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Tourist killed, over a dozen Israelis wounded in spate of attacks

In three attacks within a matter of hours, individual Palestinians carry out stabbing and shooting attacks in Tel Aviv, East Jerusalem and Petah Tikva. All three attackers are killed on the scene.

Blood at the scene of a stabbing attack in Jaffa, March 8, 2016. (Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)

Blood at the scene of a stabbing attack in Jaffa, March 8, 2016. (Yotam Ronen/Activestills.org)

A Palestinian man stabbed 13 people, wounding 12 people and killing one, before being shot to death by Israeli police along the Jaffa waterfront Tuesday evening. The fatality was an American tourist, police said, and two of the other victims were “minorities,” official-speak for Arabs.

Two other attacks took place within a matter of hours elsewhere in Israel and East Jerusalem.

In the second attack, in the Tel Aviv suburb of Petah Tikva, a Palestinian man stabbed an Israeli man in a liquor store. In that attack, the victim reportedly pulled the knife out of himself and, together with the store owner, proceeded to stab the attacker to death.

In a third attack, a Palestinian man shot two Israeli police officers in the head and neck along the seam line where East Jerusalem meets West Jerusalem. One of the officers was in critical condition, the other’s injuries were described as serious.

U.S. Vice President Joe Biden arrived in Israel on Tuesday, although there was no evidence the attacks were meant to coincide with his visit. Police denied that there were any ties between the three attacks. All three attackers were killed at the scenes of the respective attacks.

Video from the Jaffa attack showed police officers training their guns on the suspect, wounded lying motionless on the ground, as bystanders urging the officers to shoot him in the head. One bystander can be heard telling them not to shoot.

For the past five months, since October 2015, individual Palestinians have carried out hundreds of stabbing and shooting attacks against Israeli security forces and civilians. The vast majority of the attacks have taken place beyond the Green Line — in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

This is the second high-profile, multiple-casualty attack in Tel Aviv since the start of the year. On New Year’s Day, a Palestinian citizen of Israel shot and killed three people on Dizengoff Street, an area known for retail stores and sidewalk cafes.

Since the spate of stabbing attacks began, Palestinians have argued that Israeli security forces were shooting to kill alleged and potential attackers even when they could have been safely apprehended, with many describing Israel’s policy as extra-judicial killing.

At least 160 Palestinians have been killed by Israelis since October, including 41 minors. Over 30 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians in the same period.

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    1. Leffe

      972 Mag only screams bloody murder when it happens too close to home.
      When there is violence against Jews in far off Jerusalem, 972 Mag has nothing to say.

      Reply to Comment
    2. Bruce Gould

      An Israeli economist concludes that 78% of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israeli coffers:


      Everything is stolen from the Palestinians, even money for food and tents. Is what’s happening a surprise? And in a new development Tom Friedman, the conservative New York Times columnist, just said on the PBS newshour that “Israel is an amazing place, Israel lives in a dangerous neighborhood, and Israel does some bad things in the West Bank.”

      Reply to Comment
      • Ben

        Message to +972 Magazine: Journalism like this that follows the money is nicely complimentary to +972. +972 is rightly human rights oriented and moral, but it might be more hard-nosed in following the money. It could use a crack economic journalist. By economics, I mean ideally the economics practiced by Wendell Berry and by Jane Holtz Kay, economics that tracks the true hidden costs of things and does not ignore externalities, but a traditional economic debunker like Paul Krugman would be great too. Where is the Paul Krugman of the occupation? +972 could kick it up a notch by recruiting him or her. +972 you already have a great criminological-legal debunker in the person of Yossi Gurvitz (Yesh Din). You could benefit now from the Yossi Gurvitz of economics.

        Reply to Comment
        • Samson

          Achmed AKA “BruceCould” AKA “Ben” AKA “Carman” AKD “David” AKA etc. is posting and responding to himself, admiring himself and congratulating himself for copying and pasting anti-Israel propaganda on an article reporting the senseless butcher of innocent Jewish civilians in the streets of Israel by his Muslim Arab brothers whom he has no moral courage to condemn. Ben has no job and is not looking for a job, but instead dwells in the comment section of Jewish websites fixating on- and obsessing about Jews and Israel EVERY SINGLE DAY hallucinating and rambling, while hiding behind Jewish sounding names.

          Get a life, moron!

          Reply to Comment
          • Leffe

            “Get a life, moron!

            He had a life, but he surrendered it to his demons.

            Reply to Comment
        • Leffe

          Ben and Bruce Gould sound like they’re one in the same. Two heartless agitprop dispensers.

          Reply to Comment
    3. gordon

      According to you it is just not fair that more Israeli jews have not been killed by Arab stabbers etc. It is the same for the last Gaza war. Its simply not just. Again that guy who bravely pulled the knife from his throat. He should have died correctly and certainly not aided in the death of his attacker using that ” stolen” knife! Its a victim mentality which, if not so serious, is very funny for us here. Reminds me of the Nazi’s who “fined” the German Jews for Christal Nacht in 1938 and voided their insurance !

      Reply to Comment
      • Alex

        “According to you it is just not fair that more Israeli jews have not been killed by Arab stabbers etc. It is the same for the last Gaza war.”

        You remind me of those good little German nationalists who, three years before they formulated their Final Solution, were blaming and fining German Jews for the pogrom against Jews during the “Night of Broken Glass” in November 1938.

        Reply to Comment