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[Vid] Wake-up Call: The Holocaust and Iran — the Netanyahu connection

Have you ever noticed that speeches by the Israeli prime minister tend to sound a lot like: ‘Iran, Iran, Holocaust, Iran. Iran, Iran, Iran. Holocaust Iran…’? Are you scared yet? Ami Kaufman has a wake-up call for you.

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    1. Pedro X

      What does Never Again mean?

      Never applying the lessons of the Holocaust to dangers facing the Jewish state is to forget what never again means. “Endlö-sung der Judenfrage” (the Final Solution of the Jewish Question) begun in the early 1920s in Germany as the Nazi’s party platform for a radical elimination of anything deemed Jewish from all aspects of German life as prerequisite for national recovery. Over two decades party activists and bureaucrats competed in transforming the broad-based consensus that something had to be done about the “Jewish question” into government policy aimed at varying degrees of segregation, expropriation, explusion and then physical elimination of the Jewish people in toto. The rise of the Nazi party in 1933 allowed the Nazi party to put into effect what they had advocated over a period of more than a decade and arriving at genocide as the final solution to the Jewish Question.

      The threats to Jewish life and culture in pre-war Europe were not secrets. Ze’ev Jabotinsky in the 1930s warned Jewish Poles of the impending destruction of the Jewish Shetl in Europe. In 1938 in a speech he said they were “living on the edge of a volcano.” Few listened to Ze’ev Jabotinsky. The British vetoed his plan to bring the Jews of Poland, Hungary and Poland to safety in the Palestine. 3 million Jewish Poles died in the Holocaust. 450,000 died in Hungary and 300,000 in Romania.

      Prime Minister Netanyahu takes the threats and actions of Iran seriously. If the leader of the Jewish people does not speak out for the Jewish state, who will? Not Ami Kaufman.

      Iranian leaders have talked of eliminating the Jewish state. Their leaders have stated that they would be prepared to use nuclear weapons on Israel to remove “this cancer” from the middle east and are prepared to pay the price of an Israeli second strike. Iranians do not hide their expressions of hate and desire to eliminate the Jewish state by force. Just two weeks ago Iran held a military parade with a “death to Israel” emblazoned on a banner covering the length of a long flat bed truck. In other military parades Iranians have written on missiles the intention to wipe Israel off the earth. Just a few days ago the Iranian foreign minister in New York said the Iranian government would never negotiate with Israel, not even if Israel reached a peace agreement with the Palestinians.

      The Iranian hate for Jewish state is pathological. Iran holds cartoon contests for the most offensive anti-Jewish cartoons. It holds Holocaust denial conferences featuring the likes of David Duke.

      Ami Kaufman simply ignores the existential threat of an nuclear armed Iran. Ami Kaufman simply ignores that Iran is engaged in the murder of the Syrian people and supports terrorist groups like Hezbollah. Ami Kaufman ignores that Iran lied about its nuclear program in the past, it in secret built nuclear facilities, it is working on missile technology and nuclear trigger technology for the delivery of atomic bombs on missiles. It was learned a couple of weeks ago Iran was again violating international law by importing rocket boosters from North Korea for its missile technology program.

      Netanyahu, and other party leaders like Herzog or Bennett, do not dismiss the Iranian threat. It is real. There is no better time to remind the world than on Holocaust Day of the consequences of ignoring genocidal threats against the Jewish people.

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    2. Pedro X

      So is my comment entitled “Never Again” censored or just delayed again?

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    3. Bruce Gould

      Iranian officials have said crazy things (although that nutcase Ahmadinejad once said that if the Palestinians were content with a peace deal with Israel, he’d be fine with it). But then ALL political rhetoric is crazy – like Golda Meir saying that the Palestinians didn’t really exist as a people. And while the U.S. was dropping bombs on Hanoi or financing the contras, the rhetoric in Washington was about freedom and democracy. The question isn’t whether or not political rhetoric is crazy – it ALL is – the question is whether or not the Iranians or Palestinians are rational actors. I suggest that in 2015 – not 1980, 2015 – both the Iranians and the Palestinians are more rational than the current Israeli government.

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      • PedroX

        Not only have Iranian leaders said crazy things but have done crazy things. The current Iranian regime sent Iranian children into minefields to act as human minesweepers in the Iran – Iraq war. The Iranians who claim to support Palestinians have helped the Syrian army kill more than 2700 Palestinians and make 400,000 Palestinians homeless in the fighting. Iranians have supported the dropping of barrel bombs on Yarmouk Camp of the Palestinians. Iranians have supported Syria in the dropping of chemical weapons on Syrian civilians. Iranians have not let or led humanitarian conveys enter Yarmouk.

        I suppose you think that this is the height of rational behavior.

        Meanwhile the Palestinians in Gaza are ruled by Hamas which has engaged in 3 wars in six years with Israel at a great cost to its fighters and civilian population. It has a Charter calling for the genocide of all Jews and the elimination of Israel. It tells its citizens this can be accomplished by Jihad. Hamas trains Palestinian children to become militants and suicide bombers. Last year Palestinian parents in Gaza sent 100,000 of their children to Jihad camps in Gaza.

        I suppose you call this rational behavior.

        The PA failed to accept Olmert’s offer which would have given them a state, a capital in East Jerusalem and 94% of the West Bank with equal swaps of land. The PA pursues a course of demonization and non-cooperation against Israel and its society glorifies terrorists, pays terrorists lifetime salaries and calls on its children to become terrorists.

        The PA leader Abbas had an opportunity to save Syrian Palestinians form the ravages of war. Israel offered to conduct all the then 150,000 refugees to the Palestinian territories on the condition that each refugee sign an acknowledgment that he had no right to live in Israel. Abbas said it was better that the refugees die in Syria than come to Palestinian territories.

        I suppose you consider this to be rational behavior.

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        • Ben

          “The PA failed to accept Olmert’s offer which would have given them a state, a capital in East Jerusalem and 94% of the West Bank with equal swaps of land”

          Not accurate. On many levels. How many times do we have to go over this?

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