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WATCH: A conscientious objector and a feminist

Dozens of demonstrators accompanied Israeli conscientious objector Tair Kaminer to the Tel Hashomer induction base last week, where she was sentenced to 20 days prison for her refusal to enlist in the Israeli army.

Kaminer, 19, recently finished a year of national service working with children who suffer from trauma due to multiple wars in Gaza and continual rocket fire on the city. Read more here.

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    1. Ben

      Let us turn our thoughts today to Martin Luther King

      The Maccabeats & Naturally 7 – Shed A Little Light – MLK, Jr Day – (James Taylor Cover)

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    2. Gustav

      Oh dear, the poor dear, she serves 20 days of detention for refusing to serve in the national army defending her people like the rest of us. I hope she will be able to cope with the trauma. What a hero she is … (Not!).

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      • Ben

        Actually, what she is doing is extraordinarily difficult and involves great sacrifice and takes great strength. Way, way more strength than going with the flow and doing IDF service and getting all connected and advancing oneself. That’s the easiest most natural thing in the world for a young Israeli. Your disrespect of her is telling. What you do is the easiest thing.

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        • Gustav

          Sorry Benny, I have this nasty habit of disrespecting those who disrespect us. I just can’t help myself. What are you like, Benny?

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          • Ben

            She’s brave. Her “sentence” will last much longer than 20 days. Her life could have been much easier. All she had to do was go with the flow. Climb the Israeli ladder of success, first rung: IDF–and some gig humiliating people at checkpoints and showing them who’s the boss. She will pay a stiff price for this. People like you will make sure of that. To the proto-fascist mindset, it’s all “disrespect.” BtS, B’Tselem, Haaretz, +972, peaceful protest, civil disobedience, conscientious objection, the non-deferential Arab citizen, the leftist, the stabber in the back, it’s all “disrespect.”

            She scandalizes you. What modern western army sees this kind of resistance from its own hyper-indoctrinated good young people? From its own draftees? Otherwise model citizens. From its own excellent soldiers? It s a scandal. Something’s rotten.

            Yes, you are that way. As you describe. No wonder you are so angry and paranoid sounding. There’s “disrespect” popping up all over the place, all around you.

            The funny thing is, your Prime Minister disrespects 20% of his own citizens all the time. Called them “people in droves” who are not “Israeli all the way” etc etc. Discriminates against them every day. Shows the President of the United States who has been the most supportive of Israel’s defense of any in history all sorts of blatant disrespect. Shows European ministers pure nastiness and sidles up to Hungarian and Polish fascists. And to you that’s all quite fine. Ye reap what you sow.

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          • Gustav

            Only people like me? Are you listening to YOURSELF?

            The trouble with people like YOU is that you are blind to your own flaws.

            At least people like me are realists and pragmatic. And yes, we admit being less than perfect. But people like you are perfection personified in your own minds, LOL.

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