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Tribe One and Tribe Two: From "proximity" to "direct"

(To fully enjoy, read the first episode of Tribe One and Tribe Two here)
Our first interlude –
I remember,
I do!
Concluded with hope for Tribe One and Tribe Two

The two showed that when they are willing,
They’re able
To even approach the negotiating table

But Oy!
Look what happened!
(Hold on to your socks)
They failed!
They trashed those proximity talks!

Wow, no one saw that come!
How could they?
Who knew?
I really had high hopes for those,
Didn’t you?

You smile and you sneer
You make light of this chasm?
How dare you?
What nerve,
to display such sarcasm!

Since then
Since that failure you knew to envision
The Tribes have returned to a track of collision

Tribe Two tried to send out a boat to its mates
A Gaza-bound convoy
With goods stocked in crates

But Tribe One got word of it lickety split
“You will not break my siege!
I will not stand for it!”

Tribe One sent some soldiers,
The best it could find
To board that flotilla
To go change their mind

But alas,
The “peace activists” on the bateau
They greeted those soldiers
With quite a fierce blow

One with a rod,
and one with a dagger
Those surefooted soldiers
Soon started to stagger

It didn’t end well
Though the soldiers were skilled
The blood of 9 fighters from Tribe Two was spilled

The outrage was fierce
And the world turned irate
“What’s wrong with Tribe One?
Can’t they ever think straight?”

The pressure got tighter
Tribe One felt its grip
So it eased its infarction surrounding the Strip

Since then it’s been quiet
There’s been much less drama
But someone’s been busy –
A cat named Obama!

“I’m tired of this nonsense,
with all due respect,
Forget the ‘proximity’ –
Let’s go ‘direct’”!

The cat tipped his hat
And said “Stop the artillery!”
And just then he ushered in Clinton, the Hillary

The Hillary,
She had a wan look on her face
Like she’d bite anyone
who dared get on her case

“Now listen!”
She screamed
But it sounded quite shrill
(One wonders if this is the tone saved for Bill…)

“Next Thursday we’re meeting
With Hosni and King,
and you’d better come with what I told you to bring!”

She just kept on yelling
It’s all she could do
But she sure sent a chill up Tribe One and Tribe Two

They RSVP’d
with a no-brainer “yes!”
“If they want us to talk,
we should do so,
We guess”

But now I must sadly,
proceed to unveil:
Tribe One and Tribe Two
think these talks are to fail.

So here we have come
With Tribe One and Tribe Two
With the Cat in the Hat and the Hillary, too

Will they talk?
Will they speak?
Will they negotiate?
Are Tribe One and Tribe Two to step up to the plate?

(Stay tuned after the failure of the talks, for my next best-seller:
One Talks,
Two Talks,
Three Talks,

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