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Video: Israeli guard lied about shooting that led to E Jerusalem riots

New evidence embarrasses Jerusalem’s police, already under fire for having a heavy pro-settler bias

New video, broadcast on Israel’s Channel 2, seems to indicate that the Israeli security guard who shot Samar Sarhan, triggering riots in the East Jerusalem neighborhood of Silwan, lied to the police.

The protest in East Jerusalem lasted three days and resulted in the death of a Palestinian baby. The demonstrations started after a private security guard for one of the settlements opened fire on Palestinians in Silwan.

The guard later told the police he drove into a Palestinian ambush at 4 am. The protesters blocked his path, and his jeep wouldn’t start. Fearing for his life, he claimed to have been forced to open fire. The guard shot and killed Samer Sarhan, father of five.

The Jerusalem police accepted the security guard’s story, released him on the same day and issued a statement supporting him.

But new evidence from a local security camera might indicate that the guard could have drove away from the scene immediately, without opening fire.

Here is Channel 2’s report, with English subtitles (source: Wadi Hilweh Information Center):

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