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VIDEO: Israeli forces shoot Palestinian protester from close range

An Israeli Border Policeman was videotaped shooting Palestinian activist Manal Tamimi in the leg with a rubber-coated bullet from very close range in the Palestinian village of Nabi Saleh on Friday.

According to Manal’s husband Bilal Tamimi, who shot the video, and a report from the Palestine News Network, the border policeman was no more than a few meters from Manal when he shot her in her knee region, reportedly causing a fracture to her bone from the impact. Tamimi told +972 they also tried to break his camera.

In the video below you can see the unarmed Manal walking up to the armed Israeli forces when one of them shoots her from what appears to be a frighteningly close distance. It is unclear what threat she was posing that would warrant the use of firearms.

Israeli forces shot large amounts of tear gas, sound bombs, skunk water and rubber-coated bullets at protesters in the village, according to several reports. In addition to Manal, two journalists were lightly injured and a girl was taken to the hospital after being hit with skunk water. Several homes and other property were damaged as a result.

Earlier this month, the IDF closed an investigation into the killing of Mustafa Tamimi, who was shot in the face with a tear gas canister from only a few meters in 2011. In its decision to close the investigation into that deadly shooting, the army claimed that no regulations were breached during the incident and accepted the soldier’s testimony that he didn’t see the victim when shooting from the military jeep.

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    1. The Trespasser

      >It is unclear what threat she was posing that would warrant the use of firearms.

      Disobedience to a soldier’s order to stop is a sufficient reason to open fire. That girl should be thankful that her brains were blown out.

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      • Moe

        No obedience to an occupation machine.

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      • Haifawi

        This was a tactical error by the Magavnik. He should have had handheld teargas and stun grenades in such close quarters.
        I strongly hope he is relieved from combat duty if not for brutality than for sheer incompetence.
        And no, you can’t just shoot everybody who disobeys a verbal order. That’s not how policing works.

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        • The Trespasser

          >This was a tactical error by the Magavnik. He should have had handheld teargas and stun grenades in such close quarters.

          Not really. He had no time to employ a grenade. Also, nades have no stopping action, leave alone frags, of course.

          >I strongly hope he is relieved from combat duty if not for brutality than for sheer incompetence.

          No brutality or incompetence detected.

          I understand that lefties without any actual combat experience might think otherwise, but it does not really matter.

          >And no, you can’t just shoot everybody who disobeys a verbal order.

          As a matter of fact police force ANYWHERE in the world is entitled to use non-lethal force against whoever carries no visible weapons and disobeys verbal orders.

          >That’s not how policing works.

          In a Progressive Leftieland, maybe. However, down here, on planet earth, that is exactly how policing does works. I strongly suggest that you to go to China, Russia, USA, Egypt or even Syria and try and provoke a policemen there.

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      • JG

        “That girl should be thankful that her brains were blown out.”

        Of all people, who else than our fascist house troll would know what it feels like to have a blown out brain……?

        Reply to Comment
    2. No attempt to push her back or restrain her, her arms to the side, not raised in possible threat.

      If this does not get legal action there is no hope. Certainly more needs to be know about circumstance: why were the soldiers there? What was she angry about?

      Reply to Comment
      • The Trespasser

        >No attempt to push her back or restrain her

        Soldiers don’t have to. Sufficient is a verbal order.

        >her arms to the side, not raised in possible threat.

        Possible threat = immediate headshot.

        By the way, she could be wearing a remotely-controlled suicide belt, so the very fact that she did not stop is sufficient to stop her by any means available.

        >If this does not get legal action there is no hope.

        And again: Soldiers were acting in 100% accordance to the law.

        >why were the soldiers there?

        No prevent Palestinian Arabs from killing Jews.

        >What was she angry about?

        That the army won’t let her kill a Jew, of course.

        Reply to Comment
        • zafarov

          And all one gets is more ad nauseam whingeing and whining by a nation of professional victims.

          Reply to Comment
          • The Trespasser

            Opinion of a member of a nation of professional scumbags is of really very little concern to anyone.

            Reply to Comment
    3. Danny

      Brave IDF, afraid of a woman shouting at them to get lost. After shooting her from what appears to be point blank range, they do indeed get lost. If these are not cowards, then I don’t know the meaning of the word. Manal has more bravery in her little pinky finger than all of the IDF put together. She could teach Benny Gantz and his boss Boobie a thing or two about staring your enemy in the whites of his eyes. Manal is a hero; the IDF is a zero.

      Reply to Comment
      • Marcos

        No Danny. Please do not confuse stupidity and/or hysteria with heroism. Your time would be better spent identifying and supporting any pragmatic leaders on the Palestinian side. This woman is an agitator. The best part of the video is the tool running by in the Santa hat. Comedy gold.

        Reply to Comment
        • Haifawi

          I suppose you think that there is absolutely no reason for these people to be angry. Their spring was stolen, their land taken. Their lives run by a foreign military dictatorship.
          I’d be pretty pissed too if agents of that dictatorship showed up in my backyard (because this video was shot in the middle of the village. The soldiers weren’t protecting anything, this was an offensive maneuver).

          Reply to Comment
        • Marcos

          Hi Haifawi,
          I understand why these people are upset. I have empathy for their cause. I also do not believe that this woman is brave, a hero, or depicts anything else to emulate in this video. I have empathy for the soldiers who are put in this situation. They would rather not shoot this woman (as you can see in them video) but she left them no choice. She needs to bear the consequences of her action and ideally, it wont be repeated.

          Reply to Comment
          • Danny

            These soldiers are an embarrassment. If they had even a shred of a backbone, they would refuse to do army duty in occupied Palestine. As it stands, they are nothing but spineless cowards who hide behind their American-made body armor and M-16 from a young woman who is not afraid of them. If this is the quality of Israel’s soldiers, then I truly fear for Israel’s future.

            Reply to Comment
          • Vadim

            If the soldiers don’t shoot – they are cowards, are scared of women and children and there’s no future for Israel. If they do shoot – they are cowards, are only brave on women and children and Israel has no future. Soldiers that refuse to serve mean Israel is loosing its grip and has no future. If more soldiers volunteer for combat service, Israel’s brainwashing is improving and it has no future.

            Reminds me of a conversation with religious people that see *everything* as a proof of their beliefs.

            Reply to Comment
          • I see two young men who don’t quite know what to do. The woman didn’t stop to the threat of gun pointing (I don’t know what she is saying). One young soldier looks to the other, the other pointing the gun. Both have stepped back just a bit. Then the man fires.

            There is no evidence that the two soldiers can employ lesser methods. Perhaps two soldiers is insufficient
            to immobilize her, as both would then be exposed to other residents in the process. Perhaps three should be present in a jeep patrol, if that is what it was. Perhaps a push back would have been enough. Perhaps the soldiers should have just waved their hands at her, gotten in the jeep, and drive off.

            My fear is that an incident like this will eventually yield a social explosion. It has happened before, elsewhere. The policing agents are stunned when their usual acts and threats fail as, perhaps here, when one person has just endured too much, refuses to kowtow yet again, perhaps for herself, perhaps for another, perhaps for memories. The policing agent fires (and rubber bullets here might make the trigger a little easier to press–not fatal you know, crippling, perhaps, but who thinks about that?). Others are stunned; then rush forward in indignation. A slaughter in police self protection results. This is my fear.

            I have heard on 972 past that Boarder Patrol agents tend to do worse in aptitude tests (that is why they are assigned there) and have less training. Perhaps that is operative in the present event. To say, as above,

            “The best part of the video is the tool [fool] running by in the Santa hat. Comedy gold.”

            shows not empathy but dehumanizing malice. The comment as well absolves the soldiers of all scrutiny through redirection. This attitude will make the social explosion I fear not less but more likely.

            I am not here saying “stop the occupation”; I am saying plan better for you future.

            Reply to Comment
    4. Philos

      Nearly all uniformed policemen are cowards and incomptents who lacked the mettle and intelligence to get into the army. Which if you think about it for a moment goes to show how low the standards are. The Magav revel in their brutality. It is the one thing they do better than the army. I remember them boasting to us at checkpoints that us “soldiers” didn’t scare the Palestinians like the Magav could by our presence alone. I am glad to see the situation has changed. It also seems the hate indoctrination that the army instills in anyone serving in Occupied Palestine is backfiring; those Magavniks looked terrified. However, I guess that will change once they loosen the rules of shooting again, which they will sooner or later.

      Reply to Comment
    5. directrob

      “There is no evidence that the two soldiers can employ lesser methods. ”

      Greg, yes those at least three “brave” starship troopers with two cars cannot do anything else than shoot. Properly trained policemen could talk or simply drive away, the same they did afterwards. There was obviously no need for them to be there.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Piotr Berman

      Seven dwarves could not safely immobilize Snow White so they shot her.

      Well, there were only two of them against two short young women. Shooting in the leg with so-called “less lethal munition” is clearly not the worst thing the soldiers could do (compared to IDF behavior at other occasions). Perhaps after Lt. Col. Eisner got dismissed, IDF lost the last person knowing any martial arts.

      Because it is often argued that “everybody would do the same” etc. I was checking on the web how it is done elsewhere. In particular, what happens when coast guard intercepts a boat and the crew is violently resisting. That actually happens regularly on Yellow Sea, between Korean coast guard and Chinese fishermen. Seems that Koreans never use firearms even though sometimes they get wounded. Something like taekwendo against kung-fu.

      Conscripts behave as trained and commanded. What was the last time that IDF leadership had any brains?

      Reply to Comment
    7. Khaled Khalid

      The whole point of the Israeli army is to arrest Palestinian children, shoot women and torture men. It’s what they call a Nazi police force designed to quell unrest as they get stripped of their land just so good god fearing Jews-only homes can be built and live out their pathetic lives in a racist paradise.

      Boycotting the West Bank isn’t enough as the shit starts in Israel proper, so why should they be exempt.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Baron

      It’s funny until someone gets shot in the knee.

      Reply to Comment
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