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Three Eritreans stabbed in south Tel Aviv internet cafe

The suspect in the stabbing is a white Israeli man who fled the scene. All three Eritreans reportedly suffered light injuries. 

Wounded Eritrean man after knife attack in South Tel Aviv Internet cafe July 31, 2012 (OrenZiv/Activestills)

At around 11 a.m. this morning (Tuesday), a man entered an internet cafe in the Shapira neighborhood of south Tel Aviv, stabbed three Eritrean asylum seekers who were inside, and fled the scene. One man was reportedly stabbed in his back, another in his knee and the third in his hand. The stabber has not yet been identified but is alleged to be an Israeli male. UPDATE: An Israeli resident of south Tel Aviv, aged 38 and reportedly mentally ill, has been arrested by police in connection to the stabbing incident.

Isias Tesprem, the owner of the store  who has been in Israel for five years, said he has never seen the man before and had no idea what he wanted. “I never expected anything like this to happen – we have no outstanding debts and have not hurt anyone.”

All the three men suffered light injuries. Two of them were taken to Ichilov Hospital and the third received medical attention on the scene.

Knife attack on Eritrean Internet cafe, South Tel Aviv July 31, 2012 (Activestills)

This is not the first time African asylum seekers have been targeted in violent attacks. In April, four houses and one kindergarten in the same neighborhood in south Tel Aviv were hit within the same hour by Molotov cocktails. And just two weeks ago, an Eritrean couple were hospitalized after an arson attack on their Jerusalem home.

Wounded Eritrean man after knife attack in South Tel AViv July 31, 2012 (Activestills)


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    1. Samuel

      It is sad to see the Israel people to be against refugees. The Jews people had a very horrible experience being refugees all over the world, particularly in Germany. They know more than anybody what is to be a refugee and the horror that goes with it. Unfortunately, this days we see that those same people who were abused and killed by stone headed European leaders are repeating the abuses and killing on innocent Eritrean refugees in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The most disturbing part of these atrocities are that some political leaders of Israel are supporting the crime to get political points. I strongly believe that God will punish those cold-blooded criminals.

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    2. jack moore

      Find him and give him a life sentence, as he is most likley going to do it again killing inoccent people.

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    3. Joe

      How quickly they forget what has happend to Israeli people they got killed because of they are Jewish, Now is it Jewish time to kill others because of the Race?

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    4. Yonas Beyene

      The ill treatments of asylum seekers by those who suffered great injustice at hand of nazis is deplorable in every sense and incomprehensible.

      My comment might seem harsh when looking at only this particular incident as a singular incident but when one takes into account the numerous harassment and ill treatments the African asylum seekers have been subjected to recently then it may give you a different perception.

      How can one keep reminding the world of the deplorable actions of Nazis whilst turning a blind eye and ignoring the rise of racism and ill treatments towards Africans in Israel at hands of Jews?!

      It is simply unthinkable that a nation that suffered great injustice could subject people of the same.

      What would be David Ben-Gurion and Chaim Weizmann’s response if they were told that they would commit similar atrocities against Africans approximately 60 years after the foundation of the State of Israel?

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    5. ohyeah

      Stop the whining. The Jews in Europe were citizens for centuries. These are illegal third world invaders. Sent by an outside entity to overrun Israel & turn it into a third world hell hole.

      Reply to Comment
      • winta

        why dont you shut the hell up. How dare you! Eritrean people are the most hardworking and honest people I should know because I been to Eritrea for the first time two years ago and I have to say that they are truly living the way god intended us to live. You better watch what you say because one day you will die and you will have to stand before god.

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    6. inoccent eritrean refugees, escape from death ERITREAN DICTATOR passed through death SINAI and faced to death stabbed

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    7. Jack

      I think this also tells us the demeaning views the western states have on black people atleast when it comes to the politicians. If these constant attacks happend on jews in lets say West Bank it would be instant condemnations by western leaders, accusations of antisemitism etc. At the same time this is just another indication of how western leaders simply doesnt dare to criticise Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Yonas Beyene

      @OHYEAH – Your views show one of double standards! Is it OK for the Jews to overrun Palestine and turn it into Israel to then make it a hell hole for Palestinians and asylum seekers?

      It is hard to accept that those who have these extreme views are GOD’s chosen people.

      @Jack – Every “Western State” is directly or indirectly ruled by Jews residing in those countries. Ask yourself why would each American Presidential candidate require to desperately try to win support from Israeli government?! Why would not an American Presidential candidate try to win support from Iran, China, Russia, Germany, Egypt or any other country?!

      Reply to Comment
    9. aristeides

      These attacks somehow never make it into the mainstream news in other countries. And black American politicians, in particular, ignore this racism when they line up to pander to the lobby like all the rest.

      Reply to Comment
    10. kubrom

      my poor eritrean brothers its devestated to see such things occured on our young generation . raninig away and deseret is not a solution we need to have solve and truggle for our rights and freedom. may almight lord mercy and bless our beloved country.

      Reply to Comment
    11. Jack

      Surely in some states does that thesis hold scrutiny. But more generally is probably a deep philosemitism. Or a instant brain blockage when it comes to Israel and criticism. Certainly is that lobby-groups have scared people from directing legit criticism.

      Or the fact that some african states are silent when their “people” is abused like these just because they are black. Sudanese and eritrean refugees is apparently common in Israel, still the bad treatment of them, both Sudan and Eritrea have expanding ties with Israel.

      Reply to Comment
    12. Will

      I really cannot understand that the Jews already forgot how they have suffered in . And find it shocking when they make others to suffer just because of their colour. Just a couple of months ago in France when the arab guy killed innocent Jews in the school all of us were really angry. But I find it really unacceptale and sicken me to see when they treat the same to the innocent refugees.

      Reply to Comment
    13. saeeda


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    14. MiaAsmara

      @OHYEAH,, illegal third world invaders? So what they deserve to be stabbed????

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    15. Vadim

      This is blown a bit out of proportion.

      Someone stabbed several out of tens of thousands of illegal immigrants living in Israel (you only assume they are asylum seekers because that suits your opinion of the evil Israelis). Crimes happen. They were given medical treatment, the police is looking for the stabber – and if found, he’ll be persecuted and probably sent to jail.

      I read this as a description of an ordinary crime. Dozens like this occur in Israel every day – to Jews and Arabs and everyone else. Hundreds occur in other (larger) countries. Nothing special here.

      But then I read the comments here about “The Jews” forgetting their history, atrocities against Africans, Jews make others suffer because of their color and other nonsense.

      How can one bastard (we don’t even know who he is, maybe he’s an Arab, or another illegal immigrant – will you change your mind about “The Jews” then?) represent to you the collective opinion of “The Jews”? While the response of the authorities (all 3 given treatment, 2 hospitalized and the police investigating it) does not?

      I really get the feeling that anything is can be a reason to bash Israel and “The Jews”. And if anything can be a reason – you don’t really need reasons at all – what does it say about you?

      Reply to Comment
    16. @ Jack

      some African states are silent because they are black??,,,what’s that supposed to mean,, is it a crime to be black,, They are silent because they are not going to be heard, because they know no matter what they say its not going to put into action and some African countries like Eritrea are not allowed to speak.

      Reply to Comment
    17. what i want to say for the Jewish is that think as if these there innocent Eritrean peoples are Jewish peoples being killed in other part of the world coz of their good doing.

      Reply to Comment
    18. Miriam

      Why is the man whose leg is wrapped in bandages lying on the floor? Did the medics leave him on the floor? Unless the dressing is home-made–does that mean the photographer arrived before the medics? Strange photo leaves a few outstanding questions.

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    19. I believe that these people r trying to get world attention by exaggerating a small incident.

      Anafra Kokah Zeyfelt Ayhadanyn.

      Reply to Comment
    20. Paul Asgedom

      It is unfortunate for the Israelis to ignore the welfare of refugees as if they were/are not refugees themselves for thousands of years. However we have supported them unconditionally in their all difficulties. Can’t they do the same for us in ours.

      Treat others as you would like to be treated by others.

      Reply to Comment
    21. asylem seeker

      it is horrible to hear that eritrean refugees are killed and humulated in isreal.you know eritrean refugees are world wide reconized people who are suffered on thier home country becouse of the dictator shipe. after all this they arrive isreal thinking that israel is going to support and save them but even in israel they are face the same problem. me as eritrea feel bad and sad.

      Reply to Comment
    22. I hope, this is an isolated case, not organized by any group. And Hope , the victims can survive the attack. Let’s pray for them.

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    23. Love Eritrean

      Im so thrilled about this very sad news happened to innocent asylum seeker .Why ?
      Where is the human right ?And jews peaple they are very raceist ,why they dont do that over the Rassian immgrant .

      Reply to Comment
    24. peter franzen

      And at the time uncle Tom Obamination is licking the backsides of the racist Zionists

      Reply to Comment
    25. Abigail

      I wonder if I see some of the foulest commentaries esp. that of OhYeah, what in the hell he thinks to do at a seder? Ever read the Torah? Or tried to understand it? And to others who would like to pass this as an incident: there is a terrible racism among Israel. The worst of the so-called politicians voice publicly the same horrendous language which would not be misplaced in Nazi Germany. Only then the name was Juden, Jews instead of African, illegal invaders, blacks, kushim, Arabs, etc. Shame on these! If you would not be so ignorant as Jews you would know we were exiled because of this: social injustice and sinat chinam also towards eachother. Why don;t I read another Jew here who speaks up against this cancerous development among ourselves? Where are the pious all of a sudden?

      Reply to Comment
    26. Moschops

      It’s okay they were only Black People. If a White Jews got a paper cut it would be on Fox News with analysis as to why paper is so Anti-Semitic, and is this the start of a new Holocaust.
      “Get the Violin out, the Jews have suffered so much, so get lost N*gg*rs this is whiteman’s country.”
      They should rename Israel to ALABAMA.

      Reply to Comment


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    28. mishael cohen

      jews lived in ~Eritrea as refugees and they were treated as guests, but htis is how they repay the Eritrean people, shame on them!!! hate the jew

      Reply to Comment
    29. john

      The asylum seekers are guests to Israel & they should be treated accordingly. I wonder why Israel not open asylum process for the refugees. If it does not want to receive refugees, it should demand the UN to take care of them. Israeli citizens are looking the for their government policy on refugees. Any ways my poor Erutrean refugees have already suffered by the dictator in Eritrea, and smugglers and they don’t deserve any more suffering. Please any body try to help them. I pray for them to get freedom and peace .

      Reply to Comment
    30. Rob

      The attacker, who has been arrested, is mentally ill. Have any of you read the article?

      Reply to Comment
    31. Sami

      What would have happened if the Theodor Herzl proposal was accepted and the Jews were settled in Uganda. Thanks GOD it never happened. They could have created another Apartheid. We Africans should thank Nahum Syrkin and Israel Zangwill for rejecting the Ugandan settlement. Imagine what is happening to the Palestinians.

      Reply to Comment
    32. Blake

      Mentally ill? You have to mentally ill to be a zionist to believe all of ancestral Palestine belongs to you.

      Reply to Comment
    33. BOOZ

      Rob :
      You are shouting in the desert.

      This piece of news you are bringing doesn’t match the agendas of most readers here, nor of the author of the article.

      Reply to Comment
    34. Fat Freddy's Cat

      Blake, can you kindly explain your metaphor to me? All I get from it is a poorly constructed thought.

      Reply to Comment
    35. Joe Buster

      It is not true these Eritreans are even refugees. they call themselves refugees but support the Eritrean regime passionately.

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