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WATCH: After handshake, settler child throws stone at six-year-old Palestinian

One activist captures what was almost a moving moment between a six-year-old Palestinian and a settler child in the occupied south Hebron Hills. Almost. 

In a video filmed by Amir Bitan, an Israeli Ta’ayush activist, Thamer Ibrahim Alayan, a 6-year-old Palestinian child from the Umm al Ara’is village in the South Hebron Hills is seen going up to shake the hand of a settler child from the illegal outpost of Mitzpeh Yair. Thamer is first seen being escorted away from the settlement by a Border Policeman, presumably to prevent a confrontation between the two. However, Thamer returns to the settler, and after the two shake hands in an almost moving moment, the settler child picks up a rock and throws it at Thamer. (Watch From about 1:30)

Settlers have been trying to claim and take over more of Umm al Ara’is’ land, often driving Palestinian farmers away. In order to avoid having to deal with the settlers, the IDF declared it a closed military zone three months ago.

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    1. aristeides

      When will the settler child be dragged out of his bed and taken away?

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    2. Khaled Khalid

      Will the Jewish Settler child be arrested for Stone Throwing? Or is he allowed to under Zionist Military law?

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      • Yonatan

        It wasn’t a stone, it was a boulder.

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    3. Richard

      Not interesting, except for the fact that it was posted. What does Mairav think the video tells us? What is she trying to communicate?

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      • These two odd minutes are an inadvertent theater piece of symbolism. That you seem not to see this is likely one reason why the video was posted.

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          • So we are to everywhere stamp down any alternative. You want a single world of good guys and bad guys. While that might make it easier for soldiers to do their jobs, it is just not true. The present child reached out a hand, not bomb.

            There is no more a single “Palestinian” than as single “Israeli.” If one gets enraged over one singularity, so too should one the other.

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          • Vadim

            Greg, you call one video “an inadvertent theater piece of symbolism” but find no symbolism or any other conclusion in the one I provided.

            Here is how I see it – you have a clear image of how things are. Peaceful Arabs and frightened\aggressive Israelis. This is the same image that you see in this video. Hence you think it’s symbolic. Now, you watch the lovely Hamas compilation and think – this can’t possibly represent anything, this is just a compilation used by Israelis to support their views.

            So what happens? You have lots of videos of hatred and indoctrination which you somehow blame me for using (In the sense that I should ignore it because it stamps down any alternative) and on the other hand you take a single incident between two children and generalize it to fit your views.

            If you generalize this, why don’t you generalize Shalhevet Pass?

            Am I wrong?

            Let me tell you a secret – some of us Jews are bullies, some are bad and mean, some are more violent and hateful and enjoy throwing stones at other people.

            I don’t find anything symbolic in this video, just as I don’t find anything symbolic in the Hamas compilation.

            Reply to Comment
          • Of course the Hamas compilation means something. What it doesn’t do is immunize against IDF or other State violations. If one completely ignores redress when could be done otherwise, appeal to Hamas propaganda is not to blame. I see appeal to such propaganda as a means of not doing anything until “they” do something. But there is no reason to assume that those not given redress have anything to do with networks like Hamas at all. This just becomes a way of denying procedures for redress indefinitely, as those in control just don’t want to establish them.

            I think this also why, wrongly, places like 972 under report or ignore violence against Jews. Focusing on such violence seems to implicitly remove focus from the need for State redress elsewhere, so is ignored for the same reasons your Hamas video are ignored. In both cases, “we shall do nothing until they do something.” That is not how redress works. In the case of violence against Jews, however, there is as much need for redress as that against Palestinians. But to freeze action until propaganda changes is just excuse. And such appeal is often made here. And this is what I thought you meant. I don’t think the inference was unreasonable.

            Reply to Comment
          • CigarButNoNice

            “You want a single world of good guys and bad guys.”

            This is quite rich to see on a website predicated on the idea that everything was fine in the Land of Israel until those nasty “EuroZioSettlerColonists” disturbed the idyllic lives of the innocent “BrownIndigyPalCanaanites.”

            Take the Manichean plank out of your own eyes first.

            Reply to Comment
      • Shmuel

        To the rabid Israel haters around here. And to the presenter of this video.

        …. Oh and to the symbologist too.

        Here is a bit of CONTEXT. You guys do know the meaning of the word CONTEXT? These nasty things happen not just in isolation …


        “A nine-year old girl was wounded Saturday evening in a terror attack in the Israeli settlement of Psagot, north of Jerusalem in the West Bank. After searching the area throughout the night and Sunday morning, the Israel Defense Forces said the suspect was no longer in the settlement.

        According to Magen David Adom rescue services, the girl was wounded at around 9 P.M. when she was shot in the chest. She remained conscious and was evacuated to Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem.”

        Does that justify the stone throwing by the settler child? NO!

        Does it explain why there is hatred? YES!

        And yes, it goes the other way too. There is a cycle of hateful acts by BOTH sides. You guys do understand the word BOTH, don’t you?

        And no, this is not a good situation. But it won’t be fixed by pretending that the only perpetrators are “nasty settlers” or “stinking settler children”. The other side, your favourites, you know, the Palestinians are at least as guilty of hateful acts so you need to apply EQUAL pressure on them to stop.

        This video too should have context. Something OBVIOUSLY happened before this incident which wasn’t shown. It would have been interesting to show a bit more context so that thinking people could have made a bit of a more informed decision. But hey, that would have defeated the intention of the presenter, wouldn’t it? To show settlers, Israelis, Jews in the least favourable light possible. Oh well, cest lavie, life goes on.

        Reply to Comment
        • I saw two boys in a small world of limited resource, one a bit younger, on one side of the divide, moving forward with hand open, not yet knowing the rules. The slightly older one seems to know the rules a bit better. In a few years both will know their places. The soldier tries to keep them apart; what else can he do? And this is inadvertent symbolism.

          I think the under reporting, indeed silence, of violence against Jews to be a major mistake. All it does is provide motivation to give no quarter elsewhere, and blinds all to the reciprocal processes in your land.

          Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel

            Did we see two separate videos?

            I saw an Israeli soldier grabbing the hands of the Palestinian child and leading him to the “settler” child then the little one extended his hand and the kids shook hands. This was followed inexplicably by the settler child’s stone throwing.

            The way I see it the soldier did NOTHING wrong. He tried to make peace between the kids. No one explained or showed what led up to all this or what it was about. And they should have!

            You want symbolism? To me that is symbolism. This was intended as a piece of propaganda and intended to enrage.

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel

            Actually, after watching the video again, I’ll be stuffed if I know what this video shows. I was probably wrong about the soldier trying to make peace between the kids.

            It is a disjointed video with obvious interruptions between takes, or editing.

            The bottom line that it shows no context or sequence or anything.

            Reply to Comment
          • Shmuel, it is a painful, torn world out there, and I suspect you know that far better than I. I wasn’t trying to say the soldier did anything wrong; he probably thought “this is an accident or incident waiting to happen,” and I would say that is reasonable given Hebron.

            If we want to worry about context, who holds the camera? No one is out there but two soldiers and two boys. But it is not as isolated as is seems; there is a camera. Video posting suggests the holder is pro Palestinian, not pro settler. Could the Palestinian boy have been told by the holder to try and shake hands? Was the video a set up? And this speculation is symbolic too.

            Every event becomes embedded in a causal scheme. Vicky’s comment short circuited that, by focusing on the plight of the settler child if he sees this video. Everything seems to become a pawn of “I told you so.”

            Last night I had about decided to give up 972. Then the analysis of permit regulation in the seam area was posted. It doesn’t matter if I am a fool or not; if I am silenced through commenters or not, correctly or not. Those who do the work necessary for these pieces are what is important.

            Reply to Comment
        • David Hussey

          You’re right of course, these events are happening in the context of an ongoing land grab, a long drawn out process of ethically cleansing a land

          Reply to Comment
    4. Sharon Levine

      Why has the video been taken down?

      Reply to Comment
    5. Jan

      Stinking little Israeli kid. Too bad the Border Police didn’t do to him what they would have done to a Palestinian kid – arrested him.

      And who are all the people cheering this nasty little brat who lives in one of the ugly cookie cutter illegal settlements? Shame on them too!

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    6. aristeides

      Imagine – the little Palestinian kid picks up the same rock and throws it back. The policeman who stood there and watched the settler kid throw it with not even a reprimand does … what?

      Reply to Comment
    7. I don’t grasp what this video is meant to show or what it contributes to anybody’s knowledge of the situation in the south Hebron hills. All it seems to achieve is the vilification of a boy who can’t be all that much older than the child who wanted to shake his hand. Turning him into a symbol of Palestinian oppression or the army’s hypocrisy isn’t fair to him. It’s true, if he had been Palestinian the border police would have detained him for what he did (and supporters of the occupation would be defending the detention now), but this isn’t the child’s fault. He didn’t create the unjust situation that the Palestinian kid lives under. He only got born into it, and now he has to try and piece together an understanding of what he sees around him with a child’s reasoning abilities. (The noise and the applause at the handshake – I get that people wanted to signal their approval, but making a big deal out of such a thing is actually a good way to unsettle a child in that situation, as ten to one he was already feeling very unsure of himself.) Wishing for the imposition of equal-opportunities child abuse across the West Bank doesn’t help either of the children in the clip or show any real concern for either one, as children of that age have much the same needs and vulnerabilities and you can’t defend the rights of one without also referencing the rights of the other.

      Reply to Comment
      • You are right, I wrong. Won’t be the last time.

        Reply to Comment
      • aristeides

        How about vilifying the police who stood there and let him throw the stone with impunity and not even a reprimand.

        Reply to Comment
        • nsttnocontentcomment

          Reply to Comment
        • They’re members of an occupying military that enforces martial law on kids and has a culture of institutionalised child abuse, which means that if they had reprimanded this little boy, it would have been hypocritical as well as ineffective. So I’m not about to get indignant because an occupying soldier didn’t make a token gesture and tell off a child (as though he is in any position to set a shining example on how to behave). I don’t see the use in it. It wouldn’t have changed anything for either of those children.

          Reply to Comment
          • aristeides

            Institutionalized cultures are perpetuated by individuals, and they’re changed the same way. Individuls within such cultures aren’t helpless or devoid of free will.

            In the meantime, vilifying both the child and the police helps show the world the true nature of the occupation regime.

            Reply to Comment
    8. Vadim


      (Though I honestly don’t believe the border police would have intervened in a fight between two six year olds)

      Reply to Comment
      • The youngest child to be detained so far on a charge of stone-throwing was five-year-old Yahya Rishaq from Silwan. The youngest child to be threatened with arrest was only two (Mo’men Shteiwi from Kufr Qaddoum). Soldiers claimed to have spotted him with a slingshot in his hands. If he had thrown a stone at a Jewish child too? There’s no telling when and for what the military might decide to intervene. This is one reason why so many children in the OPT, especially in the south Hebron district, have trouble with anxiety.

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    9. No doubt the Jewish child was merely copying the kind of behaviour he has seen over and over again in “Palestinian” children. Children learn from their peers.

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