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VIDEOS: Largest protest in Israel's history (*)

Here are a couple of nice videos from Saturday’s rally. The first is actually a stop motion clip, shot from the same spot for a few hours (by Itay Landau):

This second clip has some nice images from the protest itself (especially min 2:20 to 3:20), before moving on to the largely unsuccessful attempt by protesters to block some junctions in Tel Aviv. It was shot by Israel Putermam – check out his channel for great videos from joint West Bank demonstrations:

UPDATE: This one is real fun: If I’m not mistaken, it was shot at the corner of Even Gvirol and Marmorek, on the way from the Rothschild tent camp to Kaplan Street, where the rally was held:


(*) Some people have claimed that this wasn’t the largest protest in Israel’s history; the title, they say, belongs to “the 400K protest” in 1982. But this figure has been challenged, and people who has been to both demonstrations claimed that las Saturday’s felt bigger. I guess we will never know for sure.

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