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The Top 10 IDF Dance Videos

Hey everybody!

This week we bring you Half & Half’s definitive list of IDF dance videos! Let’s see which group of boys or girls in green makes it to number one! (Some clips can only be seen on Youtube itself, so just click – and come back for more!)


Coming in at number 10 we’ve got some new recruits during basic training on their way to the dining hall. We can tell these guys are newbies, and that they’re not combat – they just radiate of “lame-ness”. Hence their coming in last…


At number 9 we’ve got some affirmative action going on, with a group of Druze soldiers during some sort of dabke dance, just minutes before they beat the crap out of a Palestinian. Be sure to wait till the end of the clip, one of ’em gets “down” on the jeep hood. We give them an “E” for effort and a “C” for coolness.


Coming at number 8 we’ve got the only girls in the list, doing some Avril Lavigne. Filmed somewhere at a checkpoint near you, these gals bust some sexy moves even with M-16s dangling between their legs. Sort of a turn-on\turn-off kinda feel…


Next come the Soulja Boy clips. The following warriors get an “A” for keeping in sync much throughout the clip, but get a “C” for choreography and an “F” for flexibility. Come on guys, move ‘dem hips! You’re so tight down there!


The next Soulja Boy clip is only up here due to the soulja in the centa of the frame, watch this kid bust some moves! You go white boy! Who said Ashkenazis can’t shake their booty?


At number 5 we’ve got a feel good, tear-jerker clip that some of you out there might think it should be at number 1. You guys live in la-la-land…. There won’t be peace, trust me. Go on, let a cute little video clip smother you with sticky peace hallucinations… Enjoy!


My Facebook friend Diaa Hadid summed this one up nicely:

“This is so gay. And not in the cool homosexual way. Like, really gay.”


When I first came across Yaniv, I said to myself: “I have to sign this guy up! What a talent!” And then I remembered I’m not an agent. Nonetheless, Yaniv is probably the best IDF dancer there is, and he isn’t at number 1 due to bad video directing and poor screenplay. But he gets 2 videos on the list! The Spanish one is hysterical!


And at number 2 we’ve got the latest addition with some soldiers to Kesha’s hit in the casbah in Hebron. Yeah yeah, Rock the Casbah, hah hah, you’re funny.


Anyway, apparently these guys got in trouble for this, so that’s why they’re at number 2. They sacrificed their ass to shake some booty.


And heading the list, the best IDF dance video ever made, goes to…..

(drum roll…)

….. these two lazy jobnik schmucks, who between having sex on base and eating burgers at the Azrieli mall for 3 years while I ate saltwater in the Navy had time to make a mighty cool dance clip (wow, someone’s bitter!)

That’s it from us here at Half & Half!

Be sure to check us out next week, when we bring you the Top 10 Checkpoint Insults!

See ya then!

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