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War trauma, kid? Not if you're Asian

The weekend supplement of Ma’ariv ran an exhaustive investigation of the effect the Palestinian rocket threat has on Israeli children living within their range. On the left is the “illustration” by one Ophir Bagon, which opened the story. On the right is the original photo. See the difference?

And here is the pic as it first appeared, on Ma’ariv’s front page just two months ago:

h/t John Brown 

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    1. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      Israeli Jews are more interested in stories about Israeli Jews than about gentiles. Those horrible, racist Jews!
      Besides being the usual tacky tabloid journalism, with the usual “illustration,” I don’t see anything wrong with this. In other words, it would be just as bad – that is, pretty bad – if the people in the original photo and in the illustration were the same ethnicity. But that’s why I get called a racist troll, I guess.
      By the way, a friend of mine used to be a reporter for Maariv. Once, for a story he wrote about some politician, his editor told him to pick out a flattering photograph of the subject to accompany the story.

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    2. sh

      It’s completely sickening. The fact that this Ophir Bagon replaced the woman’s face says enough. Interesting how he also thought her clothes were too plebeian (and made an amateurish job of sprucing them up).
      Altering a photo is in no way comparable to complying with a request to pick out a flattering photograph of someone. I wondered whether the original photo was his. If it wasn’t, isn’t he liable, on top of everything else?

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    3. Sarah

      Um, the girls in the photo are most likely Jewish, otherwise they wouldn’t be allowed to immigrate to or live in Israel.

      Many Israelis prefer to forget that Jewish people come from all over the world. They can’t be classified by a certain set of features or skin tone. But unfortunately those who don’t fit into some previously determined mould are the Jews who are discriminated against in what is supposedly their own “homeland”. Jews from places in Africa and Asia are generally treated very poorly in Israel. It is quite sad.

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    4. Philos

      Aaron and Sarah, this isn’t the forum for crack smokers. Please seek help.

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    5. Rehmat

      Talking about the “crack smokers”….

      In June 2010, nearly 100,000 Orthodox Jewish protesters told Benjamin Netanyahu and its Orthodox parties in the government that parents of European (Ashkenazi) don’t want their ‘White daughters’ to study with Arab (Sephardim) ‘brown girls’ at the girls’ school in the West Bank’s Jewish settlement of Emanuel (perhaps named after Obama’s White House Chief of Staff).


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    6. Danaa

      So, what’s the Asian girl afraid of? some jewish bullies no doubt. much scarier than fire-cracker quasam rockets. I don’t understand how anyone can stand to live in such a racist, bigoted, ultra-militarized, complacently cliquish, xenophobic and corrupt-to-the-bones country.

      Surely there must be something good there. Maybe the Meditarranean? oh well, can find that in Greece too.

      If there ever was a failed experiment, israel must be it. I feel sorry for those who can’t – or won’t get out. Even sorrier for those who, through circumstances, are forced to make a living in places like israel, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

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    7. Zionists are uninterested in the sufferings of non-Jewish Untermenschen.

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    8. Rehmat

      If you read the statements of Zionist leaders, you will find that they’re the greatest Jew-haters.

      Yehezkel Kaufman in article, titled “The Ruin of Soul” collected quotes from some of the Zionist writers (Frishman, Lenni Brenner, Berdichevsky, AD. Gordon, Schawadron, Klatzkin, Pinsker, Israel Joshua Singer, Chaim Kaplan, etc.), which if repeated on air – would get you fired from CNN, BBC, CBS, etc.


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