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View of Florentine in photos

Florentine is a neighborhood of Tel Aviv known for its loud bars, plethora of pizza places, carpentry shops and wannabe-hipster artist scene (with a few actual artists in the mix). It is dirty, grungy and quite detached from the rest of Tel Aviv, not to mention the country.

But for a place that in some ways is so typical of Israeli trends and a certain image of the bubble of cosmopolitan Tel Aviv life, certain spots look nothing like Israel. And in the middle of all the hype, there are gems of sheer no man’s land.   Here are a few photos, taken Saturday May 14, 2011.

Rabeinu Hananel Street

Alleyway off Hatzerim Street

Hatzerim Street

HaMasor Street

Hanagarim Street

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    1. David

      Interesting photos, it is rare that Israel is portrayed in such manner. Normally photos include men in uniform. It would be great if some “normal” Israeli’s were included next time, so as to assure international far leftists that not all Israeli’s wear a uniform, carry a gun and stand around fields. For balances sake it would be lovely. I sometimes get the feeling at 972 that we are all fascists and we are all going to die, soon. Has their ever been a positive story on 972 regarding life in Israel?

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