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'There is another way': Palestinians, Israelis march together against the occupation

Roughly 300 Palestinians and Israelis marched along a major West Bank highway Friday afternoon to demand an end to the occupation and to protest Israeli settlements in the West Bank. The monthly protest march is deliberately held on a road that both Palestinians and Israeli settlers use, with the intention of demonstrating a joint Palestinian-Israeli anti-occupation message in full view of settlers.

Photos by Oren Ziv/Activestills.org


The march set out from the “Tunnels Checkpoint,” the main checkpoint for settlers entering Jerusalem from the southern West Bank settlements of Gush Etzion.


Israeli soldiers and police accompanied the march the whole way.


A single right-wing Israeli counter-protester showed up but kept to the other side of the highway where he waved an oversized flag.


The march has been organized by a consortium of peace and anti-occupation organizations in recent months. On Friday the most prominent organization was Combatants for Peace. The main slogan was: “There is another way.”


The march ended at Husan Junction, a kilometer and a half south-west of the “Tunnels Checkpoint.” At the turnoff is a sign, common throughout the West Bank, warning Israelis not to enter Palestinian villages and cities.


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    1. Bruce Gould

      Who profits from the Occupation? “The mining and quarrying operations of Israeli companies in the occupied Palestinian territories were legalized by the Israeli High Court of Justice (HCJ) in December 2011. In an egregious ruling, the HCJ validated this form of economic exploitation and authorized the companies to continue their activities without any hindrance…Nearly three years after this ruling, nine Israeli quarries are still active in the West Bank and profit from the exploitation of Palestinian natural recourses. This, in grave violation of international humanitarian law, international human rights standards and corporate social responsibility codes of conduct. The following list provides an updated picture of the situation on the ground.”


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    2. Carmen

      Sign to Hebron: This road leads to Al-Khalil. Roughly 200,000 Palestinians call this city home, but there lives are in constant danger due to the presence of 800-1000 violent, blood-thirsty beasts who are aided, abetted and protected by roughly 2000 IOF terrorists at the behest of the criminal zionist state.

      I like the photos of the marchers and whole-heartedly agree that there should be thousands of Jewish israelis at these protests; however, I believe the minimal numbers of them is a true representation of the society. Shame.

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    3. This is the way, all right ! Where is everybody ?

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