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[VID] Street talk: What do you think about home demolitions?

Whenever there is a terrorist attack in Israel, somebody on the political level starts talking about demolishing the terrorist family’s home as punishment and deterrence. Social TV hit the streets of Tel Aviv and asked the public what they think, and put that against Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions chairman Jeff Halper.

More on punitive house demolitions:
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    1. Brian

      The deeper issue is why Israelis continue to prefer the misery of all this, on both sides, to simply making a fair deal. The parameters are well known. (Rightists and trolls spare yourself the trouble–the question is rhetorical–your replies are well known and will not be responded to. I have better things to do.)

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    2. Mikesailor

      If home demolitions are a deterrent, then why has an Israeli’s home never been demolished in such fashion? Israelis are never terrorists, right? They merely kill people by accident. “Oops, there goes another child…”

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