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VIDEO: protest and confrontation with police in Tel Aviv

Dozens of thousands of Israeli gathered to protest soaring housing prices in Tel Aviv yesterday, in what was the biggest political rally the city have seen in years, and one of the largest demonstrations over social issues in Israel ever. After midnight, several hundred protesters blocked main roads in Tel Aviv, resulting in clashes with police. 43 were arrested, 11 face charges of “illegal gathering”

Video by Israel Putermam

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    1. I know Tel Aviv rent is ridiculous, but what’s the use in throwing garbage at police officers? This seems a bit much.

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    2. fred sayre

      I’m in California in the USA a long way from where the video was filmed. I applaud your peaceful protests of rent prices. Our economy is causing serious financial problems for a majority of my fellow citizens. Our government has been taken over by big corporate money which is funneled to PACs ( political action committees )to buy hard hitting television ads to elect corporate choices. Our form of government is more of an Oligarchy with the face of a Democracy.
      The root of you problem and similiar problems world wide is poverty controlled by money. I predict that my country will be a 3rd world country within 5 to 10 years.Being a country of immigrants made my countrey great but we do not come together as Americans to address the problems we all face. We have become a country of splinter groups defined by rece,religon,politics and social status. You Isreales speak with one voice. Don’t give up and at least you have a chance to prevail.
      One thing for sure, follow the trail money leaves and unmask the who,what,when,where and why your leaders do what they do.
      good luck,
      just me, fred

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