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Thoughts on an attack by a Jewish mob

Two days ago, my girlfriend and I were attacked by a mob of proud Jews in south Tel Aviv. Still trying to understand why.

I went to a demonstration led by MK Michael Ben-Ari two days ago (Tuesday), and was joined by my girlfriend, Galina. Ben-Ari, a Kahanist, was inciting the crowd against the African refugees in a distinctly anti-Semitic manner, peppering his talk with incessant references to excrement and urine. At some point, Galina couldn’t take it any longer, and shouted something back.

Within minutes we were surrounded by an angry mob of about 20 people, composed mostly of women, who hurled curses at her. Someone pulled out a tear gas canister and waved it at her face.
rage 2
Racist and sexual slurs filled the air repeatedly. Time and time again, people expressed the wish she would be raped by Sudanese, and asked her if she was bedding them. A boy, between 10 and 11 years old, screamed at her point blank that what she needs is a “nigger’s cock.” David Sheen videotaped much of it.

For my part, I was busy trying to pull her out of there, and pushing away the hands in her way – there were plenty of them. There was also spitting. At a certain stage, when Ben-Ari and his travelling circus went on their way, a cop wended his way to Galina, and whispered to her that the police were pulling away, and she should, too.

in your face 2

We tried to get out of the market. The mob was screaming with glee that she was being arrested. More spitting and curses. A woman aimed a kick at Galina’s head from behind her, I blocked the kick with a snarl. She was smiling. On the way to the train station we were attacked, physically, by a hoodlum, and as I was trying to get in between him and Galina after he hit me in the back, I decided that if he attacks me again, I’d take the metal part of the camera and smash it into his jaw, and take my chances with the police later.

in your face 5

Luckily he pulled away, and we continued on fast towards the train station, with people swearing at Galina every few meters. A gang of teenagers waited for us near the train station. Plenty of sexual affront. One of them tried to knock David’s camera away. We fled to the security of the station.

So that’s what a proud Jewish mob looks like. Galina thought she could reason with them, and made a decent effort, but you can’t debate with 20 people screaming at you incessantly. When the demonstration began, there was a nutjub who, whenever she saw a refugee, would scream, “Here they are, here they are, why do you let them go?”

This was my first angry mob since the elections of 1988, and then I was young, stupid and unafraid. It is frightening, very much so. Argument is pointless with minds seeping with racism. With one exception, no one came to our aid. We were in the Hatikva Market, a public place, and no one came to our aid. I would like to think they wanted to but couldn’t overcome their fear.

Later, I thought we were lucky none of us stumbled. This may have served as a signal for an assault, and I’m not sure we would have been able to get up on our own. Let’s put it this way: after Tuesday, I prefer Sudanese refugees to proud Jews. I feel safer with them.

And after the shock and fear, an attempt at understanding what took place. The legend that African refugees turned the paradise that was south Tel Aviv into a terrorized crime zone has to be rejected with a terse “you gotta be shitting me.” Statistics proved time and time again the crime wave exists mostly in the minds of the politicians stroking the hatred, of which Ben Ari is an ambitious competitor. I lived in Hatikva for two years; I’ve seen the people, the despair, the fear at nights, the absence of infrastructure, the flooding every winter when the sewage system collapsed – with my own eyes. Spare me the bullshit about a quiet neighborhood of happy poor workers.

First, there’s the economic hardship, which prevents people from getting an education and getting the hell out of there. Above it, we find Jewish supremacism, the concept of a Chosen People, “every Jew is the son of a King.” Proud Jews are often people whose Jewishness is the only thing they can be proud of. The blow I received came after I was asked if I am a Jew, and replied in the negative.

The speeches of Ben-Ari and others enraged the crowd. Ben-Ari spoke of Sudanese who allegedly urinated on synagogues, that is polluting the holy sites of Jews, and this was infuriating to people I suspect would have a hard time recalling how a synagogue looks from the inside. Another speaker screamed that the refugees are not here accidentally, that it was a plot by the Arab countries to inject a fifth column into Israel, which will help the Arabs during the next war.

Racism, particularly active racism, is common among people who believe life screwed them. It’s a very useful conspiracy theory: you’re not responsible for your failure, someone else is. You deserved, deserve, better, but dark forces – Masons, Communists, hidden Muslim armies, the Joooz, the New Israel Fund – take what is rightfully yours.

This mix is very potent. It is very easy – even Ben Ari, which was never said to be the sharpest cheese in the fridge, manages it – to convince racists that foreigners who move into their neighbourhood are coming to take their jobs, disinherit them from what was their home for decades, and have intercourse with their women. It is easy, and it happens.

persecutor and persecuted

The real explanation is more complex. Neither the government not the Tel Aviv Municipality invested in their slums the resources necessary to improve them. Once, more than 30 years ago, Menachem Begin led the Neghborhood Reconstruction project, which held great promise before Begin abandoned it in favor of another, the occupation of the West Bank.

The government announced this week it will raise the VAT, the most regressive tax, most harmful to the poor, to 17 percent, and that it would also place VAT on fruit and vegetables. Which means the expenses of the Hatikva residents is about to skyrocket. On the same day, the Knesset approved a bill providing tax cuts to people contributing to settlements. Yesterday, the Knesset approved NIS 161 million to ultra-Orthodox institutions, NIS 1.7 million for the bureau of convicted rapist Moseh Katzav – WTF? – but declined to give NIS 4.2 million to centers aiding victims of sexual assault, which may lead to their closure.

With the exception of the years of the second Rabin government, this has been the government’s policy for 35 years: create a welfare state – in the West Bank. The government of Greater Israel does not have the money for welfare in old Israel, it is busy making facts on the ground beyond the Green Line. And if you want to make facts on the ground, you need settlers. The ideological base is limited. You need to entice people to go there. You want a welfare state? Better move to Beit El.

Which is why the slogan “money to neighbourhoods, not settlements” was so successful in the 1990s (and may have given Rabin his slim margin of victory); which is why Ben Ari does not want to us to talk about it. Because if we could penetrate the layers of hatred and racism, we could explain what a huge swindle took place under the auspices of the Likud governments; how wealth was indeed redistributed, with the oligarchs taking the cream but with the settlers coming immediately after them.

Like the other inciters – with Netanyahu, long-time national champion, in the lead – Ben Ari doesn’t want the national conversation to turn in that direction. It’s so much better to stir hatreds and resentments.

Of which there are plenty. Ben Ari attacked Netanyahu and his wife directly, in prime Likud territory, and won howls of appreciation. It’s not clear how much of this will remain until election time, and if the voters of Hatikva – those of them who do vote – won’t return home to the Likud. Ben Ari gambles on getting some of their votes; he built his parliamentary bureau nearby.

And when the rational analysis is over, you remain with the curses and the sexual insults, the wishing of rape, the fantasies about sex defiling Jewish honor. All this exemplifies great, irrational hatred towards anyone who dares to think outside the box of Jewish blood, accompanied by the claims that those who think otherwise are doing so for mercenary reasons. The concept that someone may think otherwise is incomprehensible. These lines were written before Wednesday night’s pogrom, but while the events saddened me, and enraged me, they did not surprise me.

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    1. “Masons, Communists, hidden Muslim armies, the Joooz, the New Israel Fund… ”

      Yossi, I’ve delved a bit into the US anti-Semitic right wing, but I’ve never yet come across anyone who can’t spell the word “Jews”. And, you know, the Masons really did conspire, once. It’s evidently now an accepted historical fact that European politics between about 1780 and 1800 were completely tangled up by the influence of competing Masonic organisations on the various rulers. Christopher McIntosh’s Ph D thesis was all about this and is now available as a paperback from SUNY under the title “The Rose Cross and the Age of Reason”. He says for instance:
      “It is difficult to determine how great a part the Rosicrucians played in the downfall of the Illuminati, but there is evidence that they at least contributed to it, and possibly their contribution was a key one. The circumstances of the downfall were connected with the ambition of Joseph II of Austria to acquire Bavaria for the Habsburgs and to give Belgium to Karl Theodor, Elector of Bavaria, in exchange. This scheme was opposed by the Duchess Maria Anna, a member of the electoral house and a fervent Bavarian patriot. The Illuminati, favouring the plan, tried (in 1783) to induce her private secretary, Utzschneider, a member of the Illuminati, to steal some letters regarding the exchange, which she had received from Frederick the Great. […] Karl Theodor became seriously alarmed when he was told by his archivist that certain documents had disappeared from his secret archives and that the Illuminati were to blame. The archivist in question was himself a former member of the Illuminati but now an enemy of the sect. […] It is tempting to speculate that he was a member of the Rosicrucians.”
      Later we find one disillusioned ex-Rosicrucian writing to another: “You and I and many others have been cheated. The Aufklärer have pursued a double strategy, on the one hand working through such subversive groups as the Illuminati and on the other hand seeking to undermine the Rosicrucians and other forces of virtue by tainting them with deception and occultist fanaticism. The Rosicrucians and the Strict Observance are now controlled by the Illuminati. It would not be impossible that a sovereign, a minister or a general who belonged to the Strict Observance or the Rosicrucians could be sitting unawares next to a superior of the Illuminati. In this way the Illuminati could easily come into possession of military secrets.”
      I haven’t yet figured out why the Illuminati favoured annexing Bavaria to Austria. Austria had already invaded Bavaria once but were repulsed by a combined Prussian and Saxon army. Austria almost invaded Bavaria again after the events described above, but were deterred by the Fürstenbund. So it does not appear the the Illuminati had the last laugh.

      Reply to Comment
    2. I’ve watched that clip a few times, to try and understand what the dynamic was, there.

      Other than being hugely impressed by Galina’s stand – no one’s going to silence her and get away with it. My hat’s off to Galina, one *rocking* woman! – it seems to me that the physical mob was trying to work itself up into an attack.
      The faces they make, and the way they glance at each other, sort of borrowing resolve from each other… …it’s kind of fascinating, in a sick way. It looks/feels as if the mob is building its resolve sort of like an echo chamber builds up a positive-feedback loop.

      In terms of human dynamics, that was fascinating.

      I’m relieved the two of you got out safely, and mostly unharmed.

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    3. Great to see those two police officers, or whatever they are, in the background. Must feel like Palestinians being harassed by settlers while the soldiers are just watching the scene, in case one the mob gets hurt.
      I’m very glad Galina and you managed to get out unhurt.

      Reply to Comment
    4. Aaron the Fascist Troll

      Yes, that explains everything. Jewish supremacy,racism, a Government That Doesn’t Care, Jewish blood and honor. If only the residents weren’t so poor and the government helped them out, they’d be thrilled to have their neighborhoods flooded with African migrants.

      Reply to Comment
    5. Kolumn9

      Yes, they are yelling at her in nasty ways. This is called an attack? You go into a demonstration of people that see their neighborhoods overrun by foreigners and believe that they and their families are in imminent danger and try to argue with them? Do you expect them to have a polite conversation with you? Let’s suppose I went into a Palestinian demonstration waving an Israeli flag. What do you think would happen to me? I bet you would justify it as righteous anger.

      There is no violence in the video. There is no ‘attack’.

      Reply to Comment
    6. Danny

      Dregs of humanity. Nothing more, nothing less. It is the MK’s who incited them who are the real villains here. Miri Cancer Regev – who, someone should point out to her, is pretty black herself – should be investigated by the AG for incitement to violence. Her friend Danny “I can tie my shoelaces all by myself” Danon should be returned to the institution for the mentally handicapped from which he escaped. And Michael “I wish I could go to the U.S.” Ben Ari should be put in prison for being an active member of a known terrorist group.

      Reply to Comment
    7. Old School Jew

      Jeeeeeez! This has just got to be one of the creepiest things I’ve seen in a long time. What on earth are these people on about? Besides, talk of lack of historical perspective!

      At times like this I’m happy I grew up as a Jew outside Israel, getting the old-school experience of what it means to be a Jew. That is, to be part of a minority. Although at times being part of a very small minority group can be unpleasant, I still feel that I’ve been blessed to know what it means to be on the other side of prejudice and racist slurs. A lesson that humbles you from the inside when it comes to racism.

      Where do these so called Jews fit in ‘You shall not wrong a stranger or oppress him, for you were strangers in the land of Egypt’?

      For these idiots -acting like Nazis against German Jews on the eve of the Kristallnacht- it seems the weight of their Jewish identity lies in some sort of white supremacy ideology. I guess that a state that fosters its citizens to be obsessed with the concept of an impending demographic threat would inevitably bring about something like this. Predictable as it may be, it is scary as hell nevertheless. Hello 1930’s Germany.

      Reply to Comment
    8. Elisabeth

      “The speeches of Ben-Ari and others enraged the crowd. Ben-Ari spoke of Sudanese who allegedly urinated on synagogues, that is polluting the holy sites of Jews”

      Can we call that ‘urine-libel’?

      Reply to Comment
    9. “The government announced this week it will raise the VAT, the most regressive tax, most harmful to the poor, to 17 percent, and that it would also place VAT on fruit and vegetables.”
      “On the same day, the Knesset approved a bill providing tax cuts to people contributing to settlements. Yesterday, the Knesset approved NIS 161 million to ultra-Orthodox institutions, NIS 1.7 million for the bureau of convicted rapist Moseh Katzav – WTF? – but declined to give NIS 4.2 million to centers aiding victims of sexual assault, which may lead to their closure.”
      I am well aware how socio-economic conditions can activate latent racism. I was raised by a Jim Crow mom who was alone. The position that nationalism never turns ugly is rather strange for those steeped in Jewish history to hold. Both Aaron and Kolumn, above, show herein they will deny economic forces to sustain their conservatism. I think you are seeing why Bibi got that coaltion to postpone elections. He understands that this anger is not the only anger in your land, and I refer not to the occupation. I don’t think July 14 is done yet.
      Yossi, I thought your krystalnacht piece a bit much. What you report does not reach that, of course. But you live Israel and clearly see how politics is activating anger for electoral ends. I have been, and remain, most impressed with your efforts to speak what you see. Things will clearly get much worse. But because of people like you, a way out will be found. It will not be my way out. It will be yours. Be even more careful than you have been to date in what you write. Your words must be untarnished. Always question yourself; given them no ammo.

      Reply to Comment
    10. Bronxman

      Collective fear stimulates herd instinct, and tends to produce ferocity toward those who are not regarded as members of the herd. ~ Bertrand Russell
      Evolution has a ways to go to erase the hate gene. Israel has world class technology and science achievements, but governance is strictly in the under-developed world category. Good government, through the application of good laws, can put a quick end to such mindless violence.

      Reply to Comment
    11. This situation reminds me of the intense racism present in a lot of Whites during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s and 1970’s here in the US. I assume that moving from a “Jewish” state to a secular state unavoidably contains such phenomena. So I offer a suggestion this is positive in the long run. Just as Arab fledging democracies have to go through an Islamic phase, to recognize most politicians are the same, so must Israeli’s face their inherent racism to get rid of it.

      All humans are hardwired the same, to recognize that one’s primary purpose in life is to optimize all that one does. And in all countries, it is only a matter of time before that becomes the status quo.

      Reply to Comment
    12. Indeed so, Warren; the southern Whites tended to see the Civil Rights movement as a continuation of the Civil War. They blamed ‘the northern Liberal establishment’ for it, and there was an element of anti-Semitism in this too, which was unintentionally reinforced by the efforts of young northern Jewish Liberals (and leftists) to support the Civil Rights movement, and sometimes to radicalise it. Jews made up roughly half of the white northern volunteers involved in the 1964 Mississippi Freedom Summer project and approximately half of the Civil Rights attorneys active in the South during the 1960s. In the Mississippi Burning murders of 1964, the two white activists killed, Andrew Goodman and Michael Schwerner, were both Jewish.

      Reply to Comment
    13. Kathy Kamp

      This parallels the treatment of African refugees in Russia. One survey found that 70% of Africans in Moscow, whether refugees, students, or personnel from various Embassies were assaulted in the city. Since Israel let in a million-plus Russians, you have imported many persons with fascist leanings–not to mention the Jewish-supremacism of the extremist settlers. Israel, you don’t get it: you can have ethnic favorites under the law, without a racist ideology to support it. Sad.

      Reply to Comment
    14. caden

      I’m still curious, the Israel=Nazi Germany analogy is standard for 972. Is that deliberate or is it just a reflex action.

      BTW Warren, the south in the 1960’s, that was inlvolving American citizens, people whose families had been around a while. And who had in many cases fought for the country. Not even on the same planet has this except if you think Israel is always at fault.

      Reply to Comment
    15. People like Alfred Lilienthal, Hannah Arendt and Albert Einstein already made the comparison in the late 1940’s. There is nothing new here. The point is more how it is possible that it took so long for the rest of the world to realize it. The structure of racial dominance and the propaganda forced upon every child from Kindergarten to military service, is a clear result of common descent.

      Reply to Comment
    16. Paul

      In the 1970s I was at some debate about the mid-east in London when it was attacked by Likud thugs wielding chairs and other weapons. In teh same era I was physically attacked by both National Front (British far right-wing at the time) supporters and the police when I was at anti-racist demos so nothing here is new or unique to Israel.

      Ben Gurion (key founder and first PM of Israel for anyone new to this debate) talked about a Jewish state that would have prostitutes and thieves as well as farmers and doctors, he didn’t mention racist thugs but perhaps it’s all part of being a normal state? Then again BG thought the Jewish state could be a light unto the nations, whereas this is definitely not a beacon for others to follow.

      Reply to Comment
    17. Jack

      Maybe because the incidents are similar.
      Which state who equate Iran, palestinians, muslim, arabs in general with nazism is however evident. This is of course ok to you….

      Reply to Comment
    18. yaakov sullivan

      Zionism will be seen as one of the most catastrophic developments in Jewish history, one that has affected Judaism like a cancer. Look what it has turned us into. Not only the vulgar endemic racism, national arrogance and contempt for others, but the crass materialism, the utter disregard for the poor, the corrupt institutions. Israel does not need to worry about its enemies. It will devour itself.

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    19. I don’t think Arendt ever actually made the comparison. Read Idith Zertal. As Tony Judt pointed out in his forward to the translation of her latest work, she is culturally persona non grata in Israel because of her writings, just as Arendt was, and for the same reason, although Ha-umah ve ha-mavet did get a good review from Yitzhak Laor in Haaretz, from which this is an excerpt, very slightly condensed:
      “The Nazis and Nazi Collaborators (Punishment) Law of 1950 exempted the members of the Judenräte, the senior accomplices with the Nazis, those who organised, rounded up, registered, collected and handled the Jews en route to the trains which transported them to Auschwitz and Treblinka, and targeted the kapos, the minor Jewish “aides” in the camps, who slapped or hit other victims in the food allocation line, in the bunks, or during roll call. Judenrät members, only a few of whom survived to reach Israel, were often closely associated with the establishment and major political parties. Some, a handful, later held public and political positions in the young state. They were not targeted by the law, nor perceived as Nazi “accomplices”. In fact they were granted a kind of immunity.”
      Hannah Arendt suggested that the complicity of the Judenräte actually increased the Holocaust’s death toll. She wrote:
      “The whole truth was that if the Jewish people had really been unorganized and leaderless, there would have been chaos and plenty of misery but the total number of victims would hardly have been between four and a half and six million people.”
      The same political parties are still in power. That is why Arendt, and now Zertal, are unpersons. And let me give you this from Zertal:
      “This message could not be tolerated by a nation that teaches its children about the Holocaust only through its direct link with the state, and sends its sons and daughters on death camp pilgrimage so that they will return as fortified Jews and Israelis with a reinforced national identity, and readiness to face imminent holocausts and the evil they themselves will have to commit in defense of the state and to ward off a future Holocaust or the ghost of a Holocaust.”

      Reply to Comment
    20. The famous NYT letter from 1948 starts thus:

      “Among the most disturbing political phenomena of our times is the emergence in the newly created state of Israel of the ‘Freedom Party’ (Tnuat Haherut), a political party closely akin in its organization, methods, political philosophy and social appeal to the Nazi and Fascist parties.”
      Signed by Hannah Arendt and many others

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    21. YesSamson

      great how most of the comments steer clear of the actual personally held racist thoughts spat out at this woman because she expressed her own views. I assume these African refugees are actually jewish. Therefore it is not anti semetic but just good old hatred of the black skin. YOUR BLACK SO YOU ARE A MONSTER. It’s good to see that GODS CHOSEN FEW are just as RACIST(?) as the rest of us.

      Reply to Comment
    22. Oh, yes, I realise she (and many others, including Ben Gurion) compared the Revisionists to Nazis. But we were talking about people comparing the entire state of Israel to Nazi Germany, which they didn’t do, because they were warning of a potential future danger, rather than describing what they thought already to be an actuality. In the same way, people more recently have said, if we don’t ban Kach (and all its crypto offshoots and fronts), we face the possibility of a Judeo-Nazi takeover of the state, but this is quite different from saying the state is already Judeo-Nazi.

      Reply to Comment
    23. To me one of the most scary truths in Yossi’s account is “I thought we were lucky none of us stumbled.” Small things like that can escalate to lynching, as we have seen often in the past.
      Germany never was a homogeneous entity of evil wrongdoers, and neither is or was Israel. But the large public support for such actions as these, as well as the over 90% public support for Cast Lead, clearly shows that everything is in place in Israel to become a terrible place for anyone with a conscience.
      There is an obvious thread leading from these first articles right after the war, through Yizhar’s Khirbet Khizeh, to Matti peled, and Breaking the Silence. Ignoring such a vast part of your own recent history, or, worse, blaming it on the Palestinians or anyone outside the tribe, is a recipe for disaster.

      Reply to Comment
    24. If it actually did happen — if the state of Israel went into full-blown fascist mode — then not only would there be draconian and arbitrary speech laws, which is to some extent happening, but people would start disappearing, including left-wing Jews. It would be vital at that point to accept that democratic dissent was no longer possible, and to either get out or go underground. There would be no third option.

      Reply to Comment
    25. max

      “Small things like that can escalate”, “If it actually did happen”, ” It would be vital at that point “, “Germany never was a” …
      Your sincere worry for the state of the state of Israel, based on such statistically significant facts – speculations always well explained within a comparative methodology – is really remarkable!
      No prejudice here, no gratuitous hate, just pure and simple worry for the beloved beacon of justice, in a learned context!

      Reply to Comment
    26. You can find the relevant statistics on the websites of B’Tselem or If Americans Knew.
      This is a weblog with comments and opinions, not peer reviewed scientific articles.

      Reply to Comment
    27. max

      Sure, Engelbert, and my comment is that without resorting to prejudice and speculations there would be very little content in this site, as facts and direct implications are scarce
      I would also say that the language and metaphors used, invalidate any pretense of this site to promote understanding and improvements – it’s all about shouting “I’m so good, I’m different, the others’ sufferings hurt me so much”

      Reply to Comment
    28. aristeides

      The others’ suffering doesn’t bother Max at all.

      Reply to Comment
    29. Leslie


      Do not despair at the sad and terrified (and, yes, ignorant and sickeningly racist) comments on this site; or from the crowd you’ve shown us in this video. There are many, many Jews here in the U.S. (which has even more, perhaps, to condemn) who are furious with Israel at its undemocratic and racist treatment of those who are not Jewish. We do not consider Israel to be above the laws of nations, which is to treat all with compassion and equality, and we hope that Israelis will one day build a nation on this basis.

      Thank you for showing us what is going on.

      Looking at this video, I do not see the kind, egalitarian, thoughtful Jews I was raised to believe inhabited Israel — I see, pure and simple, a people like any other people: racist, misogynist, cruel. THESE are the “chosen people”? Heaven forbid.

      In this world, there are clearly NO “chosen people” — only people who chose: either to be humane toward all others, or not to be.

      Thank you again — please keep up your reporting, but take care for yourself when you do so.

      Reply to Comment
    30. Proudly Deserted

      not a drop of reporting about this in the mainstream media. Israel is so comfortably racist. I have no idea why people still move there, unless of course they are racist and only like to be around jews… there is such a comfortable sheet of racism covering all of israeli society. finally israel has found use for the racist russian skinheads in haifa and bat yam etc. form them into a pluga, and have them expel all the africans!! jewish hands=clean.

      Reply to Comment
    31. American

      What Israelis and everyone around them and involved with them needs to worry about is the “fringe”, as these kind in Israel are described, might not ‘stay’ fringe.

      Consider the nazis were fringe in the beginning…and then they weren’t.
      The French revolutionaries were very fringe at first …and then they weren’t and Louie and Marie lost their heads.
      Castro was fringe in Cuba …and then he wasn’t.
      The list could go on and on…never underestimate fringes.

      Reply to Comment
    32. Galina Proud of you…Glad your both safe and video is hard to believe…Take Care.

      Reply to Comment
    33. Dan Mortenson

      Just so you know, I’m not a Jew, neither by blood nor religion (I don’t have one).

      But if I had been through this, I would now be making arrangements to get out of the country. Not because of my personal safety with my countrymen, but because of what the country is becoming.

      In my own uneducated opinion, it seems that Israel has, over the decades, taken in the hatred and bias that was directed against them in WWII, and internalized it. Now they are using it to limit the freedoms of others, even as the Nazis did to them.

      Abused children often end up abusing others, and this seems the cultural equivalent.

      It might or might not come to bloodshed, but it WILL if it keeps going the way it is.

      Reply to Comment
    34. max

      @Dan, I’m curious: do you feel the same about Russia, Eastern European countries and their treatment of Roma people, China, Hungary’s move to fascism, most Muslim countries and their treatment of women (and Jews), most African countries, Arizona and its treatment of Mexican, California and its treatment of inmates, …
      or is this judgement reserved to the Jewish state?
      Will you not be able to find blogs that consider Denmark to be a racist country? (Sweden and Norway are a given – see http://www.tau.ac.il/Anti-Semitism/asw2001-2/bachner.htm)

      Reply to Comment
    35. caden

      Max, Dan has a thing about Jews, its pretty transparent. And at the risk of sounding like a broken record this Israel=Nazi Germany thing is getting a little boring. Even if Yossi Gurvitz appears to think that the IDF is the reincarnation of the einzatzgruppen. Wrose really.

      Reply to Comment
    36. AYLA

      lots of respect and gratitude for you and Galina, Yossi. Take care.

      Reply to Comment
    37. jay

      People are justifying this by saying it wasn’t an attack!!!!!

      Last week a kindergarten in Tel Aviv that took black children had a Molotov cocktail thrown at it.

      What have black children done that is so bad that justifies burning them to death?

      Reply to Comment
    38. A. Joseph

      Excellent article, and I’m glad that you both hot out of that situation unharmed. I also agree that this trend of reactionary elements in the Knesset who are targeting certain vulnerable segments of the population is troubling. However, I really take issue with the title (regarding a “an attack by a Jewish Mob”)
      This was not simply a mob of diverse Jews; these were a very specific nutty, hateful fringe that don’t even come close to representing the sentiments of most Jewish people, Israeli or otherwise. If you’d been attacked by radical militant Hezbollah members, would you have referred to it as a mob of Muslims? If you were in the United States and were accosted by the Ku Klux Klan, would you refer to it as a Christian mob?
      I’m just saying that there are those out there who will read the title and nothing else, and use it to reinforce their bigoted opinions.

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    39. Mervyn

      And Zionists claim that they are doing this in my name!?

      I’m a South African, writing from Cape Town.

      When my cousin recently told me that he wanted nothing more to do with me, he said that it was because I was anti-Zionist, anti-Semitic (a “self-hating Jew”), and anti-Israel. He went on to explain why he was a Zionist and why I disgusted him. He said that with the end of apartheid, South African whites lost their exclusive power and became just a minority in South Africa. The same, he said, would happen to Jews in Israel if Palestinians and others were given equal rights — Israel was a Jewish state for Jews, and the result would be that Jews would just become a minority in Israel just as whites became in South Africa.

      I think that what he said is a fair explanation of the Zionist motivation.

      Zionists cannot claim that such incidents reflect aberrant attitudes and conduct, and are thus not what Zionism means. In fact, what they display are the inevitable and essential consequences of what lies at the heart of Zionism exactly as stated by my cousin. One cannot be just a little bit racist any more than one can be only slightly pregnant. In the old South Africa, people (including my cousin’s own family) were revolted — and said so, loudly — by the prospect of doing things like eating a meal at the same table, using the same lavatory, being served at the same counter and trying on the same clothes in shops, using the same beach, park benches, and public transport, and entering and leaving buildings by the same doors, as black people. Under apartheid, it was thus impossible to define hate speech and conduct and to distinguish it from what was “acceptable”.

      Zionists have the same problem if they try to define what was “acceptable” Zionism and what is not. The videos merely record the acting-out of the Zionist project using coarse language.

      To de-legitimise such conduct and to transform the national culture totally, we South Africans had to engage in a resolute struggle to end to apartheid and to draw up a new constitution with a Bill of Rights — and the task of transforming the national culture totally is not finished yet.

      Under Zionism, such a process is unthinkable.


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    40. Israeli

      As an Israeli, I am certainly unnerved by the racism that is too often in our society, but I would much appreciate that you didn’t vilify “proud Jews” so much. Yes, the Kahanists are bad: they preach hatred and violence. But you can’t just generalize and say that about all Jews, religious or secular. You have to appreciate that while this movement is strong, it does not consist of a majority of Israeli Jews. I am sorry that they tried to hurt you, but use more appropriate language considering non-Kahanists and anti-Kahanists. Thank you.

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