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Top 10 reasons Israel should be going to early elections

From bombs dropped on innocent children in Gaza to the increasing gap between rich and poor, there are many good reasons why the current government needs to go.

Binyamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid (Photo: IsraeliinUSA/CC BY 2.0, Activestills.org)

Benjamin Netanyahu and Yair Lapid (Photo: IsraeliinUSA/CC BY 2.0, Activestills.org)

1. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government went on an unnecessary adventure in Gaza killing 500 innocent children only a few months ago.

2. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government failed in making any progress toward ending the occupation of millions of Palestinians, while continually denying them the basic right to determine their own future.

3. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government breeds hatred of anyone who is not Jewish.

4. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government is interested in remaining a democracy for Jews and a Jewish state for Arabs.

5. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government harmed its standing in the international community with every day that has passed, particularly with Avigdor Liberman as foreign minister.

6. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government has brought relations with the U.S. to a low never seen in its history.

7. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government failed in lowering the cost of living.

8. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government only made efforts to survive another day, rather than lead.

9. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government keeps taking care of tycoons, not narrowing the gaps between rich and poor.

10. Israel is going to early elections, but not because this government wants to pour billions more shekels into the defense establishment rather than into health, education and welfare.

Israel is going to early elections for one reason, and one reason only: because Sheldon Adelson said so.

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    1. Pedro X

      Mr Kaufman in answer to your 10 points.

      1. Hamas and Islamic Jihad are responsible for the deaths in Gaza. Netanyahu is responsible for limiting the number of civilian deaths in Gaza. Just compare the situation in Gaza to Syria where over 200,000 have died from chemical weapons and barrel bombing of civilian neighborhoods.

      The Meir Amit Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center has released part 8 of its analysis of the fatalities in Gaza. 52% killed were terrorists.

      2. There is an Israeli presence in Judea and Samaria because Israel has legitimate claims to it (as the 2012 Levy report determined) and without its presence the Palestinians would use the territory to wage war and terrorism on Israel as the Palestinians in Gaza have done.

      3. Netanyahu has proposed a bill protecting the rights of individuals of all backgrounds.

      4. The question of democracy is not in question in Israel. Arabs have the right to run for election and the right to vote.

      5. If Israel went to elections because of the international community, Israel would have been holding elections every second day of its life.

      6. Actually Israeli relationship with the majority of Americans including Congress and state branches of government of the United States is near an all time high. It is only Israel’s relationship with the Obama administration, which is soon leaving, with Israel has a problem.

      7. Netanyahu blames Lapid for not taking measures to lower the cost of living.

      8. This point is non-nonsensical. The government will dissolve and not preserve itself. Elections will be held and a different government will arise, probably led by the one person Israelis agree is most suitable to lead Israel, even if he is not Mr. Popularity.

      9. Did the United States or Canada go to elections to close the gap between rich and poor, or to determine who would be the government to determine what the government program would be?

      10. Unfortunately, Israel does not have the luxury to not properly fund its military.

      Your last point that Israel is going to the polls because of Sheldon Adelson is just a symptom of your bias thoughts. The coalition is broken as has happened countless times before in Israel and elsewhere. Elections are the result. The timing is the product of the polls telling Netanyahu now is a good time to go to the public. Of course things could change, as they changed for Shimon Peres almost 20 years when he lost a 20 point lead due to Hamas terrorism and murder and lost to Netanyahu who greatly reduced terrorism during his 3 years in office.

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      • Lo

        I’m on my phone, so I can’t respond to all your points.

        Regarding #9, the U.S. doesn’t have a parliamentary system like Israel or Canada. The executive has no power to dissolve parliament and call new elections. Also, as a politically minded citizen of the USA, there was a lot of noise made about income inequality in 2012 and 2014. Nothing in particular was done about it, but that’s because of our own institutional problems, not because nobody wanted to.

        Reply to Comment
      • isaac

        and if we ask a blind man to describe an elephant, we get responses like yours.

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      • Yeah, Right

        PX: “10. Unfortunately, Israel does not have the luxury to not properly fund its military. ”

        Pedro, if the Israeli govt doesn’t have the money to spend on military baubles then it doesn’t have the money to spend on military baubles.

        A pretty simple concept, I would have thought, and one that the USSR ignored.

        Remind me again how well that turned out for the Politburo…

        Reply to Comment
    2. Tomer

      Israel Unrecognized
      = No Justice
      = No Peace
      = Expulsion of Arabs to Arab World.

      Its all very simple. Read Manhigut Yehudit’s Website for a deeper explanation.

      Reply to Comment
      • Yeah, Right

        Tomer, Israel was recognized back in 1993.

        Here, I can even quote you the text:
        “I would like to confirm the following PLO commitments: The PLO recognizes the right of the State of Israel to exist in peace and security.”

        That’s an UNCONDITIONAL recognition of the state of Israel.

        It isn’t just a recognition that, yeah, yeah, OK, Israel is there, I’ve got eyes too you know…

        It is recognition that Israel has a RIGHT to exist.

        Q: And Israel returned the favour, didn’t it?
        A: Nope.

        The PLO unconditionally recognized the RIGHT of the state of Israel to exist, and in return the govt of Israel did *NOT* recognize that the state of Palestine has any RIGHT to exist.

        Not then.
        Not ever.

        Reply to Comment
        • Sluggo

          Ooooooh, you sound so credible. Recognition of Israel while still promoting the pRoR is a bit disingenuous, don’t you think, kid? I may have been born at nite, but not last nite.

          Reply to Comment
          • Yeah, Right

            S: “Recognition of Israel while still promoting the pRoR is a bit disingenuous, don’t you think, kid?”

            No, only if you think that people who have been ejected from their homes have no valid claim for recompense.

            I know that **you** think that, but that’s because you are a racist supremacist.

            S: “I may have been born at nite, but not last nite.”

            You were born? Then why do you sound so manufactured?

            Reply to Comment
          • Sluggo

            I do believe that those with valid claims should be identified and redressed. I do not believe, however, that this means a pRoR for all primary refugees and especially not the their defendants.

            So once again, recognition of Israel’s right to exist while supporting the unlimited pRoR is disingenuous.

            Reply to Comment
    3. Piotr Berman

      I think that point 10 was one of the official reasons. Netanyahu insisted on putting in the budget 6 billion shekels to relocate military facilities to Negev and not to spend 3 billions on some housing scheme that Lapid and Livni insisted upon.

      According to Pedro X, Israel cannot afford to let IDF bases to stay where they are, which has such unpleasant consequences like many reservists serving close to places where they live so they can be pestered by visiting families and acquaintances (I did such “pestering” myself). Or it cannot spare expenses on weapon systems that have no regional applications but are still insufficient to repeat the feats of Alexander the Great (apparently, the dream of some Prime Ministers).

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    4. Victor Arajs

      It doesnt matter who is going to be elected. The zionist entity is a criminal illegitimate entity and there will be no peace until the zionists are dumped on the steppes of Khazaria. It sounds like you are trying to normalize the existence of pre-1967 Palestine, which is just as illegitimate as post-1967 Palestine

      Reply to Comment
      • Yeah, Right

        Nah, Israel is perfectly legitimate.

        Where it is imperfect is in the fact that the Israeli voters insist on voting in a government of war criminals, carpetbaggers and army camp followers.

        It always has. And it always will until such time as the int’l community starts arresting those war criminals every time they poke their head up over the parapet

        After all, it’s every Israelis prerogative to vote in anyone they want.

        But it is also “the world”s prerogative to take action against war criminals

        “The world” has shown admirable restraints so far.

        The same can’t be said for those Israeli war criminals, who’s comeuppance is long overdue.

        Make an example of one, if only to “encourage the others”.

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    5. Average American

      The elections are a side show. One thing will remain consistent, and that is the Zionist agenda of taking over Eretz Israel for The Jews. West Bank is just the start.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Sluggo

      I better call Israel and tell them to cancel the elections. Their plot has been discovered

      Reply to Comment
      • Yeah, Right

        Nah, that would require you to bypass the Chain Of Command, and I’m sure your training stressed the need to respect the CoC.

        Reply to Comment
        • Sluggo

          Please leave humor to the actual funny people here.

          Unless you are quoting Rawls from The Wire. Then you get a pass

          Reply to Comment
      • Bryan

        There is of course far more to being a democracy than the periodic holding of elections – such as the rigorous rule of law, the protection of free speech and individual freedoms for minorities, and the 99% having meaningful influence over social and economic policy, rather than powerful elites manipulating the system to their own advantage. Israel is of course not unique in this democratic deficit, as interesting recent research reveals: http://www.globalresearch.ca/the-u-s-is-not-a-democracy-it-is-an-oligarchy/5377765

        Reply to Comment
        • Sluggo

          Israel is 21 out of 115 on the most recent democracy ranking list. Sounds good given the US is 15. Not everyone can be Norway. Leave it for the Norwegians .

          Reply to Comment