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WATCH: A voice of peace on the Gaza border

For 14 years, the Israeli communities in the Gaza vicinity have dealt with regular rocket and mortar attacks. But not everyone shares the hardline views most often heard when news cameras show up. As ‘Operation Protective Edge’ began this past week, Social TV went to the area and found some different voices.

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    1. Craig Vale

      These are the voices that have been silenced by the Hasbaran minions sent to defend Israel’s oppressive and regressive policies when it comes to dealing fairly with the Palestinians and their plight under occupation. If not for this very site, opinions such as those held by this man would not be made public and in fact attempts to suppress his thoughts would be easier to accomplish. A couple of decades ago I was in full support of almost all things Israel and it wasn’t until I began to see what the ” other side” of the argument was that I came full circle on the issue. As horrible as this rocket fire is for Israeli’s to bear, the occupation’s pain is 100 fold. Odd that when you treat people like caged animals, so many Israeli’s are indignant when some Palestinians act like animals.Thanks +972 for opening eyes across the planet !

      Reply to Comment
    2. sue gowan

      A light in the darkness but perhaps the light will spread….

      Reply to Comment
    3. Amir

      As the last guy in the video said 3:40 “the only solution is to talk”. Hoping to see the region moving to non-violence as soon as possible.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Miss Castello

      All credit to these people. A refreshing change. But I couldn’t help noticing /comparing the beautiful leafy surroundings of these Israeli’s, as opposed to the bomb strewn rubble of Gaza. And that’s without the lack of clean water, zero electricity, humiliating checkpoints, etc etc, long before ‘Protective Edge’ ‘Op. Cast Lead, and every other bombardment the Palestinians have been subjected to over six decades took place. There is simply no comparison between the lives of the two peoples, and I make no apologies for pointing it out.

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