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US Envoy: Congress will punish UN if it recognizes Palestine (UPDATED)

A little-noticed quote from Susan Rice, U.S. Ambassador to the UN, reveals the depth of the United States’ commitment to Jerusalem’s demands and more importantly, the enormous effect the Israeli lobby has on American foreign policy.

H/t to The Progressive Realist for picking up this one (my bold):

Discussing the possibility that a resolution recognizing a Palestinian state could pass the General Assembly in September, she [Rice] said, “And this would be exceedingly politically damaging in our domestic context, as you can well imagine. And I cannot frankly think of a greater threat to our ability to maintain financial and political support for the United Nations in congress than such an outcome.”

One should never tire of repeating this: Without America’s support for it, there would have been no occupation.

UPDATE: I guess someone in the State Department didn’t like these remarks. The video with ambassador’s Rice comments was removed from YouYube, but a spekesperson for the ambassador didn’t deny the above quote, and only said that “These were informal remarks in a domestic setting.”

(via Ali Gharib)

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    1. Danny

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: AIPAC is a cancer in the American political body that has spread to the brain. Without drastic surgery to remove this subversive element from its midst, one that causes the United States to act opposite to its direct national interests, there will never be peace in the Middle East.

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    2. Waleed

      Jerusalem’s demands or Tel Aviv’s demands ? Noam I hope you arent another under-cover Zionist writer in this magazine.
      Danny , AIPAC is a cancer in the USA and Israel is a more malignant cancer in the ME

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    3. Danny

      Don’t put words in my mouth, Waleed. I do NOT think that Israel is a cancer in the ME. Israel is by far the most culturally, financially, technologically and politically advanced country in that region (even with its terrible government, it is still the only true democracy in the ME). Its neighbors don’t even come close. Please reserve the words ‘malignant cancer’ to the regimes of such failed states as Syria, Saudi Arabia and Yemen, among many others.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Dave

      Funny, I’d have thought that Saudi Arabia and other oil rich nations are more of a malignant cancer in the Middle East, given that it’s only their resource that matters. And the treatment of their own people (let alone the Palestinians) is even more deplorable than anything the Israelis do.

      Reply to Comment
    5. ” Israel is by far the most culturally, financially, technologically and politically advanced country in that region (even with its terrible government, it is still the only true democracy in the ME). Its neighbors don’t even come close.”

      Do explain please how a country that rules over 2 million utterly disenfranchised Palestinians (and don’t embarrass any of us by raising the Paltustanian Authority, when Israel retains the right to arrest people living under it for even civil infractions and to demolish their homes, plug their water holes and decide whether they are legal resident of where they live), and another 1.2 million that, although enfranchised, are discriminated against in ways both legal and unofficial, is so clearly more democratic than either Lebanon or Turkey? Both of those have their failings as democracies of course, but then again, so does Israel. At least in those countries, everyone who lives in territory controlled by the state can vote for its parliament.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Oh, and Waleed, give it a rest. Even if a Palestinian state were to be established tomorrow, West Jerusalem would still be our capital. Your seeming insistence that to be ideologically pure in your eyes, Jews need to renounce their millenia-old connection to Jerusalem and refrain from using their portion of it as a capital? That is emphatically rejected. You have your capital in Abu Dis or al-Azaria, we’ll have ours in Givat Ram, and we’ll get along just fine. After all, in the end we’ll all have to federate anyway. This land isn’t big enough for two competing states.

      Reply to Comment
    7. vickie

      Ukh…I want to comment, but find it so spiritually exhausting to speak with racists.
      It’s like talking to an hysterical drunk person. There’s no logic, no reasoning, only fear of the dark.
      I’m hardly a religious person…probably condemned to hell by all three religions.
      So, it always confuses me how you could claim land based on faith and show so little humanity and compassion for human life.
      Here’s a question.
      If every Palestinian…Christian and Muslim…just decided to convert to Judaism…would you still rain white phosphorous on their heads? Would you still rape their women to make sure that there were ‘no virgins…no terrorists’? Would you grant them full protection under your laws?
      The first two, you probably answered with an absolute no…that would be barbaric to do to a people?! The last one, that’s a tough one. Truth is…Israel doesn’t want these people there…and it has little to do with faith. Because a person of faith doesn’t kill arbitrarily, doesn’t steal, doesn’t rape, and doesn’t covet their neighbor’s property. Maybe I got that wrong…
      Either way, Those people are a little too brown for the Israeli colonial enterprise. And in that way, Israel and America are colluding in ethnic cleansing and genocide.

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    8. Vickie – you’re actually wrong. If the Palestinians sincerely converted (by strict orthodox lights, of course) tomorrow morning, they would be embraced and seen as a sign of the messiah’s impending entry on an ass’s back. Jewish Supremacism isn’t as strictly about blood as the nazis’ was. It’s still as pernicious as any ____ish supremacism, just not as simple to grok.

      Reply to Comment
    9. Saeed Hotary

      You have your capital in Abu Dis or al-Azaria, we’ll have ours in Givat Ram, and we’ll get along just fine…wrong. We will have our capital in Al Quds, and you will have your capital in Brooklyn, and we will get along just fine. We have summud (steadfastness) and you do not

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    10. Stuart

      It’s obvious to most people with half a brain that whats going on in Palestine is a crime against humanity, those who deny it are plain stupid. Even some of the Jews in Israel dont agree with whats happening, why does America and Canada feel like they have to lick the a** of Israel and bow to there every move, it’s obvious that members of those governments feel it’s better to get the suport from the Jewish people in those governments than to do the right thing. What a role model for people they are, it goes against everything we teach children when thier growing up, and people who encourage this should be ashamed of themself.

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    11. Borg

      Stuart, thanks for clarifying that the Jews are behind this. Its good to know who controls the US and Canada.

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    12. Carlos

      I am a US Citizen who believes its time to have a two state solution. If Israel can’t facilitate it than take it to the UN. WE (THE US) NEED TO STAY OUT OF IT, Everyone has the right to be free from occupation even from Israel. 1967-Present is a longtime to be occupied.

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