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WATCH: A dark night in Wadi al-Hummus

Israeli police and soldiers demolished dozens of Palestinian families’ apartments in an area that is supposed to be under full Palestinian control this week. Filmmakers Yuval Abraham and Rachel Shor stayed with one of those families through the demolitions to tell their story.

The families in Wadi al-Hummus built their homes with all the necessary permits from Palestinian authorities. Israel decided to demolish them anyway, claiming that despite being entirely in a Palestinian-controlled area of the West Bank, that the location of the homes poses a security threat.

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    1. Bruce Gould

      Let me guess – security, security, security. Well…

      …Yair Golan is quite well known in Israel. He’s a very clear member of the Israeli military elite. He is respected and extremely high ranking. His prior position before he became vice to the chief of staff, was to be the high commander of the military forces in the occupied West Bank. So actually, he was a colonialist military officer in charge of controlling an occupied population….And I had the opportunity actually to listen to him when he gave the talk in the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem, and he spoke about his job as the head of the military forces in the West Bank, and he said very frankly that they were building the wall of separation in the West Bank and that the instructions that the military received from the government were not to build the wall out of security consideration, because he said we could provide security by cheaper and better and more efficient means than the wall, but the wall was there to separate the populations….The wall was built in order to prevent Israeli and Palestinians from meeting each other, from becoming friends, from falling in love and getting married, from conducting business with each other. Those were his words. And everyone in the room when he said that were quite astounded. Not by the fact, because I think nobody, everyone in the audience was aware of this reality, but the fact that he acknowledged it, by the fact that he was so honest.


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      • Bernie

        Your comment consisted 100% of a cut and paste of words copied from a realnews article from May 2016. In the interest of full disclosure, you ought to have provided an introduction to make it clear that those were the words of Shir Hever, rather than your own.

        In addition, that claim by the author, as translated, IS NOT WELL KNOWN, either in Israel or abroad, despite what is said in the article and in your comment

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        • Ben

          @Bernie: This is a rather frivolous and puzzling complaint. No one thinks Bruce Gould was trying to pass off Shir Hever’s comments as his own. His link to Hever’s comments was clear to anyone sentient. Nor is it to the point how well known Yair Golan’s or Shir Hever’s comments are. Yair Golan is well known in Israel and that is the claim about known-ness made by Hever. The point of passing on Hever’s comments here about Yair Golan’s comments, obviously, is to make them better known. Nice knowing you.

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    2. Ben

      And when that young man in the picture above, after watching them do this horrific violence to his house, his father, and his family and watches Israel’s “justice system” coldly ratify that violence–when he then turns to violence the Israeli will squawk and cluck and flap and say “ooooh! a violent terrrrorrrrist! ooooh! we are such victims!”

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      • itshak Gordine

        Israel is master of his safety after all he has endured. So people living outside of Israel are not concerned and do not have to give opinions about it.

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        • Bruce Gould

          @Itshak: So we here in the U.S. don’t have to give money to Israel? I think we cover half of Israel’s defense budget – we can stop?

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        • Ben

          Yair Golan or Itshak Gordine Halevy? Who should I believe? Decisions, decisions…. Either Yair Golan is lying or Halevy is lying. Which is it?

          Halevy you should have stopped at “Israel is master.” That would have been a truthful statement. The rest is a lie followed by the plea of gangsters and molesters everywhere: “Leave us alone, this doesn’t concern you, this is our thing, cosa nostra, everything is fine here, what business is it of yours?”

          Tell me something, Halevy, if your sons saw an invading army commit violence like this, destroy your house and make their father and their family suffer like this, for fake reasons, and saw the soldiers doing it *laugh* at them while they were doing it, should I blame them if they turned to violence? Answer that question (and answer all the other questions you scurried away from on other pages while you are at it please—make it a package deal).

          Halevy, you and your political allies are a species, which species has identifying markings and characteristic behaviors. As Sternhell said.

          “The craft of lying and fabrication is an accepted operating method by radical nationalists for inventing a narrative that meets the needs of nationalist politics”:

          Israel’s Right Wing Is Worse Than Europe’s

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    3. Ben

      “As I watched the video of the Israeli soldiers and police blowing up one of the 13 residential buildings demolished this week in the Wadi al-Hummus neighborhood of Sur Bahir in east Jerusalem, I wanted to bury myself in shame. When the building imploded and the soldiers laughed as we heard the screams and cries from the Palestinians who became homeless, my shame turned to pure outrage and the urge to be violent. But I will not step down to that level. I will not be violent. But I will not hold back, I will not forget and I will not forgive. What we did, what the State of Israel did, what we do in the name of the Jewish state is becoming pure evil…”

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    4. FlewMan

      Free Palestine

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