as there are expectations of loyalty at play. Women everywhere need to stand up and join forces against this. It’s our shared concern.

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        • XYZ

          The problem is that you have to look at the whole picture. The Beduin in Israel, like in the rest of the Middle East, view the police as a foreign occupying force. Add to that the conflict the Arabs have with Israeli specifically. Going to the police or the authorities means acknowledging their power. While this would help the women on the one hand, but on the other, it is betraying the group to the enemy. The choice is thus: do we struggle against the wife-beating and family honor killings which plague their society, or do we betray our clan and the struggle against Israel? Not an easy choice.

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          • The Trespasser

            Yeah, embrace civilization or live as savages. Not an easy choice indeed.

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          • EatGefilteFish

            Embracing civilization vs. living like savages is a difficult choice? Not for me!

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    3. I’m a main but violence against woman is not nice because they’r our mothers!and in GOD there is love our GOD is love!

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    4. rsgengland

      There is a two way issue here.
      For whatever reason, the majority of the Israeli Muslim population does not cooperate with the Authorities, and often looks on those that do cooperate as collaborators.
      There are very few Muslims in the Israeli police, so there is also a big cultural divide when the police investigate incidents within the Israeli Muslim community.
      As the police have very little cooperation from the Muslim community, they investigate with reluctance, and sometimes indifference.
      Security issues are different, and are handled differently.

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      • The end note in the report on media coverage suggest the bias is not solely on the Arab side. You neglected to mention this.

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