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[Vid] Street Talk: Things are bad, but still voting Bibi

Why do people continue to vote for parties that work against their interests and persistently disappoint? What are the voting patterns in the Israeli public? A street survey of voters and a conversation with sociologist Jessica Nevo.

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    1. Pedro X

      Another pro-Palestinian, anti-Zionist, sociologist, who does not understand politics in general and Israeli politics in specific. Support for the left and right parties cut across socio-economic, religious and cultural lines. People who regularly vote right will continue to vote right. They share the same values as the Likud and the right.

      In Netanyahu’s case they will vote for him and Likud unless there is a better option on the right. There is not.

      People who regularly vote for Labor, will vote for Labor unless there is a better choice on the left or center. The people who regularly vote for Labor share common values and goals.

      When people vote for a party, they want their party to represent them in accordance with values and goals they share. They do not think what is best in their narrow interests but what is best for the country.

      Therefore someone who is not in the upper level of corporate Israel may think that although she and her family struggle, the Likud party is still best to manage the economy and the security of the country. They may not accept the Marist Lennists policies of Meretz or the voodoo economics of Labor. They also might not trust the national security of the country to Bennett, Liberman or Koolanu. So they vote for Netanyahu even though he has not promised to put more food on their table.

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    2. Tomer

      How old is this Leftist Sociologist in the video?
      I would say she looks like she is well over 50.

      Its interesting that most of these Israeli leftists are generally getting on. The bulk of the younger generation support the national camp. I would say that amongst Israeli “Millenials” , only some 5% are leftist. This generational difference is going to be influential in the years ahead.

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