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Three easy ways to keep seeing +972 despite Facebook's changes

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. But if you want to keep seeing the most important updates and analyses from +972, make sure you read this post. It only takes a few seconds.

A man reads a newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea. (Author unknown, WikiCommons)

A man reads a newspaper while floating in the Dead Sea. (Author unknown, WikiCommons)

You may have heard, or even noticed, that Facebook is making major changes in what it shows you in your news feed — namely, less news.

While we fully support you seeing more cute photos of your nieces and nephews, we want to make sure you also see the latest news and analysis from Israel-Palestine.

We know that many of you rely on Facebook to get +972 Magazine, so before your news feed is completely devoid of news, here are three ways you can guarantee that you’ll still see the most important stories from +972:


1. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Click here to sign up. It only takes a few seconds to subscribe. And it’s free!

Once a week you’ll get a curated selection of +972’s most important stories directly in your inbox. It doesn’t get much easier and convenient than that.


2. Customize your Facebook newsfeed with just a few clicks. Then Facebook will still show you +972 articles — alongside those cute photos of kittens, and memories of that one time you went to Madrid and saw that hilariously mistranslated sign, of course.

Here’s all you have to do, in three easy steps:

First, visit +972 Magazine’s Facebook page.

Next, click “Follow”


Lastly, select “See first.” That’s it. You’re done. You’ll still see +972 in your Facebook feed.

See first

Here’s the link to our Facebook page again.

3. Follow us on Twitter. Here’s our Twitter page.

We’ve got a lot of new and exciting things in the works this year. Don’t miss it just because Facebook changed its mind about what it thinks you want to read.

Before you go...

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+972 Magazine is owned by our bloggers and journalists, who are driven by passion and dedication to the causes we cover. But we still need to pay for editing, photography, translation, web design and servers, legal services, and more.

As an independent journalism outlet we aren’t beholden to any outside interests. In order to safeguard that independence voice, we are proud to count you, our readers, as our most important supporters. If each of our readers becomes a supporter of our work, +972 Magazine will remain a strong, independent, and sustainable force helping drive the discourse on Israel/Palestine in the right direction.

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