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Ultra-Orthodox team up with left-wing Israelis to fight police brutality

In their struggle to combat the state’s attempt draft them into the army, ultra-Orthodox Israelis have faced unremitting police brutality. Now they are teaming up with left-wing and human rights activists to put a stop to the violence.

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    1. JeffB

      Interesting video a couple of comments

      Strongly approve of the original 2014 law. There really should be a coalition between Likud, ZU, National Home, Yesh Atid, Meretz, YB… to pass a reasonable set of laws. One of the things I hate about parliamentary systems is the unwillingness to pass legislation that splits both the governing coalition and opposition if the is a majority of both. A left + UTJ + Shas makes a lot of sense of as well as their are similarities in policy.

      Given the size of the Haredi population Israel has to crack this nut and integrate them. The poverty needs to end and the anti-state attitudes need to end. One of the core goals of Zionism was to escape the shtetl not to bring the shtetl to the middle east and recreate it. A Jewish state is worth fighting for, a Haredi state is not and cannot last.

      Civilian service for Haredi women is more important than IDF for men. Creating opportunity for women puts pressure on the Haredi culture. Feminism is an effective tool to undermine conservative cultures. The strides Israel is making in Haredi female employment are excellent, well done.

      Mild brutality is likely to strengthen alienation rather than shatter it. The levels being described aren’t nearly strong enough to crack identity with force but definitely strong enough to enhance it as it is resisted. Assuming Israel doesn’t want to go for the way more brutal approach then I’d side with the human rights reformers and reduce it. I think financial pressure and incentives would work better than violence.

      The going after Mizrahi Haredi and not Ashkenazi Haredi if true is a wonderful way to undermine this policy for generations to come.

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    2. Itshak Gordin Halevy

      They can be of left or religious the conscientious objectors are parasites. If they are not happy in Israel they can leave..

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      • carmen

        The way to fight injustice is to stay and fight, not leave. It’s always the cowards who say love it or leave it. It takes strength, courage and commitment to fight a battle that has gone on for decades, where the odds are against you because the evil of the occupation is so acceptible by the majority of israelis because there isn’t an area here that isn’t affected by it, it’s taught in schools, on TV, in newspapers, by politicians, it’s denied while simultaneously supported and strengthened by the silence of the rest of the world. Empire Files: Israelis Speak Candidly to Abby Martin About … – YouTube

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    3. Ben

      The comments of the Ultra-Orthodox gentleman starting at about 6:10 in the video are very, very interesting. His comments in general and his identification with the Palestinians in the territories.
      Note also the attorney’s comments (at about 7:35) about boys being forcibly taken from their homes in the middle of the night and abused. Happens every night in the territories to Palestinian men and boys.

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