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Video report: Jewish settlers vs. Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah

By Harvey Stein

There is plenty of detailed historical and legal info readily available on Sheikh Jarrah and the other East Jerusalem settlements. In this video I wanted to contrast the very different personal stories and experiences on the two sides. I tried to let the settlers “dig their own graves.” I was amazed at their sense of entitlement, and the way it’s enabled by the Israeli government on all levels.

This video originally appeared at www.vjmovement.com

Harvey Stein is a video journalist and documentary filmmaker, originally from New York City, now living in Jerusalem. He is working on several other video projects, including a feature documentary on the Palestinian activist and “holocaust educator” Khaled Mahameed, and a 3-part series on Israeli and Palestinian members of Eretz Shalom in the West Bank.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/harveystein33

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    1. Ben Israel

      The film neglects to point out that Jews lived in Shiekh Jarrah and many other places in EAST Jerusalem before 1948 when they were forced out. So it is incorrect to claim that Jews are aliens in the neighborhood, anymore than the Arabs they spoke to, who came from elsewhere to live there as well.

      One of the ironies is that many of the Jewish protestors against the renewed Jewish community in Sheikh Jarrah themselves live in formerly Arab homes in West Jerusalem, whose owners fled the war in 1948. Those Jews did not buy the homes from the previous owners. Perhaps, if they wanted to really make things better, as the Palestinians see it, they should track down those owners and give the houses back to them. Simply protesting against Jews moving into Sheikh Jarrah in order to protect their own “ill-gotten gains” as the Arabs see it could be considered as rather hypocritical.

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    2. while i agree that on some level there is room for the discussion about the historically rightful owners of any property, the bigger picture and the more relevant one in this case is that this is contested land. this isnt an argument in paris about the last 100 years of ownership of some building.
      the israeli govt. uses its army, its courts and its private citizens in order to carry out its policy of settling all of jerusalem with jews, which is conflicted with its official statements about a willingness to openly discuss and negotiate a peace agreement.
      Jerusalem is a contested issue. It was never negotiated on and no official, nationally or internationally recognized settlement has been reached regarding it.
      Israel can’t keep playing the bully. We can’t do whatever we want with land that was never negotiated over to us in any settlement but cry that there’s no one to talk to on the other side- seems to me that this situation translate exactly the opposite…

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    3. Ben Israel

      The current governing coalition in Israel opposes the division of the city, so it can’t be said to contradict their proclaimed policy of wanting to conduct negotiations with the Palestinians leading to a peace treaty by allowing Jews to live all over the city, as was the case before 1948. Even KADIMA (in addition to Likud governments) opposes recognizing the so-called “Palestnian Right of Return” and yet they are committed to negotiations as well, so we see that not accepting various Palestinian demands up front can not be seen to be an impediment to negotiations.

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