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Wake-up Call: And the winner is...

One group of Israeli citizens already won the Israeli elections — before voting even began. Ami Kaufman has a wake-up call for you.

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    1. Brian

      Ami Kaufman thank you very much for this winning take on the great Lieberman boomerang. I also enjoyed your previous Wake-up Call (47 years of disenfranchisement). No doubt about it, Ayman Odeh is a breath of fresh air and something genuinely new on the scene and very likable. Much more the future than Zoabi et al. The Joint List story is by far the most interesting and hopeful development in this campaign. Something new is afoot. Here is a good article on all this–it’s about time the New York Times published an article about Israel by an Arab journalist–Diaa Hadid–and not yet another same old viewpoint by Judy Rudoren or Isabel Kershner. The account of the Lieberman-Odeh exchange shows how well Odeh handles himself when faced with the likes of a Lieberman (who to put it kindly is not a man of the future):


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